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4 thoughts on “Free Daily Horoscope all Signs


    Hey sonny u are the best! Thks so much for your incredible videos and meditations.

    I did study some astro and then did an online class(s) w/ Jeff Green. Then my mob tied fam gave me a head ini the day my mom’s mom was buried…so my memory re: astro isn’t as good as it was.

    crazy. I’m live in disability and life is hard. I can’t even afford the 75 but need speak w/u.

    For 5 yrs someone I know has been hacking every email address soc media etc. I often can’t get into my emails. They are even back my security alarm panel.

    I was bitten by a dog & now it’s a huge deal with the owners I suspect break in last mon and break I to my car. (Ongoing) Their friends are orig hackers first I was gr8 w them and after get bit it’s a war. So now dev ppl are doing this crap.

    I wonder if they are gonna kill me…..real sickos.

    I worked w/ a shaman last yr who studied in Peru as orig hacker in NY created an entity on my heart chakra and then the paranormal started. Heavy duty para.

    I also wanna talk any a hot soul/etc mate. Or karma etc mate.

    Is it poss to pls call me as I’m worried the rtn email I may not recieve.

    As an fyi a 3 yr readership parted, I couldn’t deal w/someone w/aspergers a gem …just happ.

    My phone is 505-484-1200 I’m in Taos NM.and.usually wake abt noon sometimes earlier.

    Bday 4/9/57 739am Newark hi

    This soulmate or ??? Sept 26 74 tuscon, az

    I am want to know a few things (I’m an artist and learning a new technique and collaborated on a piece w my always wanted to find spec teacher. I did go to art school in NYC. Our paint is in a gallery window in Telluride.

    I am willing to paint several if I want to have me pay money and do a part art trade.

    I think we can do less than an hr read.

    Excuse me I’m not wear my glasses of any typos.

    I really need your help.

    My email is but everything gets hacked and I didnt put a ph no in gmail.

    Since I cant trust my own x family it’s hard to trust anyone.

    I only have a kindle now. My iPhone was stolen. Why am I keep run into sicko people?

    I’m very stressed.

    I’m gonna put are email address but it’s best to PLEASE phone me.

    505 484 1200 again.

    I want to buy some things at some point gr8 your store. love the designs THANKS slc!

    Liz Dreams

    I think the entities is back or they sent the spirit to my new apt.

  2. Hi Sunny, can you do a reading without time? I was born in Africa…. so I really don’t know what time I was born. I just know it was early morning. Thank you!

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