Sound an Alarm

Sound an alarm..

Who comes here?

Master.. he’s says he’s Sonny.. but he has no mark – and there is no one to make the word

Sonny has a mark child.. bring him to me

But Master.. he can’t possibly be..

LoL – sweet child – as strange as it seams.. Sonny has always worn his pride on the inside – this is his way



I can’t…

lol.. then breathe..

I can’t..

then Sonny you must fight

but Master.. I can’t

then Sonny.. my dearest blessed child.. you have found another way

Master.. I can’t

No Sonny.. you can – & you already have – you found anther way & it will guide you.. & if you ever feel lost again.. just look to your feet – & they will save you

But Master.. I can’t

No Sonny.. you have already found the way – now you have to go


Yo Playa – What’s the action?

You’re asking me – what’s the action?

Ya – What do you want to drink?

Well I’m pretty sure you don’t have unicorn blood so I’ll take swig of your effing plod jizz

You’re a sauce aren’t you?

I’m the light you will never see – plz make it a double – & double plz.. just take my money & walk away.. maybe eff-off a little


Space – Force – Time.. replaced with – Racist – Stupid – Ghetto

You’ve been practicing again..

A bit.. yes

You’re not ready are you?


Tnx Sonny – brilliant cryptic psychic – or just vague idiot? – I insult you all day long and you don’t say anything.. you just…

What.. look at you

You freaking stare at me like…

Like nothing you can do will change the inevitable?

Like everything you do.. just by you being here – is going to cause pain – for all of us – Sonny you should just go – plz


But this is actually my world… My future is empty Master – there’s no light in front of me

LOL – Yes & No.. but this is what your world looks like.. – Sonny tell me.. does it still hurt?


Good.. then you can still feel – & as long as you can feel the world – Sonny..


And who went to the fancy music school? And who went to business school? And who’s money are we using? Sonny.. you’re being a little hard on everyone..

But.. my parents are dying & the peeps are treating this as a weakness

A weakness?


Then they are not peeps.. What would your father say Sonny?

I can’t say any more unfortunately because – this piece of writing will be brought into court – and that’s what abuse looks like – fuck you forever – S

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