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How to Attract a Woman After the Divorce – Moving On and Finding Someone New


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No matter what the topic is, most people have a hard time moving on when things don’t work out the way that they want them to. Most people want to hold on tightly to the past and they end up … Continue reading

Daily Lovescope


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Love Horoscopes – January 24, 2014   from – Aries: Some of you are feeling rather affectionate right now and want to share this harmony with those closest to you. You will be looking for ways to enhance your relationships and … Continue reading

Colorful Vegetables and Fruits Improve Your Mood


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Green apples, broccoli, collard, arugula and spinach are a good source of lutein which is a kind of carotenoid. It is good to eyes and the skin. Green leafy vegetables are also rich in vitamin E, which strengthens cell membranes … Continue reading

Signs of Love

Because.. there are some who are quietly struggling as the year begins – debts, dreams, realities, & karma all contribute to overload as we commence our new year journey – I know it can can feel overwhelming & you’ll want to both run and hide and lash out & hurt those you love the most – I’m not saying it’s ok.. but I am saying I understand – taking time for those who matter the most – I love yoularge

I Love You Because.. On FaceBook

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Because.. I love your colours


All the time you spent alone – you could have spent with me

All the time you wanted someone to hold – you could have been holding me

All the dreams alive @ night – could have lived during the day

All the songs you sang alone – is just love..

You let fade away

– S