sonny saxWelcome to The Sunny Side – Psychic/Astrology Readings & Hypnotherapy

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I’m your host Collin Rosati – plz call me Sonny

On The Sunny Side we have a simple philosphy – you’re supposed to succeed – love health & money – today is your day

It’s easy really – a number of years ago while working as a hypnotherapist I was privileged to witness the amazing ability many of our clients developed – to attract certain themes into their lives – it was breath-taking as they all did was one simple thing..

Are you ready to take someone’s breath away ?

Please like comment & tell your friends as we remove the blocks and allow all of our dreams to come true

With an open heart, I went to Vancouver to write by the ocean – tranquility mixed with passion and with the dawning of a beautiful new day The Sunny Side was born – if you give yourself one reason to love every day..

You might be surprised to find the world loving you..

These days I’ve relocated to Chicago Il, USA – I’m giving personal psychic astrology readings, and helping people heal and mend bad habits with Deep Trance Hypnotherapy

Occasionally, you’ll see me on stage with my Love Hypnotist Comedy Hypnosis Show or hosting a Hypnosis for Emotional Healing & Personal Change workshops/class.

As always – if you’d like a private reading or hypnosis session – they’re &125/session then plz use the form below to contact me – & if you see me live.. plz say hi !

Together it’s a beautiful day



Some Older Media Clips & Interviews from when I was a young Hypnotherapist

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