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I’m your host Collin Rosati – plz call me Sonny

On The Sunny Side we have a simple philosphy – you’re supposed to succeed – love health & money – today is your day

It’s easy really – a number of years ago while working as a hypnotherapist in Toronto (distance & new hypnosis sessions are via skype/telephone) I was priviledged to witness the amazing ability many of our clients developed – to attract certain themes into their lives – it was breath taking as they all did was one simple thing..

Are you ready to take someone’s breath away ?

Please like comment & tell your friends as we remove the blocks and allow all of our dreams to come true

With an open heart, I came to Vancouver to write by the ocean – tranquility mixed with passion and with the dawning of a beautiful new day The Sunny Side was born – if you give yourself one reason to love every day..

you might be surprised to find the world loving you

Together it’s a beautiful day



Some Older Media Clips & Interviews from when I was a young Hypnotherapist

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  1. Sonny hello u told me on yr recent cancer video that u will do a reading for whoever leaves u a message here.. Sunny please help me tell me what’s coming to me financially and will I be re-locating soon and what do u see in the stars for me ??? I am yr number 1 fan I’m reaching my hand out to u for your help Sonny .. Thank u from the bottom of my heart

  2. Hi Sonny. I really enjoy your astrology lists on YouTube and, in my humble opinion, you are dead on with your assessments of the signs. I wonder what sign you are, though? I have noticed that many times, there are physical similarities among people of the same sign and you really favor my husband quite a bit. He is a Scorpio with a moon in Cancer and Venus in Sagittarius. I am a Sagittarius with a moon in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius (so yes, I’m probably a confused mess).
    Anyway, kept up the great work! I really enjoy everything you’re doing!

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