Weekend Horoscopes March 18 – 20, 2022 

Weekend Horoscopes March 18 – 20, 2022 

Hi guys.. I’ll post the link to the YouTube live stream when it’s ready. In the meantime, here are the ‘Scopes! – S

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The Moon in Libra 

Keywords: + feeling romantic, desire for togetherness, need for fair play, going the extra mile for others, loves beautiful things, | – a little gossipy, very indecisive, unnecessarily argumentative (likes to debate), a little too friendly 

Sonny’s Keywords – lose in the zipper 100%, very lose with boundaries, everything is a fight.. usually because of a strong desire to win – opposite Aries, fair-ish but highly subjective and unbelievably judgemental… – these guys are aggressive and passive aggressive, they use love and charm and grace to get what they want, can be romantic mercenaries, this placement is unbelievably it for tat so watch out what you dish because it’s coming back. 

Venus in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus 

Commitment vs Freedom. Venus is the planet of attraction and rapport. It’s the planet of how you love, where you make your money, and what you generally attract. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, eccentricity, the unexpected, and most importantly freedom. The square aspect between Venus and Uranus creates an either/or situation between the energies. So.. On one hand there’s a desire to ‘just get along’ juxtaposing the desire for ‘freedom’, and ‘revolution’. Venus can be a little lazy and just want things to keep cruising along with as little reaction as possible (think Taurus) whereas Uranus wants to shake things up a bit and maybe try things differently. Venus wants to get married where Uranus wants to be forever single. 

So what does this all means Sonny? Good question. 

1st Relationships will be tested. It might be unexpected. 

2nd Expect major love sparks and instant attraction that might not last 

3rd Welcome to the friend-zone playa.. Try again later 🙁  

Monday – Moon in Scorpio – this particular moon in Scorpio is going to be especially harsh. On one hand it makes a very harmonious aspect to Jupiter, the Sun, and Neptune in Pisces which will all highlight romantic, and escapist feelings. On the downside, the Moon is going to make a hard square to Saturn, Venus, and Mars indicating feelings will be at odds with everything that going on. 

Dear Aries:  – Your friends are about to get expensive. One of the peeps in particular though, just might be worth that extra flash of green.  So.. Eat all the salad you like and let the girl walk.. Or splurge for the steak and watch her say.. Sure why not.. – (Go playa! – Universe.. Sonny says whatever).   Personal finances are about to take a hit so be careful. You might want to say yes but your wallet wants to say go for it. That my astro friend is a bad combination so.. it’s a weekend of lose your heart and maybe a little bite from your wallet as well. Just be cool and have some fun. 

Dear Taurus:  – This Is really it.. gut check time.. is it going to be a yes to the crowd or are you going to flaunt your personal creative and expressive style. – Sure.. it sounds good when I say it but you might do something really weird.. don’t do anything you cant come back from. Big changes continue at the office. For better or worse people are looking at you to set a leadership example. Be bold and do it. 

Dear Gemini:  – Something or someone behind the scenes has secretly deceived you. It might be time to let them go. By Monday your hand will be forced so take the opportunity for any kind of victory while you can. Keep working hard. You may not be looking the best right now but efforts this weekend will pay off in the 2nd week of April. 

Dear Cancer:  – Watch that dance card! Unexpected invites and surprise declarations fill a wild and expensive weekend. Don’t worry, the money will be there if you need it.. but yes, there will be strings attached. An online encounter will give you butterflies but the rest is up to you. Double check your finances and watch for big shifts in legal proceedings. 

Dear Leo:  – Maybe it’s not about you. Maybe all of the drama is happening with everyone else for a change. Whatever the case, a public outburst is well within the cards so be cool or lay some freak game just for fun – it’s up to you. By this time next week, your relationship status might go through a little flutter. Once again.. You’ll feel like making a choice.. But do you really have to? Let a bad decision make the right choice. 

Dear Virog:  – An unexpected shake-up is coming to your routine! (Maybe you’ll get a new pet) Distant shores and a higher calling want to pull you away from the boredom of day-to-day drama. Should you stay or should you go? By this time next week you’ll have a definite answer but for now you should get out and play a bit. You’re currently money focused this weekend but love is trying to lock it down. Sell it baby don’t give it way! 

Dear Libra:  – I’m very pessimistic these days so I say a major break-up or problems with the kids reach an unexpected peak this weekend into Tuesday. You and a pet project (lunch time friend 😉) might decide to part ways. Is it for the best? Permanent decisions shouldn’t be made from spur of the moment reactions but at the end of the day..  you’re a Libra and you’ll probably be able to just go back so I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s also a possibility that you might reach out and give someone another chance. I know.. Sudden and unexpected right? Also, watch your money. 

Dear Scorpio:  – In spite of all of the drama surrounding you, the moon in Libra is encouraging you to simply chill out and keep a low profile for a couple of days. Maybe do some work behind the scenes, gather some information, stab a couple of backs.. It’s all up to you.. Just do it in secret. Your living vibe gets a WTF this weekend into next week so make sure your go-bag is packed and the car is gassed.. Also make sure you bring an extra usb cable because if Waze loses power and you miss the oh-so-obvious off ramp – forever is a very heavy price to pay for a lose zipper. 

Dear Sagittarius:  – Expect to hear some good news from a friend (seriously Sonny? What about all of that go to jail and car accident stuff? Good question). Ok so expect a shake-up in either your health or your day-to-day life.  Maybe a friend is coming over to visit or you’ll be running around busy with chores or news will arrive from your brother or sister.. Which as fate would have it, is actually me in my Sagittarius sister’s chart.. Ok Sonny be careful. No Sag.. Watch for traffic accidents and trouble with the law. One more weekend at home then love begins to shine brightly beginning Tuesday. 

Dear Capricorn:  – Here comes that rainy day! Woot Woot! I know, I know.. The money tree is running bare and decisions have to be made. Are you ready to trade in the caviar lifestyle for fish sticks? The kids kick up a fuss but this just might be the year to set them free anyways. A creative/ romantic project gets a sudden opportunity. Will it be worth it come Monday? It’ll be an expensive ride but it’ll be fast and fun – AND.. you can always blame it on the Devil (or me.. Just saying – S) 

Dear Aquarius: – Sudden problems or commitments at home.. WT#? Let it slide and have a spa day. (irresponsible much Sonny?) Well you have a choice to make. This weekend you can choose a little fun and ‘Me time’. By Monday your hand will be forced so what can you do. Short term infatuations are better than no-term infatuations. So flirt, frolic, put yourself first, and finally get what’s yours. It’s not going to be as smooth as it has been the last couple of weeks and.. It might not even be worth it – but it could be a lot of fun. Personally, I’d think long and hard before getting matching tattoos. 

Dearest Pisces: –  Somethings up.. And you’re going to take the blame. Sure, you could be doing something sneaky.. I mean, It’s possible her husband will never find out but there’s also a strong chance you’re going to take the heat.. Even if you’re just peaking through the curtains. So stay clear of trouble with your brothers and sisters. And for goodness sakes, wear your seatbelt. On the plus side, you’re the centre of attention and you should be super lucky do get out and have some fun. Energy might be low but so what.. Just don’t blow the bank on someone unworthy. 

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Weekly Horoscopes March 14 – 19, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs Live 3.30pm Chicago

Hi Guys – Here are the written horoscopes for the week. I’ll be shooting the video on YouTube a little later today. Wishing everyone the best – S

Weekly Horoscope Overview March 14 – 19, 2022  – all Zodiac Signs 

This week the Moon will begin in… playful, romantic, creative.. Sometimes a little lazy.. Preachy.. And ‘do it for me’ – Leo. This means we should all begin the week in a fun and encouraging mood. Obviously.. Things will get dramatic and possibly blown out of proportion. 

Venus continues to separate from Mars indicating ‘love’ is separating from ‘action’. Expect to find disagreements where last week you found a truce. Late in the week, Venus will square Uranus – this will create a very unexpected event in both love and money. Expect the unexpected in love. Shortly afterwards, Mars will also square Uranus and this will bring a surprise reaction that could possibly be violent. Some signs will have an unexpected opportunity to travel. 

Astrology Weather – Mars and Venus Square Uranus in Taurus should indicate a potential for a ‘shaking of the earth’ along with continued ‘big water’ as Jupiter transits Pisces. 

Astrology Weather pt2 – Jupiter continues to apply to a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Oil prices should continue to rise until Jupiter passes Neptune. Drugs, alcohol, and mental health topics will get more attention. 

On the downside, we can expect an increase in illusions and deception. On the plus side, rough edges will soften making ideas more acceptable.  

Full Moon in Virgo. Late in the week there will be a full moon in Virgo. This will highlight and/or expose secrets and true intentions. Subconscious desires will be exposed so some of you will have to zip it up and lock it down.. Just saying. 

Vladimir Putin and the War in Ukraine: The invasion of Ukraine by Russia appears to be a continuation of Astrological events in August – September 2022. At that time it may have felt as if things were going to work out. Many people were moving on in their lives as well as meeting new potential relationships and exploring new jobs. Unfortunately, that energy didn’t necessarily lead to everything – just working out. If you follow your astrological energy, then you would have been quietly redoing those same efforts or simply looking elsewhere. When the attack on Ukraine formally began, Vladimir Putin was experiencing an intense Yod in his chart which pushed him towards his natal Pluto which of course inspires him towards destroying things to rebuild them – it’s a classic Pluto theme and it’s very clear that it’s what Putin is trying to do. 

Dear Aries:   – The Moon in Leo should fill you with fun, frolic, and playfully romantic desires. Venus in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus late in the week indicating a surprise encounter (think possible romance) with an internet friend. With the Moon transiting your 5th house a creative project (think possible romance) gets a renewed shot of energy. With the Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter in your 12th house, secrets and affairs in private (think possible romance) will consume your attention. The full moon later in the week asks you to double check your health. 

Dear Taurus:   – Venus and Mars transiting your 10th house would normally thrust you into the public spotlight but Saturn is also in your 10th house making all of this attention more like a chore or hard work rather than playful fun. No.. Things aren’t suddenly going to get better – actually for Taurus – it should get worse.. Seriously. All of the Aquarius energy (along with the Leo Moon) will Square Uranus in Taurus in the most painful and unexpected way. You might unexpectedly change your name, get a haircut, injure your head (be careful), put on a uniform (UPS?) and maybe freak out. Your career might be in trouble but if look closely there is a major opportunity waiting for you as well. 

Dear Gemini:  – The Moon in Leo should put you in a chatty mood and give you a little boost to get those errands done. Running around, filling out paperwork, updating your social media will all call for your attention. Uranus in your 12th house is quietly calling you from behind the scenes. You are definitely feeling hidden pressures. Now.. Venus and Mars transiting your 9th house (distant places) will create a major tension with Uranus in your 12th house. This means you might be called away, forced to travel, problems at school (you’re probably putting a lot of energy into studying right now). The full Moon in Virgo later in the week exposes something you may have been hiding at home. 

Dear Cancer: – The Moon in Leo will have to reaching for your creature comforts and personal security. Expect to be double checking your bank balance and thinking about ways to help it grow. Cancer is a sign that should be really good at saving money so apply your nurturing instincts to your wallet and except to see it grow. (tnx Sonny.. My wallet is now overflowing with bills and receipts.. Ok ok .. I’m working on it). So money is a little tricky these days. Both Venus and Mars in your 8th house indicates you do have people depending on you to take care of the bills but at the same time, if you reach out, there will also be help. Be very careful. When Mars squares Uranus then conjuncts Saturn – money is going to hit the fan.. And we all know what happened to the fan. 

Dear Leoooo: – The Moon in Leo will create an emotional beginning to the week for Leos. Expect to be even more ‘over the top’. Does the Moon energy definitely mean things will blow out of proportion. Well, I’m guessing that as Leos.. You’d kind of hope to be (don’t worry – it will). The Moon reminds you that despite Mars and Venus causing trouble in your 7th house of personal relationships yu should spend a couple of days focusing on yourself. In the very plus side, Jupiter approaching Neptun in you 8th house indicates big money should be coming your way. 

Der Virog: – Love and dating was pretty good but it’s time to shift gears. Mars, and Venus are now in your 6th house and this indicates that it’s time to get your affairs in order. It’s time to think career.. not just job – it’s time to think home.. not just apartment or place to live – it’s time to think long term health.. Not just switching to diet. I’m guessing that you’re sensing the theme. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in your 7th house put your love life in overdrive. Jupiter will provide you with more offers than you’ll know what to do with so choose carefully. Uranus in the 9th house continues to bring surprises with the potential to change your life from a distance – so expect the unexpected when you answer the phone (or stalk social media). 

Dear Libra: – So let’s just rip off the band-aid.. The kids or a creative project will unexpectedly become expensive. Uranus in your 8th house will square Venus and Mars in your 5th house. Watch for someone getting sick. With Jupiter and the Sune and Neptune in your 6th house.. I think your health should be ok but.. keep your eyes open never the less. On the plus side, you might suddenly hit it off with someone new. The Full Moon in Virgo will expose something you may have wanted to keep a secret. 

Dear Scorpio: – Big changes are coming at home and in your closes relationship – ouch! Uranus in the 7th house is already making you inconsistent and weird and generally looking for freedom in your love life – kind of the opposite of the point of the 7th house of committed relationships of you ask me. Anyways.. That rebellious Uranus energy is going to totally ass-blast your dinosaur at home so stay cool when the jump scare tries to trigger your Mars in Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius is Square Uranus in Taurus but the mutual reception means sides are trying to work it out. Personally.. With Mars cruising up behind Venus – I expect the truce to be broken. Or maybe you’re just going to move. 

Dear Sagittarius: – Here we go.. Watch your driving and watch your back. Mars applying to Saturn in your 3rd house will cause disruption in your daily routine – you might become argumentative and most importantly frustrated. You might feel like you’re speaking and no one is listening to you, or you have an impulsive desire to speak out or just move around.. but all of this will encounter some kind of restriction – and you will want to act out against this blockage. The full Moon in Virgo will bring clarity at the office. 

Dear Capricorn: – The North Node in your 5th house is bringing a feeling that anything is possible In love. And.. Yes it can be – but.. Don’t take this time for granted. The Noth Node can easily float everything off into a dream world that never becomes reality so.. Make sure you lock it down.. Then send some flowers. The full Moon in Virgo encourages you to keep your eyes on the horizon. Finally.. Obviously expect unexpected expenses.. (I know.. Tnx Sonny) 

Dear Aquarius: – With Mars and Venus entering Aquarius most of the behind-the-scenes drama should finally be over. Don’t turn a blind eye just yet however, Pluto is still lurking in your 12th house so although most of the backstabbers have left, the door is still open. On the super plus side, Venus and Mars should give you a huge boost of confidence and the desire to put yourself first and reach out and see what you can do. Many of you will begin your own businesses or strike out on your own. Whatever it is, you’re not going to sit back and take the bottom of the shoe anymore! – and yes.. You’ll also be a bit feisty. So what’s the problem Sonny? – Watch for sudden personal head injuries and unexpected WTF at home. 

Dearest Pisces: – This Writing for SEO sucks. It’s not really that fun to keep typing Venus Conjunct Mars applying Square to Uranus in Taurus but never the less.. Here we are. Here’s a weird prediction.. Someone might borrow your car in secret and get into a small accident. Seriously. On the downside.. Someone close might get very sick – like brother or sister. With Jupiter applying to Neptune in your 1st house, you’re looking about as good as anyone could possibly look so use it to your advantage right now and put your face or name on everything. On the down side.. Watch the sweets as your spring wardrobe begins to feel one size a little too small.