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Hypnosis Update!


Hi Hypno-Fans!

Last week we began looking at “Parts Therapy”. “Parts” is a hypnosis process used in deep trance work to speak to different parts of your mind, AND different parts of your body. Now.. I know that when we begin discussion about what you can/can’t or should/shouldn’t do in trance work, it usually opens a can of worms from many sides. From the Hypnotherapy approach, it’s quite simple, safe and very effective.

Next week we’ll continue to practice “Parts” and we’ll also look at the Dave Elman Induction. Truthfully, I prefer inductions where I just sit in the comfy chair and big speaking. But, this is a popular induction that everyone should learn eventually so.. on Wednesday I’ll demonstrate it, and then everyone will get a chance to practice.

Hypnosis in the Community Update:

Peter is finishing his IMDHA Hypnosis Certification and needs a couple of us for some case studies. If you’re into it, let him know.

Because a bunch of you guys are looking towards Hypnosis in one of it’s forms as a bit of a profession, I’m going to update my Hypnosis Vancouver website and add you guys as practitioners – when you’re ready. Please be prepared to send me pictures, bios, and video clips. This is for Stage Hypnotists, Clinical Hypnotherapists, and NLP guys. Just let me know.

Wishing everyone a happy long weekend!

See everyone Wednesday @ Jack’s


for more information and to rsvp please visit our official meetup page –

Proof That Hypnosis Works


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There are a lot of conflicting opinions on the validity of hypnosis as a form of therapy. However scientific studies appear to have fallen firmly in the camp of hypnosis not only being a legitimate form of treatment but also … Continue reading

Hypnosis in Vancouver!


Hi Hypno-Fans


Last week we looked at different ways of removing stumbling blocks and we continued to practice the Time Line “If.. Then” approach to changing your thinking patterns. This was all accomplished using the Money Magnet Metaphor. You guys seem to get the idea so I’m going to now shift gears into deeper hypno-topics and stronger metaphors.


This week We’ll have a look at my personal specialty, “Parts Therapy” and once again we’ll use it in a “Money Magnet” setting. Back when I was a practicing full time Hypnotherapist, this was the primary approach of most of my work. Some guys like Regression to Cause, some like Direct Suggestion, some are Past Lives guys – I like Parts Therapy. Most of my clients were actors, musicians, and athletes. Parts seemed to work best for getting to the problem without damaging everything else around it. Anyways, I’ll explain more on Wednesday.


Some of the guys have begun asking about some of the forbidden hypno-scripts and advanced language pattern techniques.. Sorry guys – forbidden is forbidden for a reason. Everything in time.. although I have been thinking about selling them here on The Sunny Side – anyways, let’s be patient and keep practicing.


Hypnosis in Vancouver update – a couple of the guys are looking to open a clinic/practice space. If anyone is interested in joining or helping them out then come down on Wednesday and say hi.

Here’s the link to the meetup – plz RSVP or message me and let me know.

See Everyone next Wednesday @ Jack’s




Love Spells – Effective Spells to Find Love the Wiccan Way


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