Weekend Horoscope | February 11 – 13, 2022

Schedule a live psychic astrology reading using Zoom ! Simply follow the PayPal link and I’ll message you to set it up https://www.paypal.me/sonnysmusicstudio/135

Schedule a live psychic astrology reading using Zoom ! Simply follow the PayPal link and I’ll message you to set it up https://www.paypal.me/sonnysmusicstudio/135

Weekend Horoscope and Tarot Card Reading (all Zodiac Signs) for February 11 -13, 2022  

Overview –  In this weekend astrology and tarot card podcast – The Moon will be in… nurturing, caring, emotional, artistic, creative, loving, nostalgic, .. sometimes a little clingy.. And definitely slow.. Even the aries rising ones – and that’s Cancer.. 

So wherever cancer falls in your personal chart – you can find yourself feeling emotional, and a little clingy. It is a great weekend to show each other how much you care. – so watch out for a snuggle bomb.. 

On the negative side.. The Moon in Cancer will cause some people to become a wet blanket and an emotional downer. Some people will want to cocoon at home and cuddle up under some blankets. 

In addition to having sweaty eyeballs.. Yes, many will be excessively emotional.. And I do expect many sweaters to be knit and socks to be darned – maybe a try of cookies from the oven.. 

Moon in Cancer people tend to be very caring, highly intuitive, artistically inclined, and definitely stalkerish – they are often seen moving between many projects at the same time – and they often hide their own feelings to make others happy. This doesn’t mean they don’t complain or mope about if they don’t get their way.. Not at all! Moon in Cancer people can be down right grouches when they want – but for the most part when things are good with this moon sign.. Things will be really good. Think protective, nurturing, caring, and very fast changing moods. 

Finally.. Expect people to be late.. And plans to change at the last minute  

Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn kicks off an unusually long period of love and money. Mars energy will be direct, aggressive, impulsive, and lucky. Venus energy will also provide luck, attraction, beauty, and a desire to get along. Together, Vanus and Mars is very lucky and directed towards success. It is a great time to begin a new project, pursue money, and start a new love relationship. 

On the negative side, the Venus/ Mars combination can cause people to become selfish and develop a ‘Me First’ attitude.  

Aries Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Today you will debate with someone about how they should have done it your way.. Wich is obviously.. The best way

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer adds an emotional delay to your impulsive nature. No, you won’t be slowing down but you will be multi-tasking. Mars conjunct Venus in the 10th house adds extra effort on the job front. 

Taurus Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Taurus.. Today you will step on someone’s foot.

Sonny – The Moon in your third house puts you in a chatty mood. Venus and Mars in the 9th house encourages an extended rendezvous with someone at a distance. 

Gemini Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Gemini .. today you will change your mind.. And maybe sleep with someone’s boyfriend.. And girlfriend.. Sounds busy

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer opposite Venus and Mars in Capricorn will highlight your finances. Shared resources get an extended boost of fortune. 

Cancer Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Cancer.. No one will ever feel the pain you always carry with you every day.. That no one will ever know about.. Every day.. No one.. Ever.. Sometimes a good cry is all you need to keep being the most loving sign of the entire zodiac.. And make sure you take a sweater because it might be cold out there

Sonny – The Moon opposite Venus and Mars boosts your love game to a new level. Take a ‘Me’ day. 

Leo Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Leo.. OMG get over yourself – SLC..

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer in the 12th house will make you a touch reclusive and introspective. Mars conjunct Venus in the 6th house will help with the breakthroughs you’re been looking for at work and in your daily life. 

Virog Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Virog.. It’s called the internet.. Memorize it much..?

Sonny – The Moon opposite Venus and Mars has you wanting to shout your love to the world. Jupiter trine the Moon will add extra enthusiasm and luck! 

Libra Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Libra.. I predict you will stare into a mirror today.. And probably kiss someone’s boyfriend.. And girlfriend.. Maybe at the same time.. And maybe on camera

Sonny – Dear Libra..  Home good.. Love sucks.. Try not to gain too much weight – ok.. Watch this.. The S. node will be transiting your 2nd house for the next year and a half.. This will dissolve and transform your financial comfort zone. Investments have the chance to succeed way beyond expectations but they will have to be grounded in reality. 

Scorpio Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Scorpio.. I predict – this weekend you will hold a grudge against someone and they won’t even know it.. You win the game.

Sonny – Mars Conjunct Venus in the third house is telling to get busy cleaning up your message to the world. With Mercury in Capricorn you should have a very clear and progressive plan all ready to put into action. Don’t be the Scorpio who sits on their dreams. Go for it. 

Sagittarius Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Sagittarius I predict you will lose your shiz.. Your brains will go bonkers and you will annoy people by lecturing to them

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer opposite Venus and Mars in Capricorn adds a big bonus to your bank account. (next month you might have unexpected transportation problems and big delays in your day so.. Make sure you take your precautions well in advance) 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Capricorn I predict you will you will upset your partner by constantly talking about work and not giving them enough attention

Sonny – Venus Conjunct Mars in your 1st house gives you an extended opportunity to work on your appearance. With the Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius finally over, you’ll find your money flow returns to normal – that means hard work equals rewards. 

Aquarius Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Aquarius.. Does your ass ever get sore sitting on that high horse?

Sonny – Mars conjunct Venus in the 12th house is encouraging you to very discretely get your affairs in order. The Moon in Cancer has you wondering what you can do to help others. 

Pisces Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dearest Pisces.. You have the entire ocean to yourself… why don’t you just keep swimming?

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer puts you in a romantic and creative mood. With Venus conjunct Mars in the 11th house get prepared for love to turn an acquaintance into a smooch buddy.  

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Schedule a reading using Zoom ! Simply follow the PayPal link and I’ll message you to set it up https://www.paypal.me/sonnysmusicstudio/135

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