Weekly Horoscopes! All Zodiac Signs and Pre-Zodiac Signs July 11 – 15 2022

Weekly Horoscopes! All Zodiac Signs and Pre-Zodiac Signs July 11 – 15 2022

Weekly Horoscopes!

Hi Guys – I’m writing and uploading at the same time today so please check back. As you can see, this is the text for the videos as well. This week I’m grouping the signs by element and adding one of my astrological concepts of Pre-Zodiac Signs. For more information on Pre-Zodiac Signs just watch my Live Streams on YouTube or Pre-Purchase my Next Astrology Upcoming Book. I added the Pre-Zodiac Signs to the weekly horoscopes because it combines both Vedic and Western Astrology and it’s obviously more accurate. Please share the horoscopes and videos and support TheSunnySide buy buying some GooFU merch. tnx in advance – S

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July 11 – 15, 2022 – All Fire and Pre-Earth Zodiac Signs

Hi guys welcome back to thesunnyside.  I’m sunny. And these are the weekly horoscopes for the fire and pre-fire Zodiac signs for the week of July 11 – 15, 2022. If you don’t know if you’re a Pre of any zodiac sign then simply watch the channel. I teach astrology and this is just one of the many topics we talk about. 

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Ok here we go.

Hey guys this looks like kind of a dick-ass full moon for the fire signs but I’m sure you guys can do your best and probably be ok.

Dear Aries & Pre-Taurus

This week’s full moon reveals secrets at work. Is it a hater with a nasty grudge or just bad business as usual. Either way, this job sucks and a change is coming anyways so keep your angles clean and get ready to jump ship when the boss begins to stutter. This goes double for SunnySiders on the rise. You’re going to become public so be cool. On the plus side, you have an opportunity to make some good karma with old friends. You can bury the hatchet and the pride. You guys are in this together. Now back to your money for a bit. This is where the outrageous action is hiding in plain sight this month. Financial opportunities may scream wtf but if you were afraid of a little love bite then you wouldn’t be here anyways. What’s the debate Aries? It’s either do it or GooFU on the the entire scene. And you know it. So be cool and just boogie time. And finally dear Aries, watch your back muscles. Your wallet is about to get very heavy.

Dear Leo and all Pre-Virgos – Sonny’s back bitches GooFU for life! 

Yo yo Leo! I thought that would be fun to say. Maybe not as fun as GooFU (come on guys, buy lots of Sunnyside merchandise and help support the horoscopes and astrology videos. https://thesunnyside.creator-spring.com/ & tnx everyone I super appreciate all the support – S). Ok Leo Looking at your chart I can’t shake the feeling that you have a hater at the office as well. I initially thought you might still be in travel mode but although distant shores might still have a ton of luck waiting for you, there are very public fires at the office that have to be taken care of. If you play your cards right you could have a major and very public transformation.  You are in line for a dream job opportunity and you might not even know it. Trust yourself are reach way beyond anything you can currently see. Don’t worry about it, the dots (or the yesses) will eventually align in your favor. On the super plus side you’re attracting a lot of attention when you put yourself out there. So use it to your best advantage. You always look good so just do your thing with confidence and know that your attraction magnet is currently dialed up to 10. The only problem is that the full moon might screw with your health. It might give some breathing problems but wear a mask while you’re out and you’ll be fine. Sonny I ain’t wearing no effing mask! You’re advice sucks. Lol leave it in the comments.

Dear Sagittarius & Pre-Capricorn

GooFU 4life Playa! Here we go!

Hey Sagg I know it hasn’t been easy and I don’t actually have great news to begin. The full moon is going to highlight a needed change coming to your personal finances. Things might get expensive as money continues to freeze over and sort of hibernate but in the long run this adjustment is going to repay your efforts. And that’s just the full moon omg sucks to be Sagg right now. Ok now for the drama. The is definitely some kind of change coming to your routine or your health. You might be call to take care of someone or you yourself might fall sick. So be cool and be prepared. And remember, an ounce of prevention is a waste of time if you weren’t going to get sick anyways so no judgement from here. Just saying. That change coming is going to be permanent so get ready. This can be something amazing but get ready to take advantage of all opportunities.  Think new job or opening up a health spa or getting a pet – health, habits, and the things you do every day.

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July 11 – 15, 2022 – All Earth and Pre-Air Zodiac Signs

Hi guys welcome back to thesunnyside.  I’m sunny. And these are the weekly horoscopes for the earth and Pre-Air Zodiac signs for the week of July 11 – 15, 2022. If you don’t know if you’re a Pre of any zodiac sign then simply watch the channel. I teach astrology and this is just one of the topics we talk about. 

Next. Please support the channel and buy the GooFU merch. https://thesunnyside.creator-spring.com/ Ok here we go.

This might be a weak-ass Full Moon for most of the Zodiac Peeps as the Moon is kind of weak in Capricorn. Think non-emotional – Duh. Yet for for the Earth Signs and Pre-Air Signs, this might be one of the most transformative Full Moons for the next 7 years and I’m not joking nor am I’m making a hysterical video about it. Quite frankly I’m currently 100% down with the GooFU and that’s not a joke either. Secrets will be exposed but instead of thinking everyone sees your underwear, imagine everyone suddenly recognizing your hidden strengths. The big change coming is going to affect Earth signs in a positive way. Go ahead and reinvent yourself and even take a chance or too. You are all unexpectedly lucky so think bigger than ever and just go for it. Remember, you’re moving earth here so if anyone gets in your way tell them to GooFU .

Dear Taurus & Pre-Gemini

This full moon highlights events at a distance. I don’t necessarily see you suddenly boarding a plane but something at a distance has your attention. It’s a slow and panful situation that’s dragging forever. Just deal with it. On the plus side, money is still good for a little while so soak it up while you can but I wouldn’t over reach my credit if I were you. Venus is going to enter Cancer soon. Although this will slow down some of your money action it will be very good for you socially. As for now keep changing. Don’t worry about any nonsense about anyone or thing and just do you for a while. At the end of the day there is no drama worth any drama so be cool and feel the squishy grapes under your feet. Holy jeez Soony that metaphor was a little too cryptic. Lol! GooFU. Come on Taurus, it might be the end of the world but it’s still about moments and right now, yours count the most. Good luck guys. I’ll see you in stars.

Dear Virog and Pre-Libra

The Full Moon is in your astro house of sexy fun so get out there and flaunt it. What does this really mean Sonny. Ok you might find out that you’re pregnant. Congrats. It’s also possible that you find out about a creative project or the real meaning behind a recent romantic gesture. There’s a strong possibility for reckless behavior but what the hell it’s just the full moon. It shouldn’t change your life. It just might embarrassing for a bit. Either way, you’re going to get your answers and if anyone says anything, tell them to GooFU. Ok now Virog that’s just the full moon. I think I’m putting way too much effort into these horoscopes. Looking deeper into your chart I just get this eerie feeling that you’re going to get called away. Unexpected travel like this once is a once in a lifetime destiny thing that shouldn’t be passed up. So maybe just do it and have some fun while you’re there. In other worlds it could easily be a return to school. It depends how you shape your own destiny. Shortly you’re going to find yourself in a secret love relationship so work your game and good luck.

Dear Capricorn & Pre-Aquarius

Obviously the full moon is going to reveal something about you very publicly. Dress to impress because I’ll bet you already know that you’re on parade. Watch your health and public image. As for the fun life changing stuff. You should be in giving birth soon super congrats! If not, I would imagine that your fairly close to launching a creative project that has the power to naturally and effortlessly change your life. All it will take is a little creative ingenuity. You should even be able to leave the elbow grease up to the other guys. So just put it out there and let it run. Your due for a really big hit so swing hard. Except for the full moon stuff your health should be ok. A marriage proposal is on the way shortly so act surprised when they pop the question. For those who are a little slow it doesn’t have to be marriage. Expect people to want to team up or do stuff with you – in other words they will want to partner up with you however momentarily. Good luck guys. Buy lots of merch and if anyone tries to stress you out tell them to GooFU!

Omg my tarot cards ghosted me. And I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Sonny you’re the only one who’s going to get that. Ok. I have to get my tarot Cards before I can Shoot any Video. Good Luck and I’ll see everyone soon. – S

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Weekly Horoscopes!
July 11 – 15, 2022 – All Air and Pre-Water Zodiac Signs

Next. Please support the channel and buy the GooFU merch. Ok here we go.

This Full Moon is a mixed bag for the Air and Pre-Water Zodiac Signs. This month’s full moon is in Capricorn and that’s going to be a little tricky to navigate for Libras and Pre-Scorpios. Expect things to be uncovered at home that you really didn’t want to know but kind of new you had to anyways. It’s going to squeeze the testies a little but it should pass.

The life changing stuff is happening in Taurus and that is going cause major events to unfold for Aquarius and Pre-Pisces Zodiac Signs. The Libra/Pre-Scorpio will learn secrets about the home and family where as the Aquarius/Pre-Capricorn guys are in for a flat out change at home.
I’d actually imagine that things are changing so quickly for you guys right now that you really should get a private reading before it’s too late. Think I’m bluffing? Look how much I’m writing today. There’s time right now before the fall – get your GooFU in gear flash-Boi. It’s your move playa – what’s the action?

Dear Libra & Pre-Scorpio

The Full Moon in Capricorn means the Sun is cruising through Cancer. This means you’ll be getting it from both sides this week. It might seem a little weird outside of the boudoir dear Libra but you should vamp the vibe fairly quickly 😉 omg Sonny! Don’t you ever stop. I really can’t help myself guys I sorry. Next. Ok calm down. The peeps at Starbucks are looking at me funny. Just be cool before I have to GooFU someone in the astroturf. I guess that could be front or back! Holy shit Sonny give it a break. Ok guys let me reset my brains and I’ll come back with more Libra.

Ok take 2. Dear Libra the Full Moon squaring Libra this week is only a temporary revelation at home and in your career. You should be ok. Keep in mind however that Venus is about to cruise into Cancer and although it will bless your career and public image, it might cause some personal drama. The real astrology action this week month is in Taurus and that is going to majorly affect your investments, student loans, grants, mortgages, death, and unusual illnesses.  Like seriously. And it’s going to drag ass all month long.  You can expect one very big and u usual financial opportunity to partner up and really go for it. Screw that up and maybe watch out for unexpectedly getting sick. There is also a major possibility for some Libras and Pre-Scorpios to inherit a big chunk of Quan. Be cool Libra it’s going to get tense.

Dear Aquarius & Pre-Pisces

Good luck. I think I’d almost prefer to be a Libra or Taurus this week. The Full Moon in Capricorn is going to blurt out sometching you’ve been trying to keep secret. That’s too funny. I’ve been there. Anyways, jokes aside very hidden and private information has a good chance of not only becoming public knowledge but it can easily be overheard by the wrong ears as well. GooFU I got stuck in the metaphor and had to finish the sentence. Next.

Aqua & PP you guys have a difficult change coming your way. You might not think that it’s that difficult and for many of you it will be something that you really want to do. Difficult Sonny? Ok. Relax . Here’s the deal, the astro energy is squaring your Natal Sun so it’s probably not something that will resonate with you but in the long run you’ll ha e a real chance for success. Plus the 4th house amd the 10th house naturally square the 1st house anyways. So what? What I’m saying is. It might not be jiggy cool but you should lay some action as it comes.

Dear Gemini & Pre-Cancer

Well I don’t think you guys really want to hear this but here we go. The Full Moon in Capricorn is going to highlight your shared resources. This means if you have an inheritance coming your way – in anyway then you’re going to hear about it. Be cool and just roll with jam.
The real action is in effect throughout the rest of July so get ready. Expect the unexpected behind the scenes, in your absence, and completely out of your control. And no. None of that is any good. You really do have to take a knee and hope for the best. It’s mental health. It’s hidden enemies. It’s your subconscious. And it will definitely affect you. But how? Look around guys. What do you see? Now that’s the action. But the real game is happening on the inside. Good luck everyone.

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