Emotional Weight Loss!

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Regardless of which diet you use to lose weight.. you will almost always gain the weight back – and more.. – Every time!  It’s upsetting.. demoralizing.. can lead to low self-esteem and a self destructive cycle that could damage the relationship with both yourself and the people around you.

We’ve all seen the fitness gurus, workout models, actors, and amazing success stories and wondered if there was some sort of secret that they know that you’re missing.. there has to be something that Hollywood and the beauty industry have been hiding from the world to separate themselves and keep everyone down.. or even worse – keep everyone reaching for that next expensive fad.

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Ok Sonny.. I get it – there’s a secret but I don’t care.. I already know my problem – I’m an emotional eater. When I’m upset I run to the fridge for ice cream and I don’t care.. when I’m happy I go out with my friends and celebrate with big pizzas and super sized burgers.. when I’m bored I reach for a couple of potato chips.. I eat with my friends and I eat alone – what do you want me to say..? I’m a foodie and I can’t help myself. It doesn’t matter if it’s a healthy snack or straight up junk food.. if it’s in the house – I’m going to eat it. Late night snacks before bed.. between meals.. waiting for the bus.. driving to work.. at my desk.. every time the coffee truck comes by.. in front of the TV.. and right now ! while I’m reading this introduction – I’m an emotional eater.

We all know.. There are a lot of ways to lose weight but – did you know.. there’s only one to keep it off..? And yes.. there is a secret. But.. it’s simple and easy.. and you can do it too. You can Stop Emotional Eating – all you have to do is follow the simple step by step.. easy and effortless program outlined in Sonny Rosati’s Emotional Weight Loss.. 30 days to Change Your Relationship with Food. The Emotional Weight Loss Method is an easy to follow work-book style program that works with what you are already eating and doing so you don’t have to buy new foods.. or spend a lot of money on supplements.. or join any fancy gyms.. or buy expensive exercise equipment.. or really change your life in any significant way other than naturally changing your relationship with food and simply – Stop Emotional Eating.

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You see.. for some people – food is like a friend – it’s there for you emotionally.. it can lift you up when you’re down.. it’s there in good times and bad.. it’s helps you relate to others.. and celebrate – food is part of our culture and it’s a major part of our every day life. But like it or not.. like some friends – too much time with them will send you down a dark road. It’s that simple.. and you know it’s true – and if you think about it.. you’ll see the only thing left to do is to internalize this truth – and create a new relationship with food. That’s where Master Level Hypnotherapist Collin Sonny Rosati steps in to lend a helping hand with his workbook styled body transformation method called Emotional Weight Loss.

Emotional Weight Loss is a workbook styled 30 day program designed to help you change your association with food. By following the simple and effective program you’ll effortlessly transform yourself from an emotional eater to someone who is not only in control of their eating habits.. – but also their life. A Hypnosis Styled Guided Meditation is available for download to everyone who purchases a copy of Emotional Weight Loss. All you have to do is email Sonny a copy of your purchase receipt and he’ll send you the download link as an added bonus for free!

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