Why Everyone Hates Aquarius.. Zodiac Signs

3 thoughts on “Why Everyone Hates Aquarius.. Zodiac Signs

  1. It’s funny to me that I an Aquarius wouldn’t get along with a Taurus or a Scorpio. My favorit uncle is a Scorpio and my mom and my best friend of over 30 yrs are both a Taurus. Plus I am a very good cook. Better then my Taurus friend. But I love to watch your videos and even got my friend hooked on them.

  2. i do apologise, i love the few Cancers in my life but i feel they have a hard time sharing what their thinking (but im okay with that). Hate Control (i agree), Arrogant i am not .i do believe that some rules need changing because they dont work into days world.i am an Aquarius . i love watching your videos ( you are very funny, dont know to many Scorpios with that sense of humour). keep doing what your doing your great at it ( you know that).have a great weekend. Sorry about Aquarian friend , i believe people are in our lives for a reason to learn lessons ( maybe the Aquarius , maybe you ) ,then move on. is that Spiritual ? i will share your videos. please dont share my name , thank you . You & your cancer have an awesome weekend.

  3. Hi Sonny, I’m a double Aquarius with Leo rising. Your accuracy is nearly always right on the money, but I apologize to people all the time. I practically apologize for even existing, and almost always admit it when I’m wrong. it’s a point of honor to be honest. I’m a bit puzzled about the “bad cook” label too; for years I was [professionally] the dessert cook for several tea rooms. My chocolate eclairs drove grown men to their knees. Anyway, love your videos and look forward to new ones every week!

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