hypnosis meditations

Free Hypnosis Styled Meditations

Welcome to our weekly meditations page – Did you know… Sonny is one of the premiere Hypnotherapists in North America?  He’s been featured in print, radio, and tv (plz see www.hypnosistoronto.com or google youtube), regularly consults on movies & TV shows, and in addittion to writting the weekly astrology cloumn for www.straightlove.com, he also writes and records our weekly hypnosis meditations.


Stop Smoking – our entire 3 meditation stop smoking with hypnosis program is now available – for more information – click here


archive – (free for a limited time – tell your friends and download)

the spark – this meditation takes you on an inward journey to revisit your true motivations

ego boost – this is the meditation that almost all NGH trained hypnotherapists use – it is very strong and will help clear away hidden/subconscious stress – this meditation feels like deep relaxation – you will find in the days after listening, things that used to really bother you will simply not seem to matter as much – all as a result of a strengthened ego

let go and fly – Let Go and Fly – this is the popular hypnosis meditation designed using the full power of hypnosis metaphor to calm the mind and free the soul – this meditation will take us on a journey of love light & prosperity to let go of the chains and stumbling blocks that limit our total destiny – wishing everyone a beautiful day – sonny

past life regression for beginners – As a hypnotherapist I am often asked to help people access their past lives. In this meditation you will travel between the conscious worlds to the Great Hall of Records. Here, you will be able to access the Volume of Your Sacred Lives. This is a safe and fun meditation. If you do not reach a past life at the first attempt, simply listen to the meditation again. For some people, it will take a couple of attempts before you are able to achieve the necessary level of tranquility to access these memories.


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