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Hi Everyone !

Welcome to my Page of Astrology Reports. Here on TheSunnySide I have a number of reports available. There are Natal (Birth Chart) Reports, Vedic (Indian Astrology) Reports, Relocation Reports (Astro-Cartograpy) if you’re thinking of moving or taking a vacation, Astrology Treasure Maps (that show your energy and what you’ll experience an a different city), and of course Astro-Compatibility Reports (to see how you and someone else will fit together romantically).

Note: When you place your order with PayPal – Please remember to add your Name, Birth Time, Date, and Location as well as your full name and email address – AND say Which Report you’re ordering 

Reports !

Natal (Birth Chart) Report – now on sale for $40 !! – click the link to see a sample and order – 

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Asto-Compatibility Report !

Now on Sale for $29.00 ! – click the link to see a sample and order

Emotional Weight Loss

Here’s the link to the free download of Sonny’s book Emotional Weight Loss.. plz enjoy & good luck!

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