Saturn Conjunct the Sun | Astrology for Beginners

Saturn Conjunct the Sun | Astrology for Beginners

Astrology for Beginners | Saturn conjunct the Sun

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The Sun conjunct Saturn produces three major effects…

1. 0:45 The Sun will highlight your current Saturn blockage or sabotage or restriction. With the Sun Conjunct Saturn you will clearly see what’s in your way.

2. 2:10 The second Sun conjunct Saturn energy effect will show you where you have to add discipline, dedication, and hard work to your life. Saturn shows us where – if you apply hard work – you will be rewarded. Ultimately, Saturn is the Planet of karma and indicates where hard work will help you overcome karmic problems.

3. 3:45 Finally, Saturn shows you where you are tormented in your life. The Sun / Saturn transit will highlight where you are torments, and where you should address your fears, and karma.

Saturn conjunct Mercury 2:30 shows dedication, concentration, and focus to thinking. ______________________________

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