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“The Love Hypnotist is in – Collin Rosati can help you find your heart’s desire. Careful what you wish for” – National Post


Are your Dreams Slipping Away ? – It’s not to late to save your Romantic Destiny

The Romantic Magic Self-Hypnosis Meditations will help you Overcome Relationship Pains, Revitalize your Magnetic Attraction, and Charge you with enough Emotional Courage to fulfill your Romanic Destiny    – Guaranteed 



By popular demand… The life changing self-hypnosis meditations from our popular Romantic Magic Relationship Workshops are now available in downloadable Mp3 !!!   


True Love Will Always Find a Way


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There is Magic in this world… Romantic Magic  
“I am 32, very successful professionally, and single.  My friends say that I am too picky but why should I settle for something second best? They keep setting me up with different guys but you know how that always turns out.  I tried speed dating, internet dating, and even joining a health club to meet someone extra special.  Finally, I saw an article about you in the newspaper and being a natural skeptic I didn’t believe a word.  Truthfully, I only went to prove you wrong.  But… on my way home I actually met the man of my dreams!  Just like you said I would. You were right, “True love finds those who are truly ready”.  You are beyond words Collin. Thank you”
How can listening to our Romantic Magic professionally guided self-hypnosis meditations
change your Romantic Love Life – Forever ?   


This ancient law of attraction is often talked about but it’s real secrets and how to practically use the secrets everyday in your personal life… are still a public mystery
Did you know.. 
What you have always suspected is 100% correct
The right person is very difficult to find – especially if you are sending out the wrong


Magnetic Vibrations


 Imagine you’re a magnet… for a magnet to work – the internal parts must be aligned
 Attraction is simple!
To attract your romantic destiny, you must align your internal Subconscious Magnetism


 We hear it every day …
I already know what I want – Why do I need to download your hypnosis meditations?
The problem is not your conscious ideas (the things you know) – it’s your very powerful sub-conscious desires (your hidden dreams that are always trying to come true)


The mind is often filled with a list of conflicting desires 


Conscious Desires Sub-Conscious Desires
I want someone who is …Tall
Confident Loving
Family Oriented
Goal me Drive
Makes Me Feel Special
Old Fashioned
Controls their Emotions
Works out
I want someone who is …Short
Fair skinned
Looks don’t matter
Makes me smile
Makes me feel Emotions
Makes me Feel Secure
Wants Children
Knows what they want
Stays Home
Reads Books
  If any desires conflict – they will either cancel themselves out or the conscious will eventually get tired  and the subconscious will win 
Your conscious wants a good person but your subconscious wants – a bad boy /girl. They will cancel themselves out and you now end up with no one
Difficult enough at the best of times.. even if you already know your subconscious desires
BUT… What If ?
What if we now add your fears that are running around inside of your mind ?    


Conscious Sub-Conscious
Do they think I’m pretty?
Do I say the right things?
Will their family like me?
What is their religion?
What do they do for a living?
Where did they go to school?
Where do they live?
What kind of car do they drive?
Do they think I’m smart enough?
Do they think I’m good enough?
Do they respect my lifestyle?
Do I deserve them?
What will my family say?
I don’t care about their family
What do they think of my religious beliefs?
What do they think of my education?
Do I make enough money for them to like me?
How many people have they been with?
Will they respect my past relationship decisions?
Do I deserve them?
Do they think I’m too good?
Do they deserve me?






 Have you ever heard the phrase – Get over it ?
Sure – We hear it everyday – But …
If it were that simple – everyone could do it by themselves !
Imagine a world with no more need for psychotherapists, antidepressant drugs, shrinks, counsellors, or even hypnotherapists …
Getting over any obstacle alone is never easy
By popular demand – We’ve recorded the hypnosis meditations from our widely successful attraction classes and now present to you – The Romantic Magic – Instantly downloadable mp3 -self-hypnosis meditations


Love is Supposed to be Easy


Using the Power of Hypnosis ..
 – don’t worry, it’s not a stage show – nobody does anything silly – no one EVER has to know your private thoughts – you can always listen to the meditation with your eyes open and analyze the life transforming thoughts, suggestions, ideas, & visualizations before you close your eyes and align your Romantic Magnetism – hypnosis cannot force you to do anything that you don’t already want to do


So… If you are ready …
Really  Really Ready …
The Love Hypnotist will change your life … FOREVER


All of our Romantic Magic hypnosis meditations use a proven three step process … written into every meditation !
Step 1
Using the power of HYPNOSIS – we first help you align your conscious and subconscious desires into one super ROMANTIC MAGNET
Remember … a magnet only attracts what it is designed to attract
This means ...
You always hoped it might be possible!
Now… All of your heart’s desires can suddenly come true
Your ROMANTIC DESTINY is waiting for you – RIGHT NOW
Your Subconscious Power Can Be Harnessed – With ROMANTIC MAGIC


“Dear Collin, Today I started dating a wonderful MAN! He is not my usual “type”, but there is something very different about him. He is confident, emotionally supportive and completely in love with me”


Are you looking for LOVE in all of the Wrong places? 


“I used to always fall for the “bad boy”, you know ,the guy who is always yelling and partying. Last month, two days after your workshop I met someone completely different. He has a JOB! is kind AND incredibly strong emotionally. To make it short – he knows what he wants and he goes after it. He also loves me and my daughter very much. Thanks Collin”


 What are you willing to do for LOVE ?


Your Destiny is not hiding from you – TRUE LOVE is trying to find you – RIGHT NOW


Step 2
Release Emotional Stumbling Blocks
Are you SABOTAGING yourself without knowing ?
Often, we are held hostage by our emotions without ever knowing …


Are YOU hiding from your DESTINY ?


Often – we live our lives behind an unseen wall of emotional fears and anxieties. And … just like a wall, WITHOUT A LITTLE HELP, we cannot get to the great stuff on the other side – an alternative side of life that we can clearly see – a life we see and feel other people enjoying …


Why should they have everything and not you?
Tear down this emotional wall and your dreams WILL come true
With the help of The Romantic Magic Magic hypnosis meditations you can finally stop letting unresolved emotions affect how you: 


look at the world

speak to yourself

talk & talk with others

behave towards others

make money

limit your success



 Explanation :
Because of these EMOTIONAL IDEAS only a particular type of guy can get through
Are you ready to take a chance on LOVE ?


“I have to confess, when I first saw you on TV (City TV Breakfast Television), I couldn’t resist attending your workshop. What happened afterwards changed my life forever. A man that I saw every day in my office building walked right up and asked me on a date ! That was three months ago. Now we are engaged and I’ve never felt so happy in my life.  You have a gift Collin. – you should record your hypnosis and please keep helping others”
The Power of the Popular Romantic Magic True Love Self-Hypnosis Meditations – are now available for everyone – in instantly downloadable mp3 format – only $49.00 – Click Here


Step 3
After your personal magnetism has been aligned and supercharged – we then fill you with enough emotional courage to embrace the true wonders of Love
EMOTIONAL COURAGE is the single greatest benefit of Clinical Hypnosis
You will feel emotionally stronger after listening to The Romantic Magic meditations


If you decide that you have made a
mistake and you are not ready to take a chance on true love with
The Romantic Magic Self-Hypnosis Meditations simply send us an
email and we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price




What if you’ve already found your fairly tale knight in shining armour?


Because we believe True Love should last forever
As a special bonus we’ve decided to add in The special hypnosis meditation “Wishing on a Star” to help you use your ROMANTIC MAGNETISM to draw the SUPERMAN out of the guy you already have !
REMEMBER… Magnets only attract what they are DESIGNED to attract 
Charge your personal SUBCONSCIOUS MAGNETISM – and naturally attract the ALPHA POWER inside of your MAN – then HIS Romantic Superman WILL come out
“Thank you Collin. After my wife and I attended your Romantic Magic Workshop in Toronto, all of our arguments and personal baggage became a thing of the past”
“Collin, I will always love Brad, but the last two years were really difficult. He had a lot of stress at work and it was really affecting our relationship. I tried to be supportive and encouraging but everything I did made him mad at me. I don’t know why but it felt like everything was my fault all of the time. I was afraid and I didn’t know what to do. Finally, I heard you on the radio (CBC Radio ONE) and decided to attend your workshop in Vancouver (I was the one asking all of the questions )  I still don’t know how your hypnosis works but it changed my life. You were right, I have the power to bring the best out of my MAN. He still has stress at work but now we are great lovers again!”
Are you willing to take a chance on LOVE ?


Special Bonus 2 !


What if you just want to attract some new friends & a more financially prosperous social network ?
As an added bonus we’ll also add our Romantic Magic – Become a Relationship Magnet – absolutely FREE !!!


One of the most important secrets of attraction & abundant success was taught to me as a young child while studying in Toronto – hint.. we talk about it in one of the astrology summit interviews – it’s power is talked about in The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and many other books on manifesting – but for most people this ancient principle is difficult to put into practice on their own – with the help of the Romantic Magic hypnosis meditations, you can finally allow these necessary attractor factors to finally become a part of your everyday life – easily – just by listening to one of the dynamic and rewarding Romantic Magic meditations
– Collin Sonny Rosati MHt



Close your eyes – Listen – and experience…
  • the jealously guarded secrets of releasing your subconscious power
  • your inner true Romantic Dreams coming to life
  • the subconscious truths about attraction


“You might not remember me but I was the shy girl girl with glasses at your Romantic Magic Workshop in Montreal. I thought your speech “Nerds Need Love Too” was very cute but it was completely contrary to what I had always been told. I really wanted to believe what you were saying but come on everyone knows that it’s the tall sexy girls who get all of the good men.  Boy was I wrong. I don’t know much about hypnosis , but whatever you did, my Knight in Shining Armour actually found me while I was in the bookstore looking at romance novels (blush). I am now a true believer in “true love” 
I remember S – thank you for the testimonial 
 wishing you a magical Romantic Adventure




Nerds Need Love Too
On a beautiful summer day a couple of years ago, a woman came to me with a simple problem. She wanted to find her true love but she did not want to change anything in her otherwise successful life. She did not want belong to any social groups or health clubs, and her only friends lived many miles away in other cities.Normally, to shake people out of a rut, you simply get them to try doing something new. But this time we were talking about love. Not just any love mind you, but true love. The kind of love that fairy tales are made from.As fate would have it, I was teaching a workshop where two college girls approached me with a similar question. They spent most of their time in the library studying. Because of the pressures of school, they just did not have time to dedicate to the pursuit of what they considered a frivolous fancy.Sure, it would have been easy to give these love lost women a rousing pep talk about changing their lifestyles or social networking and send them on their way. But except for one missing piece, they were all shining examples of people living their dream lives.

There is magic in this universe. They just needed to know where to look.

Love is everywhere. You never know where or when cupid’s arrow is going to strike. Simply, they all had to open themselves up to the possibility of love in their otherwise enchanted lives.

I guess love was in the air or perhaps good things come in threes because a couple of days later, yet another woman asked me the same question.  This time my motivational speech was prepared. I explained that we are all on different paths in life. Where one person finds love is not necessarily the same for everyone.

Happy ending. The last woman called me the very next day with a youthful joy in her voice. “Collin,” she said, “I met someone on my way home from your office yesterday. Tonight we’re going out for dinner.  I’m a little nervous, but you were right. There is magic in this universe. And thanks for understanding. Nerds need love too.”Collin Sonny Rosati – The Love Hypnotist


“Hundreds have sought his help to quit smoking, lose weight, face their fears, and find true love” – Globe & Mail
“For those of us ready to stop and ask for directions, help is available in the form of Collin Rosati, Master Hypnotist and creator of the guided meditation series entitled Romantic Magic” – 24hour magazine 


Are You Ready to Take a Chance on Love ? 

Download Romantic Magic – Finding True Love
Find a comfortable place to relax
Let your Romantic Destiny come true
Only $49.00 – Click Here


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