Hypnosis Update ! Meetup in Kits This Wednesday

(Hey Sonny.. could you find a creepier picture?)

Meditation Comp

Sure.. why not – let’s have some fun.

This Wednesday I’ll show you guys a simple method of regression & then you can practice on each other.

The induction will be another Count Down style induction. And, you’ll be working on your scripts. This week we will use Regression as the metaphor with a Targeted End Goal – very cool huh – I thought so..

If you’re interested in learning a bit about Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis, or some of the Real World Applications of Modern Hypnosis – then come on out! It’s free and we embrace both established professionals and the simply curious.

On the 18th we’ll delve deeper in the applications of Regression and I’ll show you guys how to do a Past Life Induction. But first things first.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week & I’ll see you this Wednesday @ Jacks.

please join our meet up to RSVPĀ http://www.meetup.com/internationalhypnosis/events/139187372/