Gig Alert ! – Sonny in Kamloops @ The Dirty Jersey

kamloopsmay2Gig alert ! I’m back in The “Loops” this Friday night @  The Dirty Jersey – if you drop by plz say hi – ps.. I LOVE when peeps from our ILYB & SunnySide communities come up and say hi – it’s fun – sending love – S

The Love Hypnotist – Orgasms – Valentine’s Day @ The Dirty Jersey in Kamloops, BC !

last clip.. i guess it wouldn’t be my show if there weren’t orgasms – tnx kamloops – i’m @ peace with the past & excited for the future – but there’s no rush.. as my new friend says – let’s wait and see what happens – sending love around the world – i love you

Sonny’s Monologue ! The Dirty Jeresey, Kamloops, BC. Valentine’s Day 2014

Thank You Kamloops! I had a great time. Obviously.. when celebrities come up on stage I can’t put it on Youtube – but I’ll see if I can find any camera angles that I can show.  Special Thanks to Jenn and her family for taking care of me, Drew & Lance for bringing me out and Louis for coming on stage and really making the show !

Signs of Love

Because.. “He’ll close his eyes.. you’ll see him change – then he’ll begin to play.. so quietly you won’t believe it’s the same guy.. humble.. thoughtful – his name.. “Light in the Forest” suddenly makes sense – then it will snow” – ‘Nica Firestrom


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