Weekly Horoscopes October 4 – 8, 2021

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💖 Schedule a Reading Now ! with PayPal https://www.paypal.me/sonnysmusicstudio/115 please add your birth time/birth date/birth location/contact email and when you’re available for a reading

TheSunnySide Weekly Horoscopes ! 

October 4 – 8, 2021 

Dear Aries  

Your significant BFF continues to take up a lot of your time and you’re willing to comply but fights and green-eyed monsters lurk behind every smile. A frisky mood takes over as you answer calls from the past. Love is waiting somewhere sexy. 

Dear Taurus 

Are you really too busy for love? A friendly hello will plant beautiful seeds that could flourish next month when the planets begin their direct motion. Love is closer than you think. 

Dear Gemini 

The old comes back to life as discarded projects work their way back into your daily life. This goes double for old lovers so.. be on top of your game.. Smile for the camera.. And be prepared to see something new in someone old. Love is giving you time to put things in order. 

Dear Cancer 

Your sexy dance card has been full for a while now so.. With the pick of the romantic crop why don’t you reach beyond the stars. Manifestation begins with believing in yourself. Think you can – and you will. Love is encouraging you to have some fun. 

Dear Leo 

You might be a bit on the chatty side these days but there’s something you have to get off of your chest.. And be damned to anyone who gets in your way.  Loud and proud might not save the day but it will feel good to clear the air. Finish home chores. Love is arriving when Venus visits Sagittarius. 

Dear Virog 

Your gab is gold right now but money might be flying out faster than you can make it. Bridge the gap and use that silver tongue to open financial floodgates. Expect a life changing romantic shake up. 

Dear Libra 

You may be our prettiest sign but right now is not a good time to get a tattoo or any changes to your appearance that can’t be undone. Money signals continue to be strong so keep your buckets open and expect to be rewarded for outstanding efforts. Expect big changes at home that you already knew were coming. Love is waiting somewhere cozy. 

Dear Scorpio 

The pitchforks are out and they’re coming for you. Whether it’s karma or just crazy, someone has a hate boom with your name on it. Entertain all overtures with a grain of salt but know in advance that all hearts will be returned when Mercury returns to its direct motion. Love says you’re still looking good so make the most of it. 

Dear Sagittarius 

If only you would slow down and turn around.. You’d see love has been smiling at you from the shadows. No need fret lost opportunities.. Love will arrive front and centre in two weeks. Keep pushing your online presence but resist the urge to fire up an untimely debate. 

Dear Capricorn 

Work might have you in a SNAFU frame of mind but don’t you think it’s finally time to make a move on that hottie from the group. Whether online or in person.. worlds have to collide for sparks to rage into a passionate fire. Love wants you to ask her out. 

Dear Aquarius 

So.. You got the job.. you might be promoted soon.. everyone loves you everywhere you go – but somehow something at a distance is trying to cramp your action. Give them a call and sort it out before promises made can’t be undone. Love is waiting somewhere public. 

Dearest Pisces 

Love wants you to explore distant shores but Money is currently casting a cloud on your dreams. Loans are available but there might be a hidden price deep within the paperwork. Keep an optimistic eye to your future. Rockstar mode begins in two short weeks. 

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