💖 Weekend Horoscopes! October 8 – 10, 2021

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TheSunnySide Weekend Horoscopes ! 

October 8 – 10,2021 

Dear Aries 

Love is a fickle game of fun, frolic.. and I Hate You’s all wrapped in an exciting ball of adventure and personal expression. With the Moon transiting through Scorpio, and then Sagittarius, you should have a sexy fun weekend. Love says to be yourself.. But no fighting. 

Dear Taurus 

Love is about to hit the boogie so even though Mercury is still retrograde and mistakes will be made.. It’s almost time to dig in. A Real fight is on the horizon take all the hugs you can get and brace yourself. Love still believes in you. 

Dear Gemini 

Love is about to say hello in the most unexpected way. Flirt, have fun, and send some Mercury retrograde mixed signals… that might even confuse yourself. Friday begins with chores so get them done and enjoy the weekend. It’d your time to shine in the game of love. 

Dear Cancer 

Your schedule will magically clear, leaving room for love. You’re still very busy at home but most Crabs are still very lucky in love so get out and play while you can.  Love might tempt you into a new job or lifestyle. 

Dear Leo 

Ok.. I’m going to keep harping on the car troubles for another week so be careful out there. Love is knocking and she wants to play..! Go leo – although the Scorpio will dampen your mood on Friday, it’s shift into playful, and adventurous Sagittarius will life your romantic and prideful roar. Love and Sonny say go get ‘em 

Dear Virog 

You were having fun with your little romantic adventures but love is calling you back home. Maybe one more weekend out with the girls but there’s money to be made and you want the place to look good. Love says a big dose of fun is about to return to your life. 

Dear Libra 

Hey Libra check this out.. You may begin the weekend worried about your stuff and who you are but love is encouraging social contact. Expect your phone to blow up with invites and opportunities. Love says to take a walk and enjoy the day. 

Dear Scorpio 

You’re just not going to see it coming.. And you already know there’s nothing you can do. On the plus side, money begins to heat up with a gracious blessing from the past. Be grateful for all the help and remember how you got here. Love says.. See you next time playa 

Dear Sagittarius 

Events begins in secret as busy Centaurs prepare for a fated weekend rendezvous. You just entered into an attraction phase so do your best to look your best and success will follow. Love says you worked hard to get here.. It’s time for recognition for all of your work. 

Dear Capricorn 

With Sexy Venus entering your 12th house.. You might not feel all of the love that’s right there waiting for you. Keep your eyes open.. Secret admirers are everywhere. For coupled Capricorns.. Expect a secret present. Love is urging you to keep things quiet. 

Dear Aquarius 

Personal projects are put on hold as your public calls out for more. Look to your past for inspiration and expect success. Travel plans might have to be adjusted. Love is waiting online. 

Dearest Pisces 

You’re more prepared than you might realize so take decisive steps and land that weekend hottie. You’re public is calling as well and your popularity begins to soar.. Smile big and say yes to all hellos. Love is waiting outside. 

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