Astrology & Tarot readings

“The Love Hypnotist is in – Collin Rosati can help you find your heart’s desire. Careful what you wish for” – National Post

I understand.. the noise of the day can overwhelm. As thoughts paint conflicting images against a flood of emotions we all require a second pair of eyes to see through daily turmoil.

Believe it or not your destiny is trying to find you – right now. All you have to do is step out from behind the daily clouds of chaos and into a world of truth and love.

We can all feel it. Not every day is a going to be a great day but the sun is still shining on your hopes and wishes – if you know where to look.

“For those of us ready to stop and ask for directions, help is available in the form of Collin Rosati Hypnotist and creator of the guided meditation series entitled Romantic Magic” – 24hours

Professionally, I am an Astrologer, Master level Hypnotherapist (guided meditations to free subconscious sabotage and mend past hurts, Past Life Regression, time-line therapy, NLP) and I own Sonny’s Music Studio in Chicago.

I love giving in-depth readings that help the emotional cleansing and clear confusions. My specialties are showing you exactly where to find love & money – right now!

Whether you are looking for fast answers or long term guidance, I would love to “have a look” and tell you what I see.


Personal readings to answer specific love & money questions are $125/reading from telephone/skype or live in person @ The Sunny Side Studio in Chicago – Conveniently located at: 355 E Ohio Street Shicago Il – 60611

please call now 778-828-0088 to book an appointment !

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 9.41.56 PM.png


If you’d like to try self-hypnosis to calm emotional anxiety or boost your self-esteem, there are free self-hypnosis meditations available on I’ve been adding popular meditations for some of the usual applications of modern hypnosis to our meditations page ie. stop smoking, lose weight, confidence. If you think you would benefit from personalized hypnotherapy plz message me using the form below and I’ll see if I can help.

With compassion and an open mind, I happily look forward to honestly assisting you as fast, and as accurately as fate will allow.


Collin Sonny Rosati

ps. please call me Sonny

  1. Marcus Greenwood

    HEY Sonny would it be possible for now to avoid the phone contact and be able to Skype with us or would that be a bit more difficult?

  2. Marcus Greenwood

    I hope you don’t mind me asking whats your skype name you go by?

  3. Hi Sonny
    Just found you on YouTube recently and loving it!
    Not sure this is the place to post this but here goes: As a fellow scorpio I’m hoping you’ll solve this mystery for me since it’s in your field ☺

    I know I’m a scorpio,Virgo,Taurus 11/18/64 12:02 am but I was born Breech birth… question to you is….
    Is this something to consider in reading a persons chart?
    It seems to me that if it’s said good times coming etc. Alot of times its just the opposite and vice versa

    Hoping you could address this subject in a video.
    Anyway looking forward to seeing more of your stuff you crack me up yet you’re so informative,,,,hey if burning sage smells like weed and repels negative ghost..what does real weed repel or attract? Lol just my sick scorpio mind at work…hoping to hear from you on the sonnyside 🙂

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