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Sun in zodiac
The Sun generates life as well as producing the light. This planet
(also called “Luminary” and “the Star”) embodies the center, our
ego, core and uniqueness of the individual. The Sun means our
personality and how the surrounding world imagines us. What is more, the Sun proclaims an individual’s originative ability and power to struggle with routine problems.
Masculine powers, paternity and other male influences are conducted by the Sun. The Sun also favors children. Its energy is so powerful that it maintains the ascendancy, leadership, tenacity, individuality and spirit. Being influenced by the Star, we find out how to demonstrate ourselves to the world.

The Sun is kinglike, so it keeps and rules the regal authority and the superiors. Luminary also masters our health and wealth. Sun light and beams saturate individuals with strength, inspiration, motivation and power of will. The Sun is the one that regulates the planets and possesses the center in astrological knowledge.

Each sign has approximately a month of the privilege to be visited by the Sun during its annual trip to the 12 signs of the zodiac. The Sun’s might is believed to be pure male energy and it guides Leo and the Fifth House.

Scorpio Sun Sign
The eighth sign of the zodiac hierarchy is Scorpio, and here, we
meet very serious individualities. These people cannot be taken
easily; they are unstable and possess a difficult temper. They thirst to know all possible concerning others. They have an enormous curiosity and wish to get all from the beginning to the end. Their world wears only shades of black and white and a bit of gray. They also have great intuition.

The sign’s symbol is, of course, a Scorpion. Knowing the nature of these creatures, people whom they symbolize would rather kill themselves than be killed by somebody. They require full control of their faith. Life must run on their terms, and they always have to hold the upper hand. Someone may say they lead themselves to self-destruction, and that can be possibly true, but they possess great inner powers, just as their symbol, able to cut off their tail and grow a new one. They are obsessed with a thought to have success in any matter and would one. They are obsessed with a thought to have success in any matter and would give their strength to achieve their goal. They are hard-nosed and hate retreating. They are also very secretive, and you will not get too much out of them. These folks are driven by a great desire, and it is not advised to bet against them.

This sign is led by two planets – Mars and Pluto. Such a combination of two planets positions them as very motivated and farsighted personalities. Due to their strong intuition, nothing escapes their attention – they know everything about everyone. And as they easily lose their mood, it would be easier to get out of their way. Do not forget they are fearless and are almost unstoppable.

Scorpio’s element is Water. Unlike other water-born brothers and sisters, Scorpios rarely reveal their emotions. They keep them secret. Nevertheless, they may turn all their secrets to their advantage. Scorpio-born identities are passionate and strong-willed; they never give up and never forget those who abused them. Scorpios are revengeful.
They adore all types of challenges, work and sports. It is not surprising that the most preferable sports for them are extreme sports. In relationships, they are devoted, but not very romantic, due to their tough character.

Passion, motivation, and obstinacy are their main characteristics. They do not give up and are very curious. Be watchful when dealing with a Scorpio.

Scorpio and Independency:
Scorpio identities are probably the most irrespective among the others. They would fulfil any task and won’t stop until the winning end. No other end would ever satisfy them. They are very capable of living alone. Loneliness isn’t frightening to them. Introverted, in comparison with other signs, they feel even better without company. And they would never give control in any doing to somebody else.

Scorpio and Friends:
Any relationships with Scorpios, personal or just friendly, are complex. They are extreme and sometimes may lose their mood without a concrete and reasonable reason. For many, they appear to step out only in gray colors, as they are possessive. Still, they have positive sides as well, because there is no bad without good, and no living creature is evil in the beginning. These identities are faithful and true friends. They will never let you down or leave you in need. You may trust them fully.

They possess fine memory and won’t forget the most important things, especially when somebody abused them. Forgiveness and forgetfulness are not about these folks. So, try to avoid getting in their way, or they’ll prepare a sweet revenge for you. Notwithstanding, they won’t ever forget all the good you have done to them, and they will repay it. They remember all positive gestures, and it’s very vital for them in any relationships. They value honesty and justice and, in return, would be dedicated friends of yours, always ready to come to your aid and pull you out of dedicated friends of yours, always ready to come to your aid and pull you out of any trouble. They also never give empty promises. They are humorous, so you won’t get bored in their company.

Scorpio and Biz:
Scorpios possess heaps of energy, and they won’t waste it on some unnecessary, in their opinion, professions. They ought to make a difference wherever they are involved. You may often find them as the most talented and skillful surgeons, scientists, and leaders. These careers suit them because of their natural desire to take the upper hand. They cannot fulfil the orders of others. They should only command. That’s it! No middle ground. But they deserve their supreme positions, as they are successful leaders, knowing how to earn money and how to enhance productivity and quality of the work. Gathering wealth, they know its price and won’t waste money on unimportant knick-knackeries. But don’t try to find out how they make their money. They won’t give you the recipe, as they are afraid someone would use it against them and earn more than they do.

These individuals are utterly ambitious, insistent, and strongly targeted on the things they undergo. They aren’t those who would easily give up and would achieve their initial goal whatever the cost. The grand clue to their capability to reach their aim is their flexibility. They quickly react to any change, even the illusive one. If something does not work one way, they’ll try it another way. They are powerful competitors and are always eager to accept a challenge. Thanks to a fine memory and the power of observation, they recall all necessary things and put them to use when needed most. They respect justice and won’t cheat for a win, though it may be an easier way. They would push harder, gathering all required arguments, and beat all justly and with pride. Notwithstanding, they may manipulate people, which is not very dignified. And they may turn any order and harmony into a state of chaos. In the bargain, they are greedy and would do many awful things for their prosperity.

Scorpio Inside:
These individualities are a gross question for all psychologists. They are overfilled with contrasts and tension. They seem quite practical folks, wishing to know all that happens in the universe, trying this or that with their clever brains. But the next moment, you may see them interested with paranormal happenings or other mysteries. They are fond of conspiracy theories; for instance, they may seek all facts concerning the murder of Kennedy, trying to find out who shot him or something of that kind. It’s not easy to understand them, thanks to their habit of hiding everything inside.

They are famous for their desire of control. They must control everything all the time. They experience great unease when something is out of control, and they think it is threatening them.

These identities are over-emotional. Their affection results in their work and their relationships with others. They are strongly dedicated to what they undergo. They are in a continuous search of the middle ground for their emotional stability. They are developed intuitively and are capable understand the minds of others. Often, Scorpios become good paranormalists. This peculiarity helps them in many spheres of life.

These folks are known for their desire of leadership, and being a leader means to succeed. And it’s not that difficult to understand their greatest fears lie in failure. They just cannot lose! Notwithstanding, it’s impossible to be a winner all the time, and when misfortune happens, they turn to their flexibility to restart the whole matter or move on to another with better perspective. But they will never reveal their fears to anyone. Still, they are strong-willed personalities and rarely fail. And they are very sly guys, as commonly, they undertake short-term targets, which they surely fulfill. Here arises a reasonable question – are they capable to accomplish long-termed projects? They always know what they can do, and this notion is rarely known by others.

They reluctantly trust anyone, and it requires time to gain their trust fully. But once this happens, they’ll be utterly dedicated and faithful to you. All powers and sources they have inside are directed by the Scorpios into all branches of life – interests, hobbies, sports, career, and so on. They cannot leave their energy useless, and when using it, they undergo the most important dealings. No sitting without a purpose. All should be reasonably put to use. Thanks to their developed instincts, they rarely fail and mostly prevail over others in different occasions. A big problem for them is their negative perception of the world. They ought to learn how to redirect their powers into positive streaming and leave out manipulations and egoism, when attempting another great challenge. If they succeed in this matter, they would surely be happier than they usually are.

Scorpio in a Nutshell:
This sign takes all to extremes and persistence. They are secretive folks, hiding their feelings and thoughts deeply inward. Though they possess a tremendous arsenal of ideas due to huge amounts of energy, meeting them for the first time, you’ll think they are cold, detached, and have no emotions. They like questioning, as their minds thirst for knowledge, always eager to delve deeper than the rest. They demand all details concerning this or that matter. They want to know how things work or why they are ineffective. They always must be dominators and keep the situation under control. They will bitterly bite the weak and treat kindly those who are close and dear to them with great respect and loyalty. They are also open-handed, though they tend to store money, rather than waste it. For the dearest people, they won’t begrudge anything. Their character is full of mysteries and this point attracts people to them.

Dating Scorpio-Women:
Scorpio women are over-emotional; they like to demand and like to demonstrate this. These are intriguing, enchanting individualities. They are for those men who aren’t afraid of challenges and rapid changes in life. Winning such women is a very difficult thing; still, they are worth trying. They are flirtatious and have a developed command of the art of allurement. It’s difficult to withstand their charms. Men won’t win their trust quickly, anyway. You must restore patience and a huge capacity of energy. They may not show it, but they wish to be won. Show you are a strong personality, and you’ll get them. They are very possessive, and men have nothing against falling into their possession.

Dating Scorpio-Men:
Scorpio men significantly differ from other men and are actually unique by their nature. Dating a Scorpio male is very similar to dating a Scorpio female. They would easily agree to go to your place for a night, but it would be very difficult to form a serious long-term relationship with such men. They have nothing against a one night stand, but something serious makes them feel uneasy. They are very susceptible, and when they are alone, they commonly feel themselves unfinished, but don’t hope to see that. They would never let you notice even the slightest sign of their problems. Be passionate and adventurous, but don’t attempt to control them, for they hate this. Give them the leadership; it’s not that bad. It is interesting and fascinating. Keep in mind they change their moods quickly, so get ready to be flexible. Don’t leave them in such occasions, but show your complete dedication, and they will give you the best rewards and become your defenders.

Attraction for Scorpio:
They can lightly read your thoughts, so don’t let them down. They respect honesty and justice. Be direct with them and don’t hide facts. If you have something intriguing to tell them, then tell it. They like intellectual conversations. It would be good if you are an activist, because they possess a great amount of energy and eagerly undergo various activities to spend it. Be ready for rapid changes, for they like to change their course from the North to the South in a blink of an eye. They prefer individuals who aren’t afraid of challenges and who like to take a risk doing crazy things. While conversing, do not tell them they are wrong, even they are. They think they are always right, so let it be so. They are proud and take all personally. Remember! They do not forget and forgive anything. They are all about control, so allow them to go ahead; otherwise, they’ll leave without regrets and without looking back. You must be patient and ambitious to keep such strong- willed individuals by your side.

Scorpio Erogenous Zones:
The genitals are the most sensitive areas in everybody, but remember that Scorpio-born are the most sexually charged identities, particularly there. Touching those spaces gently and softly would not only turn them on, but would set them on fire. There should be no problems stimulating this area; nevertheless, try to be susceptible and gentle.

Sex with Scorpio:
Being acquainted with all peculiarities and most distinguished features concerning these folks, it’s not that difficult to see that sex with them would bring you unforgettable drive – both mental and physical. They have outstanding stamina, which could last for the whole night until the dawn. They possess an outstanding arsenal of different things to try during sex. Here, their fantasy reaches the greatest heights. Most people would talk this over, but Scorpios like action without unnecessary words. If you’re not going to realize your fantasies, you’d better not tell about them. Scorpios have great potential and maintain it even during the process. Sex with them is for tough people.

Sun in house
The Sun in houses points at the spheres of our life, where the vivid
vibrations are supposed to be centered. The Sun can relate to any
house and makes the meaning of that house clearer and brighter. It
is manifested specifically for each Sun sign. During life, you can always feel the powerful energy provided by the Sun. The aim of the house may be to concentrate and motivate you on important decisions.

Sun produces energy and creates proper living conditions, rather than adapts to them. Considering this, we can manage and change the vector of our lives. You need to understand it’s only you who identifies the area of success in life; as soon as you’ve made your choice, the Sun will help you succeed and will light up the areas in your life you need to pay attention to and act confidently.

We have to be careful and not penetrate deeply into the spheres, emphasized by the particular house of the Sun. We may face obstacles, and just because we are too concerned on this feature, it can damage our ego or hurt our pride. The Sun in the sixth house shows an importance of career, and if it is expressed negatively, a person can dive so deeply into work that all the free time will seem useless and pointless for such a person.

Sun in 6th house
The Sun in the sixth house deals with people who love their job and do it professionally. You tend to be proud of yourself when the work done is done well. It is important for you that everyone sees and admires your experience and skills at work. Such an attitude often implicates stable career growth and high relevance in the labor market. However, being a boss, you can be demanding, because you are used to doing it well or not to at all. Remember that people have different abilities, and being too strict and conservative won’t improve the indicators. However, you also can be demanding towards administration to maximize conveniences for workers and equality in the work place. This positioning includes special care about health and body: balanced diet and gym. If you haven’t been into these activities yet, try it. You love it.

Moon in zodiac
The Moon gives us many answers to different questions concerning our interests and instincts. It also shows how we react in different occasions under different circumstances.
Astrological Moon signs are also vital, like the Sun ones, though not all give heed to them. This category of signs is answerable for our inner affection. All concerning our emotional states and unconscious sides of our identity hides in this category. The inner world is the place where we are trying to find convenience, harmony and peace, and things pictured in our memory since our childhood. These signs are also responsible for our major senses – smell, sight, hearing, and touching. Together, they create the subconscious universe, which influences us and strongly differentiates from the Sun.

All Moon signs are commonly divided into 4 groups – air, fire, earth, and water.
To Air-elements belong – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Because these three signs have big concerns with affection, they are similar to the Sun signs. Gemini-identities also have the desire to gain as much novel and uncommon information as possible, concerning different situations, and they wish to acknowledge others about what they’ve gained. The leading Moon makes them insatiable talkers, who eagerly reveal their feelings. Libras can gratify and gladden. They possess a deep feeling of being recognized. Aquarius-identities possess a firm habit to think the matter over and only afterwards speak to a logical conclusion.

To Fire-elements we refer – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Here, these three signs strongly differ from the Sun ones. Aries-individuals are utterly self-confident and sufficient, knowing precisely what they want and what they ought to do. Leos are in a constant search for attention and adornment, and inside, they are very passionate when expressing emotions. Sags are aspiring to all uncommon and novel, desiring to explore more strange corners of the globe. They are also over-emotional.

To Earth-elements belong – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
These signs experience varied emotional states. Taurus-identities prefer peace and calmness and hate haste and rapid changes. Virgos have curious intellects, thirsting to know everything about all happenings. Capricorn-identities strive to control affection. They preserve all feelings inside, which turns them into the most complex signs among the rest.

To Water-elements belong – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
These three experience great necessity in affection. They adore taking care of others and utterly desire it. All emotional expressions are greatly important for them. They express them freely, but more often, they let them lie secret, so often, they are misunderstood by other identities.

Moon in Scorpio
This sign differs from many others with its seeking of peace and security in emotional intensity, when others look for them in material aspects. They are capable to delve deep into somebody’s soul, revealing all secrets. They can easily read you as a map. It is very difficult to hide something from their sharp intellect. And many seek their advice due to such ability.

They apt to transform, change, and re-organize their lives, giving novel breath. They are emotionally intense. Often, their mood may rapidly change and they live many ups and downs. These folks are self-sufficient and can easily withstand loneliness. And though they may live a stable and peaceful life, they test their strength in some competitions. This is because of their strong-willed character. They adore facing different challenges.

Sometimes, they may go for challenges, even unconsciously. Self-awareness and acceptance might stop such desire for contests and avoid their emotional drama. Still, it is very difficult for them to have a hold of their natural desires.

They live their lives from one extreme to another. There can be no middle ground. In any situation, there are two ways-out – win or lose, and nothing between. Their motto can sound like this – all or nothing.

Under the lead of the Moon, these identities have great fear of being betrayed. Perhaps, partially this explains their good adaption to a lonely way of life. But they would also seek company, somebody they can fully trust. Often, they may test would also seek company, somebody they can fully trust. Often, they may test others to figure out whether they can be trusted. It brings a lot of difficulties. Once they know they can trust you, they’ll be utterly dedicated and faithful to you.

These identities are emotionally-driven. Notwithstanding, lots of Scorpios are constantly trying to master and keep their affection under control. Besides, they have developed intuition. That’s why they perceive motives of the others so often and successfully.

The Moon gives these identities strength. They namely shine with it. Even when they start something new and aren’t great experts, they may act as if they are. Due to their strong will and emotional honesty, they aren’t that easily scared. Many try to imitate them, as they are courageous and brave. Their inner “radar” always may prompt them what to do in various situations. It’s a very convenient ability, which allows avoiding many problems. That’s why they are so self-confident.

Commonly, these identities are intellectually developed. They are also strong in will, honest, and just. They are devoted and truthful companions.

Moon in house
The Moon in the houses is capable of showing in what way each of us searches his/her emotional satisfaction and harmony. Moon rules and directs our feelings and emotions. It can tell us why we act this or that way. All our constant and inconstant emotional states and behavior can be understood through the prism of the Moon’s position in our houses. Directly in these occasions, we should seek all answers and explanations to all our emotional ups and downs. Here, we can reveal and learn all secrets of our affection.

Moon in the 6th House
You utterly desire to feel that you are needed, that you are doing something important, that you are capable of doing all tasks properly, that you control the situation and have a healthy lifestyle. In case the whole stuff doesn’t follow your plans, you are risking to receive emotional unease. Though you like familiarity, you require changes at work to be emotionally enforced and secure. Some of you may change their job frequently to find the perfectly fitting them job. In these cases, it is difficult for you to accept routine. You are over-sensual and delicately sense the slightest changes of your health state. Some of you even try to play a trick with it, exaggerating the degree of severity of the ailments just to gain sympathy. Anyway, you are the identity that would never turn away when your friend is in need. You’ll always be on hand to help whatever it would cost you.

You are a very sympathetic individuality, and due to your nature, you always strive to help the others. You also possess a tendency to put your nose in whatever is possible to change the lives of your closest people to the best, yet it may annoy them since they might want to leave everything unchanged or deal with their them since they might want to leave everything unchanged or deal with their problems on their own. This is a good habit, but you mustn’t impose your help until you are asked for it.

Mercury in zodiac
What styles of communication do we choose and why? How do we choose how to react? How do we act, choose, absorb, use, and exchange information? The dislocation of Mercury in the hierarchy of the zodiac signs is capable of answering all these questions. You may be a Cancer, but you could also have Mercury in Capricorn, so you’ll react and interact with others in a different way to how one could expect. Mercury refines the Sun sign and clears how we take in and give out the information around us.

Mercury in Sagittarius mentality:
These individualities with Mercury are known for good and clear vision of “big pictures” and aren’t very good at watching the small ones. They have a wide way of thinking, striving for all the big and avoiding all the little details. These folks have the minds of scientists and constantly thirst for novel knowledge and seek all possible information concerning all matters in the universe. They are very merry guys and even in the darkest day you may see them shining with their kind smiles. They are full of enthusiasm and believe in a bright future. Nevertheless, thanks to their love of all great, they often miss small details, which might be very significant and afterwards lead them to a bad end. Due to their constant immortal optimism, they seem to tie fortune to themselves and are very successful and lucky in many dealings. Still, as they commonly avoid conflicts, they may miss a crucial moment when real problems come up knocking on their doors. They also tend to be naive and make foolish decisions, from which they would be afterwards bitterly suffering. There is no good to come from continuously running away from troubles.

Mercury in Sagittarius communication:
With Mercury, these folks are very honest and tell you everything that occurs in their mind. This is their greatest strength and weakness at the same. Though they are merry folks, oftentimes they may express their thoughts in a very brutal way, which offends many people, but Sags don’t seem to understand that. However, it is also beneficial for them and the others as you can hear the pure truth from them, and if you actually wish to know it, regardless of the pain it might bring, you may freely go and ask them. They need freedom of thought and speech and simply cannot sit silently. They ought to express their ideas aloud. They are very sensitive to injustice, and when it happens, they may quickly get angry and attack their abuser. They are utterly happy hearing the truth from others and are very interesting conversationalists. They can always entertain and cheer you up, as well as get on your nerves by expressing their sharp thoughts and remarks. But have patience with them, for they simply don’t realize that they may hurt have patience with them, for they simply don’t realize that they may hurt somebody.

Mercury in Sagittarius strengths:
They are enthusiastic and optimistic; are honest and always stand for justice; would cheer you up any time you need it; are smart researchers and are interesting in conversations; have a tremendous sense of humor.

Mercury in Sagittarius weaknesses:
They often miss essential details; express their thoughts unadvisedly, without giving much heed to the feelings of others; usually escape confrontations and may misjudge somebody’s actions.

Mercury in house
Mercury can clarify the areas of your interest, the way your mind works, your communicative abilities and oratorical skills, the way you perceive and interpret information, and how fast you can learn something.

Look at the House in your birth chart where Mercury is located: it shows the sphere of your interest, the vector of your thoughts for your whole life, and points out the areas where you can express your talents in the most beneficial way.

Mercury in the 7th House
You prefer great and exciting discussions or debates, but only if they concern the matters interesting to you. Hearing the ideas and thoughts of others makes it easier for you to make up your own. Notwithstanding, making final conclusions may be very difficult for you at times. You are capable to see any problem from different sides, which gives you many advantages. Sometimes, you may play devil’s advocate. You like an audience for your thoughts and ideas, but it is usually an audience of one person. You are skillful in keeping a fellowship with personalities with essential and intriguing information and news, and you easily get bored if the conception of your conversations does not meet your needs. You may attract insincere partners. To stop it, you may stop analyzing and scheming your relationships. You tend to discuss and analyze relationships and marriage. Usually, you accept novel projects and suggestions of your friends, if they have good perspectives.

Venus in zodiac
The planet Venus is answerable for our love relationships. In ancient times, Venus was the Goddess of Love. It is vital to know the location of this planet when you were born.
Venus shows the qualities of love, romance, sensitivity, attraction, beauty, social and cultural handlings. This planet displays all our actions in personal relations and influences the way we attract love and how we deal in relationships afterwards.

In man’s chart, Venus shows the ideal image of a woman for a man. In woman’s chart, it shows the way a woman expresses her womanhood. If you don’t know your Venus sign, seek for the symbol on the birth chart. The position of this planet according to your sign and house shows the depth of your love and life. It also indicates what people you prefer in friendship and your personal life. It displays your entire love-story, beauty, and your natural originality and creative capabilities.

Venus in Sagittarius
Sagittarius as Personality
People like spending time with you, because you’re a very merry and kind-hearted personality. You’re a sociably-developed person and adore experiencing everything on your own with other light-hearted people. Afterward, you like to share your new impressions. You like communication and adore travelling. Probably, you’re the most capable among other signs to speak with all kinds of people, regardless of their race, origin, customs, and traditions. You absorb all novel information. You’re a great explorer and inspirer.

You in Personal Relations
It’s a common thing for you to have great amounts of friends or lovers. Often, they are the same, as you are a loyal friend and seek faithfulness in all kinds of relations. You don’t like to be burdened with somebody’s problems and usually escape such matters. You are light of heart and adore adventures, but not heavy emotional tension. Your abnormal curiosity concerning everything in this universe promises great diversity in bed. You like challenges and experiments. At any rate, nobody would ever get bored with you in any deal you undertake together.

What Friend You Are
You’re friendly and generous. You’re always happy to meet your friends wherever it’s possible. And you constantly meet new mates. You have a real thirst for new impressions and experience new people in your friendly circle. Some may mistrust your sincerity, as they might not believe one can have so many friends. Still, it is so when it concerns you. You like adventures and scientific nature, as you are such an identity. A merrier and fairer person than you could be hardly found. You’re a real soul of any company, and you generate great amounts of fun and happiness.

Your Originality
You may be original in many things – theatre, music, movie, and so on. Your creativity knows no boundaries. Commonly, you’re a good teacher loved by your students for a perfect combination of professional teacher and outstanding humorist.

Your Attraction
Your light and friendly behavior makes others open their heart to you. You are a well-known joker and people want to be your friends to enjoy fun. This also helps you to begin new personal relationships. Often, you may turn a date into real fun. You can quickly get close with anyone, but it doesn’t mean you’re up for one partner only. Sometimes, people may not notice you avoid deep emotional contact and require freedom. The right partner for you should have his/her own joys in life and be as active as you are. You wish freedom in everything.

How to Win You Heart
You always seek those who can bring variety into your life and supply you with new experiences and sensations. You have many lovers in different countries, because you adore travelling and get along easily with different identities. You have a habit of idealizing your partners. It is easy to get you on a date, but much harder to have a strong hold upon you. You escape serious relations. Only creative, adventurous, and entertaining personalities have you to themselves. Notwithstanding, they ought to give plenty of their strength and constantly work.

Venus in house
Venus is wonderful; it is associated with kindness, commitment,
positive motives, aesthetics, happiness, music, charisma, material
and spiritual values, nature, desire, sexual and personal appeal,
concord and understanding. In our body, it accounts for genitourinary system, blood-vascular system, nose, throat, and the way other people are influenced by your charm. Venus rules the positive and attractive vibrations we give and get; it is the reason you like and dislike someone or something.

Look at the House of Venus in your natal chart, and you’ll see the area of life where you need to improve communication. Venus is especially active in the second and seventh houses, so try to keep relating areas in balance.

Venus in the 7th House
You’ll do anything for the sake of your relationships. You just cannot withstand loneliness. You like harmony very much. You won’t lead your relations. You are a pacemaker and are very patient when you wish to gain something and would go for a long time and distance to achieve the results you want to have in your relationships. Your partners are commonly beautiful, charming, and attractive. You have taste. You are very attractive and kind-hearted, wishing to appear only in bright lights before the public. You possess great magnetism. You require company and commonly have many friends, but mostly, you need one devoted soul and then you’ll be fine. Often, you may start relationships too early, which may bring mournful results, because you jump into them unprepared. Take some time before undergoing any relations. Your most sensual parts are hips and lower back, and commonly these parts are most attractive and beautiful in you.

Mars in zodiac
In the zodiac system, Mars means “action.” This planet is also
known under the name the “Red Planet.” Due to its natural color, it is
supposed to be fiery. And within the signs, it means energy, passion,
resolution, drive, and action. This planet gives us commands to move on, rise, and do something. All our actions are connected with Mars. This red globe is all about power and confidence and expression of our individuality.

All our ambitions and thirst for challenges come from Mars. It doesn’t matter where are you and what you’re doing, all encouragements for accepting challenges originate from this planet and tell us to struggle and do our best. It also includes aggression, braveness, and honor. Mars was the God of War and dignity and fearlessness on the battlefield are honored too, but also in everyday life, they are valued.

It is vital to remember that Mars has two sides – constructive and destructive. Our might can be used for different purposes. We can be violent and furious, or we may choose the road of good deeds and use our might for them. The planet sustains our stamina, ambitions, and life-aims.

This planet rules all our sexuality and sexual drive, commands weapons, accidents, and surgery (the last two demonstrate the two-sided nature of Mars). Mars’s energy can be used for great deeds if we know how to put it to use correctly.

The Red Planet completes its orbit through all signs within two years. It possesses man’s power and rules Aries and Scorpios, and their Houses – 1st and 8th.

Mars in Pisces
For Pisces, Mars gives gentleness and mildness. These identities commonly follow and don’t lead. They accept life as it is and don’t tend to change its courses. They need to express themselves creatively, or they may be indirectly aggressive.
They are in a constant competition of reality and their fantasies and easily lose connection with the current. At times, they do things they don’t realize, as playing games to get what they desire. Due to their double nature, it is difficult to guess what they would do next. They are over-emotional. They easily cope intellectually, but may receive troubles dealing with physical and practical challenges.

Commonly, these individuals are talented in arts due to their sensitive inner world and rich imagination. They possess all qualities of real artists. They are usually shy and silent, but inside there may reign a real storm of emotions. They are over- sensual to their occupation, and they can be easily hurt.

With Mars, Pisces are very romantic and require emotions more than physical senses. When talking about love, they become idealists. One may sum up that sex for them is like a dream, a fantasy. Such sensitivity makes them responsive to their second part. They require emotional contact. When there is no emotional connection, sex for them becomes cold and senseless. This fuels them inside and makes happier. They need to feel they are needed and valued.

They feel lonely and desperate if there is lack of intimacy, without touching and romanticism. They swim in the ocean of their imagination, which knows almost no boundaries. They may have one thousand and one more romantic fantasies. They are very calm and caring, and aggressiveness is not about them. Often, they remain detached, especially when something is wrong with their relations with the closest people. In such occasions, they escape into their world of dreams. Inside of their head, they are capable to create a tremendous variety of all possible and impossible stories. They appreciate those identities who really value their care and compassion.

Mars in house
The House occupied by Mars in your native chart shows how you’ll use your energy. The sign of Mars for each House reveals to us how we will use this energy as a positive or negative expression.

Mars in 10th House
Mars in the tenth House promises that you’ll have great ambitions and great heaps of energy directed for work. You’re good at work organization and time management. You clearly understand how to achieve the best results at any dealing, especially at finances. You are a generator of success. You cooperate extremely good with others and people may fully rely on you. You’re self-confident and pragmatic, preferring all traditional things. At times, you may have some conflicts with one or two of your collaborators.

Jupiter in zodiac
Jupiter is answerable for our thinking. It is a protector of imaginative
mind and rules higher learning and grants us ideas of exploring for
both worlds – intellectual and spiritual. Jupiter helps us in forming our
ideology and in building our main principles. In the spiritual world, this planet commands religion and philosophy. The planet makes us want to find answers to all questions, and to do that, we might even travel around the globe for a long time; consequently, Jupiter rules travelling for long distances. Jupiter teaches us to determine our ethical and moral significances. It also provides us with an optimistic outlook.

Spare time is another of Jupiter’s pastimes. Many sporting events and competitions, games, or a simple walk in the park with family or friends and with pets (this planet adores animals) are under command of this planet. And this planet forebodes great wealth and riches, material and everything of the kind. It’s a nice friend in the heavens!

The full circle of the zodiac is long – 12 years. This means Jupiter visits each sign equally a year. It possesses man power and rules Sagittarius and Pisces and their Houses – the 9th and 12th.

Does this planet promise luck?
While orbiting, this planet grants good fortune to your House and your birth chart. For instance, when transiting Jupiter joins your native Jupiter, you have nice chances of earning money, finding a new prosperous job, a promotion and so on. As with other astrological signs, luck may come and go. It would be wise to catch

As with other astrological signs, luck may come and go. It would be wise to catch
what you have at the moment and wait for better opportunities, which may never come. So, take what you have and develop it.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Generosity, tolerance, and practicability promise Sagittarius through Jupiter great luck. They are usually pretty inbreathing. To perform that, they require self-belief and trust that their life-aims are right. When teaching and learning novel things, they reveal in full their enormous enthusiasm. They are good teachers, educators, publishers, travelers, and adore sports and learning cultures of others.

Their thoughts and feelings are very vital, and often, they get abused and even hurt when somebody denies their ideas. They excellently create their own opportunities. When they delve deep inside of themselves, they may correctly guess what to do next. They’re able to use this to their advantage. For intellectual and physical development, they require challenge. They adore competing, but in a friendly manner, and they are commonly good in sports.

Jupiter in Sags encourages travelling, which widens the horizons of their intellect and gives great amounts of knowledge. They are surely born under a lucky star, because Jupiter is their native home. That’s why they are so optimistic and strongly believe in good fortune.

These merry folks simply adore outdoor activities and make the lives of other people happier. They are up for different philosophies, religions, and social issues. They make no difference for them, as they welcome all this equally. They waste large sums, but they are commonly financially successful, so it makes little difference for them. They inspire others, are easy-going and kind. Success finds them.

They easily accept different opinions. They are led by pure luck in any beginning. These folks gain many benefits from travelling and education. The greatest luck comes to them while they are fully open to other people. They have fine potential for wisdom development, and dogmatism may take their luck away.

Jupiter in house
The dislocation of Jupiter by House in the native chart (the one
occupied by this planet in the birth chart) shows where we express
our abilities to be generous and tolerant. It determines where we
focus on enhancing our lives and what we believe in and whom we trust. Jupiter within Houses shows the ways we dilative our identity and life experience.

Jupiter in the Seventh House
What is essential for you is cooperation with other people. You’re great at negotiations and easily solve all sorts of confrontation. You know the value of people and relations with them, and that’s why you receive so much success in partnership. You prefer equality in everything. Using your charm and intellect, you commonly reach your aims.

Saturn in zodiac
Saturn reveals how to act in places where the biggest fears dwell, or how we should remake our lives at the very fundament.
This planet explains how to initiate frontiers and employ ourselves.

Saturn may put us under great test when all seems to fall apart. Notwithstanding, it also acts as a real anchor that ensures stable life.

Signs within Saturn help us to grow up. The planet takes a long time actually before it would return to its initial place when you were born. Its full cycle requires 30 years! Try to remember the difference of people whom you know now and people you know 30 years ago. It’s great, isn’t it? Probably, you also have more than 30 years behind you. It returns when we nearly meet the crisis of middle age. These are tough times for anyone, and depending on our choices we would live peaceful and joyful life, or we may meet the next stage of our life in depression.

This planet and things it involves has connections with aging, mortality and the best usage of time we have. Under the leadership of Saturn, we ought to turn all we have into an advantage. This planet encourages us to live life in full and to accomplish everything it brings to enjoy it entirely with maximum pleasure. It promotes the creation of well-planned life, which turns all our dreams into reality.

Saturn in Gemini
Thanks to Saturn, Gemini-identities have inherited powerful intellect and capability to transmit ideas. This planet provides you with the confidence of communication without fear and sustains your language skills. You’re utterly original and easily get adapted to new situations, understanding our puzzled life and creating novel forms. You prosper as teachers, artists, researchers and so on. Thanks to Saturn, you’re good at word usage and usually start speaking earlier than other signs.

You’re a real generator of novel and uncommon, but interesting things. You’re capable of absorbing great amounts of information, and you know precisely where in conversation or some project to put it to usage. You adore waffling, but you use it to your prosperity.
You adore different experiments, easily adapt to novel changes and produce your original ideas with humor and happiness. You’re commonly good in professions that require great knowledge of the word – journalism, television, education and something of the kind.

Saturn in house
The disposition of planet Saturn in your birth chart displays the
space of life taken by you with great seriousness. These spaces
may seem to be a burden to you. You will feel delays and
frustrations of the happenings of your House, and you’ll master lessons of tough times. In this House under Saturn, you learn responsibility. Each difficulty that takes place in this House teaches you how to overcome any problem and get better after every test. On one side, you may feel lowered self-confidence and dignity, for you may think that others have got easier lives. On another side, you get targeted on gaining success regardless of whatever it would cost, all occurrences in the House (even if it takes the entire lifetime).

Saturn in 12th House
Saturn within the 12th House promises great capabilities for developing firm inner order and sensuality. Often, you feel fears, doubts and lack of self-believe. You may unconsciously wish to rebuild wrong happenings of previous lives. In such occasions, you start feeling insecurity and strong desire of runaway to the refuge within. Abnormal discipline provides with the opportunity of repaying the debts of the previous life. Your current roads head you to the ways of serving mankind’s needs. You may receive chronic health illnesses because of your fear of revealing your inner world. You’re good while working alone. Work in solitude or work when you do not connect with others on spiritual level gives you greater luck and more strength.

Uranus in zodiac
The planet Uranus is a master of all unexpected things and
happenings. Future and novel technologies, all kinds of progress
obey this planet. Into this list goes all that is already invented and
what is still in our imagination, getting prepared to be born. It is also the father of electricity.
All innovations, unpredictable, gumptious and imagined experimental things obey Uranus as well, together with originality and scientific genius. With this planet job breaks all established rules and structures, inducing novel and unexpected changes. Uranus awakens our inner powers and desires, and its ways are strange but intriguing.

This planet may make out of us rebellious, irrespective and quite shocking personalities. It likes to change all conventional things and make everything unique and very unusual. It is answerable for our creativity.

Uranus gives fast results, which get mixed with exact facts and intuition in order to reveal and find all secrets of the universe. Uranus is an intellectual planet, is very objective and clever, and unemotional. Identities with the powerful influence of this planet in their birth charts are real pacemakers and great winners with great fortune.

This planet has ascendancy of social changes, regulates the fellowship of the entire humanity and environmental concerns, and provides us with a strong will. Uranus rules Aquarius-identities. Into the bargain, it rules astrology.

Uranus remains in each sign for 7 years, and consequently, it needs 84 years to accomplish the full cycle.

Uranus in Libra
With Uranus, Libra-identities receive talents for the arts, music, and literature. They uniquely express their thoughts and very often their work has connections with the occult in some ways. They also differ from others, be that their field of activity, their ways of expression, their personality and so on. Commonly, they have fine intuition and vivid imagination. This all engages other folks to them. Save artistic gifts, and they are also good lawyers and arbitrators. They honor justice very strongly and protect less lucky people. They would do whatever is possible in the legislative system just to defend victims and level social equality.

Libras may also receive troubles at home. There may often quarrel with their second part, and sometimes they may be left alone as a widower or widow. Also, divorce is possible. When there are great problems in their relationships, and they bitterly suffer, they would still stick to their partner. In occasion their marriage is happy, they require some personal space. Frequently, their relationships may start very rapidly and also end quite fast. They may suggest unusual relationships with several partners and something of the kind. They tend to act wobbly or as monarchs.

Uranus gives them the capability to look far in the future. They may be ambitious, but not too much. They don’t know what rest means and hate when someone gets his/her nose in their affairs. They are filled with personal magnetism. Their temper is “short,” and commonly they get into unusual relations.

All things they do in partnerships, arts, and laws are uncommon and even shocking. They strongly value independence and freedom in all concerns. They are patient with people of others thoughts and beliefs. They are well-known diplomats and are good at regulating conflicts. They adore collaboration and play always fairly. Their ideas are unique and progressive. Libras desire intellectual enforcement as they possess outstanding logic.

Uranus in house
The House where settled Uranus displays where you will receive
unexpected and usual alterations and challenges. In this place, you’ll
have the greatest changes in your entire life with a goal of
illumination. Uranus engages uncommon and sudden happenings. All sudden alterations happen very rapidly and may go as they have come, and sometimes you wouldn’t be able to understand what actually has happened (unlike Pluto, the planet that drags you deeper into the abyss long after you have been already destroyed). Frequently, the dealings of this House may shock you and bring stress. You ought to seek ways and methods to turn this all into positive outcomes. This House reveals the kind of activity that is marked with love and capabilities for individual activities and freedom. You’ll be utterly unique thanks to the dealings of this House (and House led by this planet).

Uranus in 5th House
Thanks to Uranus in the House number 5, you surely have received incredible originality. All of your interests are uncommon and exciting. Thanks to enormous thirst for independence you can possibly receive problems in love relations and with kids. Your children may be utterly uncommon and unique to such degree that you might not even understand them. You don’t care about social rules and get busy with your own business. Beware of all kinds of speculations. You can obtain something all of a sudden, but also lose this as well. You tend to gain many things without giving out much strength of what can build inside of you. At times, your life may be utterly crazy. In personal relationships, you’re very romantic and intriguing, quite unusual and may impress everybody.

Neptune in zodiac
The planet Neptune requires 146 years to accomplish the travel in
the zodiac hierarchy, and it lasts about 14 years in each sign. This
planet impacts the way of life of everybody born in the period of
these 14 years and is determined as “generational” influence. It is worth adding that its essentiality and noticeability would be understood and valued on occasion this is the personal, or ruling planet of the sign, or it has great influence for a personal planet and definite point in the birth chart. However, the placement of the House for Neptune gets more personal.

This is the connecting point for mysteries, and this planet steadily leads every generation to its destination point.

Neptune doesn’t stop on common five senses. It has all the signs for the sixth sense, which is indicated by extraordinary sensing at labor. All kinds of illusions, sense, which is indicated by extraordinary sensing at labor. All kinds of illusions, dreams and fantasies take vital part here.

Neptune is the planet for generations and needs 14 years for each sign. It’s intriguing and helpful to revise all effects that have been initiated by this planet. One of the most outstanding examples is Neptune in Scorpio in the 60s. In this decade, there were lots of experiments with drugs, music that afterwards was known as trance, and great attention was given to the occult.

Neptune In Sagittarius
You enhance knowledge and philosophy freely and tolerably. You adore debating. You like to clear the value of knowledge till the point when it turns into something unknown and mysterious for you. You have a habit of free believing in many things without thoroughly thinking them over. You’re utterly sensual to the dealings that concern freedom, particularly in other countries. You are a tolerant person, but you often miss definite details as you’re flying in the realm of your desires for a better world. Anyhow, when concentrating, you’ll be capable to cope with all difficulties.

Neptune in house
The dislocation of the planet Neptune determines the aspects of life
where you live through disappointment, or at least embarrassment.
This is the point where you’re mostly predisposed to being cheated,
where you hope for the dreams that never come true. Your respect to this House is vague and irresolute. Notwithstanding, you commonly find your way out of situations that concern this House. There are positive aspects to Neptune’s House. Here you find inspiration, experience for all mystical and spiritual insight. You are capable of making your dreams visible and real. Of course, at this point you ought to act carefully, for you may deceive yourself by expectations that aren’t real. Your wishes may be too greedy.

Neptune in 6th House
Neptune on the 6th House promises some weird happenings at work or with health. You utterly wish to serve others and to take care of your family. At times, you can experience some difficulties when starting some work that is to be done. You lose a logical and systematical way of thinking. At work, you can meet people that may make you bitterly suffer. As you adore working, you’re over-sensitive at your workplace and completely require peaceful and harmonious conditions. On occasion that’s not so. You may receive severe ailments, which may be real or imagined by you. You absorb everything that surrounds you. At times, it would be better to cure yourself with unconventional methods and therapies than with traditional ones. You would sacrifice whatever is needed at your work.

Pluto in zodiac
In the birth chart, the planet Pluto indicates all shadowed aspects of our lives and shows all manifestations of dark energies. We’re afraid of opening all powers, in as much as their nature is destructive. We ought to be very watchful with all Pluto indications.
Pluto displays many of our worst and dark aspects. Such things as obsession, jealousy, compulsion and things of that kind are headed by this planet. Oftentimes, we react too aggressively and behave negatively because of it.

We commonly try to escape those negative manifestations, nevertheless, it’s very difficult to escape Pluto and it may change us forever because of its burning and intensive nature. It doesn’t forgive mistakes and weaknesses. Nevertheless, there is another side to Pluto. If we don’t fear revealing all our inner powers, we can achieve a lot through the potential of this small, but fierce planet.

With Pluto in us, we experience menace to our ego’s individuality. This occurs when there is a destructive loss, which doesn’t allow us to understand how life must be. In many of those losses, we may learn how to stand firmly on our feet and face whatever comes. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” says this planet. Pluto rejects all that is not to its liking, and we ought to be brave and push hard to overcome all difficulties it sends to us.

Pluto in Libra
1971-1984 (Generation X)
These identities through Pluto act inveterately. They desire to reveal all secrets of the universe, but they may act before they think the whole matter thoroughly through. They require control in everything. They work hard in order to make their relationships perfect. These identities wish to change themselves and others. One part of them acts traditionally and the others wish to act unusually in their relations.

These folks adore art in all its creative forms, especially those arts that leave the deepest impression upon the viewers. Libras stand for “fair play” and justice, and frequently work in courts to make the law system more equal. They are great diplomats and may solve the most difficult conflicts, but they may get angry when something is unfair. At any rate, they desire to create harmony in everything. They are capable of undergoing very complex cases and make them stable and bring peace.

Libras can find the best compromises that would suit each side. They may create a happy medium on almost all occasions. The greatest horror and the hardest strike for them are the cases when one side would surely lose and they aren’t strike for them are the cases when one side would surely lose and they aren’t capable of equaling the entire matter.

Pluto in house
The dislocation of Pluto in all Houses reveals where identities look
for the truth and deep meaning and understanding. In this matter, life
is connected with all sorts of changes, struggles, and control. Topical
themes in this aspect are fear of deprivation and treachery, obsession and addiction, self-defense and something of the kind. We may undertake the road that heads to the House where Pluto dwells.

Pluto in 5th House
You have tremendous heaps of creativeness and this lets you prosper in almost all dealings you undertake, particularly in arts, romance, and child’s education. You are very proud of your success and your ego is huge on occasions of prosperity. You’re a great romantic and require your relationships to be intensive and passionate. When the matter concerns love, you need “all or nothing” and nothing in between. Even when you don’t stick to this attitude in your personal affairs, you might get Pluto’s energy through your partners and would still have all of that. You’re overly possessive and jealous, and these are manifestations of your great fear of being betrayed and rejected. That’s the reason you wish to keep every single matter under strong control. You put much interest into games and all kinds of entertainment, as well as in recreation. These things are vital for you, and at times, may act as if you are obsessed with them. You may jump into your creative aspirations, but fear may stop you, or at least slow you down.

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