Weekend Horoscope (Feb 4 – 6, 2022)

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⌛Timestamps in description 👇| Weekend Horoscope and Tarot Card Reading (all Zodiac Signs) for February 4 – 6, 2022.

In this weekend astrology and tarot card podcast – The Moon will be in Aries and that means we should all be feeling competitive, inspired, excited to get out and do things, and willing to try new things. On the downside, the Moon squaring Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will cause a damper for some as love and money conflict with your heart’s desires.

The Sun conjunct Saturn means we should all be ready to focus on the difficult decisions and hard work. Many people will appear upset, agitated and will have bad dreams.

Time Stamps – Overview – 1:50 – For most zodiac signs Mercury resuming its direct motion will cause ideas to be put in motion. For better or worse – recent ideas that were being mulled over – get the green light. Will everything work out the way you expect? – no.. But if your heart is into it, then this might be a mistake worth exploring.

Aries Weekend Horoscope – 19:55 – Venus and Mars in your 10th house says you should be settling into a new job or public role. Saturn in your 11th house notes that awards might be difficult to come by as friends and support disappear. The Sun Shining with Saturn Will highlight a misunderstanding.

Taurus Weekend Horoscope – 25:45 – The Moon Squaring both Mars and Venus might cramp your travel game. With the Moon also hovering in your 12th house of endings, you might reside yourself with a quiet evening of red wine and old sunnside videos.

Gemini Weekend Horoscope – 30:55- The Sun Conjunct Saturn in your 9th house could indicate trouble at a distance so make sure you check in with peeps at a distance and make sure everyone is ok. Mercury Direct in your 8th house won’t save you from financial troubles with Mars causing you to spend freely on everyone else. The Moon in Aries will encourage a social weekend.

Cancer Weekend Horoscope – 37:20 – Mercury Direct in the 7th house gives you clarity about the direction of your closest relations. With both Mars and Venus also in your 7th house you can expect fireworks in love both good and bad. The South Node in Scorpio is encouraging you to share a creative project with the world.

Leo Weekend Horoscope – 45:15 – Mercury in the 6th house begins to make an aspect to the North Node in the 10th house indicating a possible dream job is on the way. Mars and Venus conjunct in the 6th house should add the needed push to see things through.

Virog Weekend Horoscope – 52:00 – Mercury direct in the 5th house signals a major green light in the land of love. Venus and Mars coming together in Capricorn hints at both a major romance and a potential pregnancy 😉

Libra Weekend Horoscope – 57:00 – The Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn will cast a sobering light on romance and the health of children. Mercury direct in the 4th house clarifies a new direction at home.

Scorpio Weekend Horoscope – 1:03:55 – The Sun conjunct Saturn in the 4th house shines a painful light at home. Any way you slice it, Saturn in the 5th will make you bend to the boss so suck it up and be cool. With Mercury now Direct in Capricorn it’s time to launch that social media project.

Sagittarius Weekend Horoscope – 1:09:45 – Saturn in the 3rd house will restrict your movement this weekend so.. Watch for car problems, delays, and of course going to jail. Mercury direct in Capricorn shows you a new way to make money.

Capricorn Weekend Horoscope – 1:16:20 – Saturn in Capricorn is rewarding hard work so put in the extra effort where you can to make money. The Sun transiting your 2nd house is also trying to burn up your money so be careful with your personal finances.

Aquarius Weekend Horoscope – 1:22:40 – Mercury in the 12th house along with Veus and Mars will amplify secrets, hidden agendas, and control issues. Even for an Aquarius, letting go is difficult sometimes but Saturn in the 1st house will give you the confidence and discipline to succeed.

Pisces Weekend Horoscope – 1:28:45 – The Sun conjunct Saturn in the 12th house will highlight control issues so be prepared to be blamed for things you didn’t do. Mercury direct in Capricorn adds an added step to your social life.

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Schedule a Private Reading using Zoom ! Simply follow the PayPal link and I’ll message you to set it up https://www.paypal.me/sonnysmusicstudio/135

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