Weekly Lovescopes Beginning January 19, 2014 From The Astrology Room


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Sarah’s Love Horoscopes (week beginning 19th January)   from theastrologyroom.com by Sarah Bartlett With the sun moving into quirky Aquarius this week, we can all talk louder, be bolder, get nearer to our goals and fight for what we truly want.  … Continue reading

Love Horoscopes January 15-17, 2014 from TheSunnyside.net! on Youtube

OK.. so I got the name of the club wrong.. 🙁 I’ll be performing my Dirty Hypnosis Show @ The Dirty Jersey in Kamloops, BC on Valentine’s Day. If you drop by plz say hi! Sending love & wishing everyone a beautiful day – S 

Daily Horoscope


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Today’s horoscope from – http://english.samaylive.com _______________________________________________________________________________________ Don’t let your romantic destiny slip away – Romantic Magic… begin your romantic adventure today – click here _______________________________________________________________________________________ Aries: Your habit of speaking without thinking, of shooting off your mouth may prove very … Continue reading