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 Full Astro/Tarot Reading  $235 US

Not all Astrology Readings are the same! Sonny is a professional astrologer and psychic Tarot reader who writes the weekly horoscopes for the Echo Newspapers in BC, Canada. His readings are in-depth, personal, and inspiring. Definitely not your everyday reading.. with your Full Astrology Reading you’ll get:

  • 1 hr in person Zoom with Sonny !
  • Ask as many questions as you like!
  • You’ll get your Birth Chart, in-depth Birth Report & 3 Month Forecast !
  • Compatibility Readings !
  • Relocation Readings – the Best Cities to find Love or Money !
  • Business Readings/Best Time to start a Business

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Schedule a private Psychic Astrology Reading With Sonny over Zoom ! Now only $235 US for the hour – PayPal please add your birth time/birth date/birth location and when you’re available. If there are any problems then simply email me at and I’ll get back to you asap.

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5 thoughts on “Book a Reading With Sonny !

  1. HEY Sonny would it be possible for now to avoid the phone contact and be able to Skype with us or would that be a bit more difficult?

  2. Hi Sonny
    Just found you on YouTube recently and loving it!
    Not sure this is the place to post this but here goes: As a fellow scorpio I’m hoping you’ll solve this mystery for me since it’s in your field ☺

    I know I’m a scorpio,Virgo,Taurus 11/18/64 12:02 am but I was born Breech birth… question to you is….
    Is this something to consider in reading a persons chart?
    It seems to me that if it’s said good times coming etc. Alot of times its just the opposite and vice versa

    Hoping you could address this subject in a video.
    Anyway looking forward to seeing more of your stuff you crack me up yet you’re so informative,,,,hey if burning sage smells like weed and repels negative ghost..what does real weed repel or attract? Lol just my sick scorpio mind at work…hoping to hear from you on the sonnyside 🙂

  3. Hi sunny I enjoy watching your YouTube sunnyside horoscopes and Tarot I’ve been trying to log in i couldn’t but now I’m in just learning how to do this just got it i also will thumb up and try to learn how to buy a personal reading .your doing a great job Thanks I’m grateful p.s my name is nivin sulaiman I’m a virgo someone said that my moon is in cancer and scorpio my rising is that true?if it is that’s you and your great wife you guys are both beautiful thank you I’m grateful

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