The Experience of Knowing Love


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Love. Love! Love? We hear, speak, and espouse this word as if it is a catch all. We relish it as if it is the concluding remedy for any situation. People talk about it, write songs and books about it, … Continue reading

Thank you !


I was clearing out my emails on the weekend when I came across a message that I had somehow overlooked – but it’s the kind of message that means everything to me ! This is why I’m here & why I keep going – Thank you Mania ! for your kind words – sending love around the world – S


Hey Sunny! I just wanted to tell you that you changed my life! with Self-Hypnosis: become a love magnet.
well… im not the prettiest girl and i was never confident… i had a LOOT of troubles in my family… i had an abusive dad.. i was a cutter… i tried to kill myself 3 times… and my boyfriend didnt really treated me right.. the point is… as soon as i watched your video every week, my life changed completely. i feel loved, respected, opened to love, and i finally love myself! ive seen so many changes in my life and everybody loves me all of the sudden. i smile more often and my depression is gone! I dont have troubles with my family anymore and i left that asshole and found the love of my life. i just want to say… YOU ARE THE BEST.. AND THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! <3
thats all…. 😉 have a nice day! – Mania Beast

Signs of Love

Because.. sometimes more than an apology is needed – on both sides – and yet it’s our perfectly romantic ways, casual expressions of affection & honest fears  which caused the wedge – men ARE from mars.. blah blah – in times of silence.. we are all in darkness – & sometimes the price is high but there’s no real “cost” – we invest in relationships.. – if an investment goes bad then cut your losses – if it comes to term then you cash it in – & just like love some investments grow beyond our wildest dreams – but you still have to pay the price.. –  I love you


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