Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up!! September 26 – October 2, 2016


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Stargazer Horoscopes September 26 – October 2, 2016 . Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries
Love and money take the spotlight. For the next year you can expect personal relationships to flourish and admirers to line up for your attention. Be careful to maintain your boundaries as you enter the waters of love.

Dear Taurus
You might be focused on your daily routine but love is calling loud and clear. Cautious smiles can lead to sharing words and an adventure you’ve been waiting for. Don’t be shy. Love is on your side.

Dear Gemini
You’ve begun a yearlong creative cycle that could change your life. You’ve experienced this energy before and it motivated you to excellence. Lightning can strike twice.

Dear Cancer
If the last year found you confused about your general life direction and how to achieve those long term goals, then have some faith. Astro-energies are shifting and providing you with a new opportunity to clear the air and move forward with harmony and grace.

Dear Leo
Good things are happening at home and this is important to keep you grounded and focused. For the next year communication, short trips, and trading information will be the keys to success. Relationships begin to cause fits.

Dear Virgo
I hope you didn’t gain too much weight during that Jupiter transit! It’s now time to apply that same expansionist energy to your bank account. Press hard and ready your wallet for an exciting year.

Dear Libra
You’re focused on past mistakes but forgiveness and love are the keys to repairing both your reputation and friendships. The shifting energies will do wonders to increase earnings. Trouble beings to brew at home.

Dear Scorpio
As Venus enters Scorpio you can expect both love and money to begin looking for you. In the meantime, unseen forces are working in your favor. Gifts arrive in strange color choices but they are blessings none the less.

Dear Sagittarius
You’ve picked up an aggressive streak in the finance department which sees you succeeding in a risky venture. Reach for the top but make sure your safety net is operating properly.

Dear Capricorn
Shifting energies put a new bounce in your step. Goals seem easier than usual as long standing obstacles fade into the past. A new beginning in the public spotlight is on the near horizon.

Dear Aquarius
New beginnings could see you traveling quite a lot in the next 12 months, but the rosy picture begins with a rocky start. There’s one more fight with someone behind the scenes. Be prepared for trouble.

Dearest Pisces
Travel and long distance relationships fill the bank with more than just promises. Joint finances take the focus. If your business team is set, then it’s time to double your efforts and claim a bigger share of the marketplace.

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