Putin Attacks Ukraine According to Astrology

Putin Attacks Ukraine According to Astrology

I had a look at Putin’s Astrology Chart with transits for February 2022 and I saw a clear Yod pattern forming. The Yod in astrology puts a lot of pressure on the receiving planet. In the case of Putin, his Yod pattern is anchored by Pluto. This will create a tremendous pressure to tear down and rebuild at any cost.

In addition to tearing things down in order to restructure or rebuild them in a new image, the Yod or ‘Finger of God’ pattern will create a major obsession. So.. it looks like Putin is feeling a lot of astrological pressure from Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn, and Neptune Pisces, on his Pluto in Leo. Putin has a ver strong desire for very ‘public change’.

– S

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