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Past Life Astrology Reading | HellBeast

Past Life Astrology – Astrology for Beginners

Today.. The Moon in Pisces in the 1st House indicates a strong emphasis on your appearance and personal identity. You may have been a healer or an artist in your last life. The theme of personal self-preservation carries through to your current lifetime and places a lot of pressure for you to express your personal identity which through the nature of the moon is aways changing.

Saturn in the 1st house reenforces the importance of 1st house these such as ‘How others see you’, and ‘How I express myself’. Saturn’s restrictive nature will have you applying dedication and disciple to your personal goals. Because of this, people will look to you for advice which requires hard work and long term goals.

The South Node in the 2nd house put a huge emphasis on your personal comforts in your last life. You may have spent a large portion of your time in the pursuit of money. That theme carries forward into this lifetime causing turmoil in your personal finances. Watch out for people trying to steal from you or undervaluing your efforts and contributions.

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