Psychic Development Retreat Online

Sonny’s Psychic Development Retreat Online

Coming Soon (think end of September) so chill out

Hi guys, Quick question. Why do you want to be psychic? Do you want to guess tarot cards and do predictive astrology like me? Or maybe you want to guess the face cards in Black Jack or predict the flop in poker, or maybe guess the direction of the crypto market, or who’s going to win the football game. Maybe you want to learn how to plant psychic suggestions to make people fall in love with you. Seriously – You’re only limited by your imagination. And I’m here to help free your subconscious limitations and release your psychic potential.

Guessing the cards is just the beginning. How big can you imagine?

But seriously, you’re on a psychic journey that with a little practice, you’ll just know the answer. So don’t guess the cards, see them! Simply reach beyond everything you know. Reach beyond your imagination. And just see what’s there.

Isn’t that the point?

I remember my sister telling me a long time ago to NOT try and be psychic. She used to tell me to simply read the tarot cards – don’t force it, just read. Simply read the astrology. It was good advice and it really helped me focus my psychic awareness. Instead of worrying about being right or not – which of course triggers subconscious stumbling blocks and messes up your psychic vibe – just tell everyone what you see. After a while of using this technique of detachment from the outcome plus focus, focus, and even more focus (It’s all live on my YouTube channel you can have a look) I didn’t even think about the cards or the astrology. I just knew what was going to happen. And these days, if I focus – I just know which tarot card is going to come up. It is kind of that simple but it is difficult to do on your own.

I was lucky – I’m a Master Level Hypnotist remember – I spent a lot of time moving between the conscious and pre-conscious – just by going to work and doing my job

Funny thing about stumbling blocks..

Have you ever wish that you could just know the answers on tests? Well, chance favors the well trained mind. So remember, this stuff takes proper practice!

Do these words whisper a familiar refrain? – Reach beyond your imagination – Like maybe you’ve heard it somewhere before? Almost as if it’s a secret hidden in plain sight just for you! When you’re ready of course. The answer has been right in front of you all of this time.

After attending one of my psychic hypnosis workshops most people find or win money, get promoted at work, or they meet someone new. Believe it or not, this often happens immediately during the weekend – especially during the Romantic Magic Workshops for Love & Money (obviously). I know WTF right? But never the less it’s amazing to see.

But this Online Psychic Retreat (using Deep Trance Hypnosis) is different. It’s not a $225 three hour workshop on a Sunday afternoon to hopefully awaken and amplify your natural Law of Attraction Vibration or your Psychic Magnetism. No, not at all. And it’s not about getting lucky.

If you have spent any time at all on TheSunnySide on YouTube, you’ll know – it’s about getting really good. During the three day retreat, you’ll have a combination of psychic exercises, games, and deep trance hypnosis meditations all designed to

1 Expand your conscious awareness

2 Enhance your subconscious sensitivity

3 Strengthen the bridge between your conscious and subconscious

In addition to the exercises, games, and advanced deep trance hypnosis clearing during the 3 day online retreat – you will also create a benchmark or base psychic level a day or two after you register and you’ll be trying to beat it – 1st with the exercises that I guide you through during the weeks before the Psychic Retreat then 2nd, during the class while going through the Hypnosis clearing and strengthening process, and finally 3rd, with the exercises and Hypnosis session (designed for your specific class questions and stumbling blocks) that you will take home and complete with your psychic study group.

Coming Soon – Questions or Advanced Registration email Sonny

3 Days over Zoom – Wear loose clothing, have good headphones, comfortable clothing and a space where you can recline or lie down. You will be participating in a series of Sonny’s personal hypnotic trance meditations designed to, amplify your awareness, dial in different frequencies, and free you from the subconscious stumbling blocks which everyone knows are limiting your natural psychic potential. And yes.. there is a secret that’s so subtle and yet so obvious – yet at the same time so difficult to do on your own – that once you master it, you’ll be actively psychic for life. (That sounds so fucked up Sonny.. I know)

This class is done in pairs so invite a friend and you’ll get an additional 50% off your enrollment fee. Invite 3 people and you can attend for free! Keep in mind class space is limited and the price keeps rising.

Date TBD – Note: I’m still recording the videos for the 3 weeks leading up to the Retreat – When they’re completed I’ll post the links and you can get started.

The cost is $2898 but if you register early it’s only $1888 (until about 4 weeks before your class). If you sign up with a friend and register early then your cost (one of you) will drop in 1/2 from $1888 to $944. From the $944, $500 is due when you register and the remaining $444 is due the Thursday before your class begins. So I know it looks like a lot but if you enroll early and bring a friend then it’s only $500 up front and $444 later. Or, you could sign up 3 other people and attend for free! There is no extra discount for inviting 2 people. But wait!

What’s better than being psychic? Being rich. Get a bunch of people to sign up & Sonny will give you a fat % of everyone you bring who pays – How cool is that?

PayPal & CashApp links coming soon – keep in mind results vary from person to person and there are no refunds.

Credit cards are accepted with PayPal. Space is limited so no refunds of your deposit. This is a psychic class that’s designed to remove subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and supercharge your psychic energy field. So invite some friends, have some fun and save.


Ok the testimonials are in groups.

1st Old TV appearances and newspaper articles of Sonny as a young hypnotherapist

2nd Hypnosis testimonials

3rd Guessing the Tarot Cards live on TheSunnySide on YouTube

4th Predicting other stuff – mostly with astrology.