💖 November 1 – 5, 2021 Horoscopes and Tarot Readings! Live at 5:15ish pm Chicago Time Zone

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💖 Schedule a Reading Now ! with PayPal https://www.paypal.me/sonnysmusicstudio/135 please add your birth time/birth date/birth location/contact email and when you’re available for a reading

TheSunnySide Weekly Horoscopes! 

November 1- 5, 2021 

Dear Aries 

Out of the frying pan into the fire! Well.. Ok, maybe not that bad. Relationship drama and legal mishaps are actually going to kick up a notch so be careful and expect a little payback. Although astrological signs are encouraging a vacation or long getaway, you’re still concerned with recent karma that you just can’t seem to shake. Love is waiting at a distance. 

Dear Taurus 

Get ready for the fight Taurus. You’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop and here it comes. This is the week to get all of your ducks in a row because things are going to get nasty in starting next week. Don’t be surprised if you become locked into a fight that will stretch into Christmas. Love on the other hand is encouraging you to let someone in. Be careful. 

Dear Gemini 

Here we go! It’s going to get super busy so I hope you’re ready. Love and legal battles are still favored so do your best with the little time available. Next week a major disruption – possible health or work related will shake your life so take this week to get prepared. Love is currently really glossing over your gaffs so be cool. 

Dear Cancer 

Next week nasty Mars/Saturn square between your fun and playful dating life and your shared resources will spark questions about is it all going to be worth it? This week.. Action is full steam ahead when it comes to love but you’ll also be in a feisty mood to get your way. Good habits begun this new moon will stick. So get to manifesting and make it happen.  

Dear Leooo 

You may be super flirty, creative, and flat out sexy right now but there is a fly on the horizon. A nasty square between Mars and Saturn affecting your home and legal relationships will explode out of proportion next week. This is the week to have a lot of fun but prepare for the battle that you know is on the way. Good luck. 

Dear Virog 

I don’t care if my spell check has a little red squiggle under your name.. I’m writing Virog anyways. Next – Love will significantly heat up next week – like major significantly – so avoid the temptation to rush things. Now.. For the next two weeks be extremely cautious while driving, speaking, and using your computer. Very big glitches are on the way.   

Dear Libra 

Here’s your two-week warning – money matters are about to light a pretty hot fire that will be very tempting to play with. Be careful. There will be drama but that expenditure on the kids or a creative project will be difficult to resist. Love is still hanging on your every word so keep working the phones and/or shopping online until you finally get the response that you’re looking for.  

Dear Scorpio 

You’re finally ready for the fight! Your energy should be returning. You know what you want. You’re ready to go get it. Now.. Caution – there’s a difference between assertive, aggressive, and just being so mean that you shoot yourself in the foot and set your cause back another couple of months.. So be careful. One foot in front of the other and just get it done. Love is waiting on the lips of a sweet conversation so – answer your phone when love finally calls your name. 

Dear Sagittarius 

Low energy isn’t the half of it. You’ve been burning the midnight oil lately and the physical and emotional stress is beginning to show. Slow down and recenter your spiritual center.  There will be a lot of behind-the-scenes activity that’s all set to throw you for a loop so be careful. Love says money is good but there’s a hater lurking in the weeds. 

Dear Capricorn 

It looks like you’re going to publish a new web page or begin a new social media channel. Whatever you do socially, you’ll give it your all. On the downside, this social push will ruffle feathers and rub some toes the wrong way. Employ some tact.. A little diplomacy.. And try not to fight publicly as you make room for yourself on the social stage. Remember.. Everyone can see you. 

Dear Aquarius 

It’s not all bad. Yes, there will be trouble at the office. Here’s your two-week warning so be careful for both haters at the office and paperwork being piled on top of a rapidly growing workload.  on the plus side, you are super social, attracting attention on social media, and currently in a ‘friends into lovers’ transit.  On top of that, you might actually get a promotion or win some kind of award. So.. Ups and down.  

Dearest Pisces 

It’s time to get on your water chariot and get out of town. Foreign affairs hold your attention for better and worse. Next week will usher in some kind of drama from a distance so be careful. This week however it’s time to get out and be seen. Your peeps are there to support you so if you need a shoulder or a helping hand then all you have to do is reach out and love will do the rest.  

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