HumpDay Horoscopes! October 13 – 15, 2021 – All Zodiac Signs (Written)

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HumpDay Horoscopes Oct 13 – 15, 2021

Dear Aries

Love may have been in the dumps this current astro-cycle but relationships get a big boost of optimism as the week continues to progress. A nasty fight is waiting on the horizon so make the most of the peace while you can.  Love is favouring admiring glances from afar.

Dear Taurus

Love is encouraging you to kick things up a notch but you’re currently the busiest you’ve been in a long time. Legal battles turn in your favour but there’s a big change coming. Good news is arriving from your friends.

Dear Gemini

It’s going to be a relationship heavy kind of week. Mars is already pushing to get things so put one foot in front of the other and just do it. Venus is holding on tight but Mars is trying to let. Talk things out with friends before you finally decide.

Dear Cancer

Big changes continue at home but it’s money that really has your focus. Everyone knows that you value your privacy and alone time but do you have the resources to live the life you really want. Love is encouraging you to dig those claws in and don’t let go until your target completely bleeds out.

Dear Leo

Mixed signals return to the game of love. You’re definitely attracting and love is waiting behind every smile but it just seems like so much work right now. Love is supposed to be fun so smile and see what happens. A car accident or major computer crash is still waiting around the corner.

Dear Viorg

Money is getting blown out of proportion so keep saving for that rainy day. It will arrive one day and you’ll be glad you were well prepared. You’re not quite ready for love so focus on making the home look nice and presentable. Love will kick things up again next month so steady your heart and make some money.

Dear Libra

With Mars in your 1st house, you have to be extra careful to not be too push or argumentative (some call it debatable) and resist the urge to steal the limelight.. even if your feelings are hurt and you think you deserve more. As a Libra you should understand how valuable each contribution is to the overall project. Love is waiting in a busy social schedule.

Dear Scorpio

Things are so messed up you don’t know what to currently believe but there’s a secret truth hidden deep within rhetoric. When you finally see it.. you’ll have to make a decision. They are definitely trying.. but whatever it is.. you’ll have to decide what you’re will to put up with moving forward. Love says back to work.

Dear Sagittarius

You finally have things going your way.. Go Saggie!  Yes, the last couple of years have been a tumultuous journey – and not everything was your fault. Right now however, you’re shining and attracting and generally doing things your own way. This can lead to your ego stepping on toes. Love says to enjoy the day but don’t over do it.

Dear Capricorn

Love is looking at you but you might not see it. Oh well.. back to work then. The office has been calling with paperwork, paperwork, and even more correcting paperwork. Just do it. Love is on the way but so is money. Play your cards right and you’ll get a nice
Universal Blessing of both.

Dear Aquarius

Something at a distance blows up big this week! Whether you’re thinking of taking a vacation or going back to school, or someone visiting you, or if you just have differing world and spiritual views – expect to be tested. With Mercury Retrograde, avoid the same old arguments with the same old people.  Love is definitely waiting with your online social network.. so open messenger and  face time with confidence.

Dearest Pisces

This weekend money will freak out your personal serenity. Just when you want to take things to the next level.. reality kicks in – which for
pisces.. it’s like a double downer. Mercury is still retrograde.. so when gravity begins to have a liberating effect on your underwear – just remember that it might not last.

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