What I learned from.. Gemini

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2 thoughts on “What I learned from.. Gemini

  1. I’m a libra who just ended a marriage engagement to a liar, I mean,a Gemini! One lie after another and many hidden women. I had many Gemini friends, had. They’re amazing at throwing people under a bus. I’m laughing while I type but I mean every word of it! I listened to your “how to seduce a Libra”” LMAO! Were you burned by a libra? Lol… very accurate but I’m brutally honest and in your face type. Of course, I am a Scorpio rising. I discovered you on Youtube today and I will have to delve your stuff. Of course you knew that already because you got us libras all figured out! Lmao! I like your stuff alot! Thanks… Brenda Kay

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