💖528 Hz SelfHypnosis Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep and Emotional Healing

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💖528 Hz SelfHypnosis Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep and Emotional Healing

This video is a Self-Hypnosis Guided Meditation using Binaural Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz. A video with just the background music and binaural solfeggio frequency is also available on the channel.

This video takes you on a journey deep into your spiritual self where you’ll reconnect with your inner adult and inner child.

Wishing everyone the best & please enjoy – S

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How to Mend a Broken Heart – Guided Meditation


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              from – http://www.hypnosistoronto.com/shop/broken_heart.htm Here’s the CD that every one has been asking for. How To Mend a Broken Heart. If your heart is truly broken and you feel a deep pain when the … Continue reading