Signs of Love

Because.. I’m professionally beautiful ( & a little vain) – just like my sisters – it’s different.. & it’s my job – I don’t shine @ parties.. & I sit alone in coffee shops – but I explode on stage & I’m gifted @ helping dreams come true – and I’m so happy that you took the time to look past my soft words and through my hard eyes to my quiet soul – that never gets a chance to shine – because.. it’s the time you took to know the real me – I love you

beautiful soul

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Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up !


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Astro-Week August 31 – Sept 6, 2014 by Sonny Rosati Hi everyone! Welcome back to your Who’s hot this week love Sonnyscopes!!! This week the moon will travel through magnanimous, free spirited, straight shooting, and optimistic Sagittarius, then shift into … Continue reading

Who’s hot this weekend Sonnsyscopes are up ! August 29-31, 2014