Past Life Astrology | Lizzy Darko

Past Life Astrology | Lizzy Darko

In this Past Life Astrology Reading (Astrology for Beginners) I’ll be looking at:

The Moon in Scorpio indicates working as an investigator, a doctor, ad with the occult. The Moon in the 6th house suggests that she has a Karmic Debt related to taking care of someone.

The South Node in the 1st house indicates overwhelming personal energy, a strong personality, leadership, an excessive attention to personal identity and recognition.

The North Node in Capricorn can bring a cold business like approach to relationship. North Node in the 7th house indicates – because of a continued reliance on their looks and a need to be the center of attention relationships will be taken for granted. Potential for true love can become derailed due to inattention and selfish attitude.

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