Top 5 Signs a Scorpio Likes You

Top 5 Signs a Scorpio Likes You

  1. Intense Eye Contact: Scorpios are known for their piercing stare, and if they’re interested in you, they’ll maintain prolonged eye contact. They may even make you feel a little uncomfortable with how intensely they’re looking at you.

Example 1: They lock eyes with you across the room and maintain the gaze for an extended period of time.

Example 2: They make direct eye contact while having a conversation with you, and you feel like they’re looking right through you.

  1. Asking Deep Questions: Scorpios are very curious and love to understand people on a deeper level. If they like you, they’ll ask you thought-provoking questions that help them get to know you better.

Example 1: They ask you about your childhood, your dreams, and your fears.

Example 2: They inquire about your spiritual beliefs, your philosophies on life, and your values.

  1. Showing Their Vulnerability: Scorpios are often guarded and have a tough exterior. If they’re interested in you, they’ll let their guard down and show you their vulnerable side.

Example 1: They confide in you about their past traumas and how it has shaped them.

Example 2: They express their fears and insecurities to you and seek your support.

  1. Being Protective: Scorpios are fiercely loyal to those they care about. If they like you, they’ll be very protective of you and will go to great lengths to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

Example 1: They walk you home at night to make sure you get there safely.

Example 2: They stand up for you when someone is being disrespectful towards you.

  1. Making Time for You: Scorpios are very busy and have a lot going on in their lives. If they like you, they’ll make time for you, no matter how hectic their schedule is.

Example 1: They cancel plans with other people to spend time with you.

Example 2: They prioritize spending time with you, even when they have a lot of work to do.