April 17 – 21, 2023 All Zodiac Signs Weekly Horoscope and Tarot Reading

Weekend Horoscope | March 11 – 13, 2022

Weekend Horoscope | March 11 – 13, 2022

High everyone – here are the written horoscopes for this weekend. The video with the tarot readings will be out tomorrow. Wishing everyone the best – S

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March 11 – 13, 2022 

Weekend Horoscope Overview – all Zodiac Signs 

This weekend the Moon will be in… nurturing.. Snuggling.. Sometimes a little sweaty in the eyeballs.. Mr. Christmas Sweater himself… Cancer! – This means we’ll all be feeling a Cancer Vibe kind of weekend. We can all expect delays, meandering, warmth, love, playful goofing around, and over the top almost smothering affection – on the negative side of the Cancer Moon.. we can all be a little moody, potential for isolation, self-pity, and sabotage of everything – random acts of emotional crazy with no-holds barred acts of pre-emptive ‘revenge’ strikes for things that might not have happened – should not be ruled out. 

Mercury entering Pisces should intensify to emotional nature of the weekend. This should be a wonderful time of world healing. Mercury trine the Moon will help express our feeling clearly. The downside of Mercury in Pisces is the desire to become a martyr, and again to throw a pity party. It is a wonderful time to think about how you’d envision a perfect world and what you can do to make it happen. 


Venus is beginning to slowly separate from Mars. (So what Sonny it happens every year? I know.. But this time it’s a little different. Ok here we go..) in the last two months Venus has been applying a ‘soften’ and almost ‘agreeable’ element, color, vibration to Mars’ already aggressive and destructive nature. – Now.. On the plus side.. The yearly conjunction of Mars and Venus normally gives us all confidence to go after our goals. It smooths over rough spots in relationships and in addition to Venus making Mars’ aggressive nature a touch more acceptable.. Mars also applies confidence and ego aggression to the desire side of Venus. 

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Ok Timing.. Venus is moving ahead of Mars (I know bad SEO keyword phrase) this means that most people will feel the harmonizing love and money effects of Venus – as it interacts with our personal natal charts and the other transiting planets. And then.. Mars is going to follow up with the WTH! shortly afterwards. This might appear a little weird but it’s actually the way things often are. It was the last two month of Venus spending an unusually long-time conjunct Mars that was the out of the ordinary astrological event. It was fun while it lasted but the shit is about to hit the fan…  

Imagine it like this.. Venus is a little Angel doing sweet Angel things for you (for better or worse – Angels can be pretty lazy at times) – and Mars is a little Demon for you (again.. For better or worse – Demons like sex.. Just saying). So the little Angel and the little Demon were hanging out for two months in 2022 having a spanking good love-in.. (remember.. For everyone reading this and studying astrology.. A good guideline is.. Demons like sex and Angels like Money – note: Angels like sex too but they’re more of a ‘power-bottom’ than ‘energizer bunny’ – and Demons like Money as well but they tend to spend just as much as they make)    

OMG! – why so accurate Sonny… – Well I think I was dropped on my head a couple of times.. And I don’t think I learned how to wipe properly.. it might be cumulative.. let’s continue. 

Dear Aries – –  As Venus begins to separate from Mars, you can expect little problems on the social to begin blowing up into big problems. You can expect a division in your social network where there was a brief truce. Although it doesn’t look great for your social harmony, there is a good chance that you might end up dating one of your friends. Get out there and be social someone does have their eye on you. Quick word of caution, with Mercury entering Pisces, the gossip mongers will be out in full force. Finally, the Moon in Cancer will have everyone feeling moody and maybe lethargic – very NOT Aries.. Just be cool and keep going, by Sunday night love will swing hard back in your favour. 

Dear Taurus – – Venus separating from Mars will end some of the co-operative spirit at the office. Which is both good and bad. On the negative side, you’ll be putting in extra hours by yourself, while on the positive side (if you keep your job) you might be in line for a promotion or raise. On the extra positive side, an office romance is in the stars. Stay on top of your game. There will be a shakeup at the office in the next month. On the extra double plus side, you’re shining socially so get out and have some fun. 

Dear Gemini – – With Mars and Venus separating their energies, you can expect trouble at a distance. Saturn in your 9th house is also restricting your ability to travel. Do your best, Venus will add a blessing to higher learning and events at a distance. You’re being called, but you can’t go. Mercury is crossing over the top of your chart indicating you are thinking about your place in the world, your career, and how people see you. Your career is extra lucky right now so if you can somehow take care of everything at a distance while focusing on your career then you should be very successful this year. 

Dear Cancer – – They were minor and nagging expenses.. And for the most part, you had most of the money for them – but with Venus moving on to make its’ yearly conjunction with Saturn, you can expect to buckle down the spending and watch that the bills don’t pile too high. You’ll also find yourself doing.. Believe it or not, a lot of paper work for others and/or helping them with their expenses. On the very negative side, bad news is on the way regarding the health of someone close. 

Dear Leoooo – – This is it. Venus separating from Mars is going to take the gloves off of a romantic fight. This energy will peak during the first week of April so keep your eyes open for signs of deceptions in love. On the plus side, Venus is still in your 7th house, so although love might become a little old fashioned or formal, it’s still love. So.. make sure you take that chance when someone special says hello.  With the Moon in Cancer, you’ll feel reclusive anyways so grab a good book and a glass of wine and enjoy a hot bubble bath. 

Dear Virog – – With Venus in your 5th house, love has been pretty good for the last little while but it’s now time to move on. Mars is entering your 6th house of health, small pets, and day to day life. This means, you’re going to get very busy and your little 4-legged friend might get sick. In a couple of weeks, Mars will conjunct Saturn in your 5th house – double watch your health and expect a major shakeup coming to your day-to-day life – possible enemies are on the way. Mercury entering Pisces has everyone declaring overtures of love and commitment.  

Dear Libra – – Saturn, Mars and Venus are all coming together in your 5th house. It looks like a major decision with the children, a romantic partner, or a creative project has to be made. Stay proactive or the decision will be taken out of your hands. This project, or the children will also unexpectedly call for financial support. It’s cash for the kids, so be cool. With Mercury entering Pisces you’ll be focusing on your habits and your health. You also might be thinking about getting a cat (I know weird but whatever.. Some people are cat people). 

Dear Scorpio – – With Jupiter, the Sun, Neptune, and now Mercury all in Pisces, you should be in full libido romantic overdrive. You’re the one who’s super charged in the pants right now so maybe you should be the one to make the first move. Go on stud.. She’s waiting for you. Just know in advance, with Venus separating from Mars, aggressive intentions are losing their sparkle. On top of love drama that should actually be fairly smooth right now, a big situation is unfolding at home. Saturn is still giving the silent treatment with your family and you’re probably full steam into apartment hunting. In spite of any potential nonsense, you should check in with your parents. 

Dear Sagittarius – – With Mars entering Aquarius your financial woes will shortly disappear. Don’t be so quick open up the pocketbook and spread the quan – there is a big possibility of a car or transportation or communication expense between now and April 6th.. So do your best to keep the cupboard full for that rainy day. Uranus slowly making it’s way towards the North Node in your 6th house is going to unexpectedly cause a rift in your daily chores or personal heath. It might look like someone doesn’t need your help right now.. But actually they do. 

Dear Capricorn – – I keep hoping that you’ll have kids but the universe (and my YouTube videos of course) keeps telling me that Capricorn likes sex… the bad way – and everyone knows you can’t get pregnant like that so… you might as well join Venus as it transits your 2nd house of comfort, chocolate covered cherries, and wads of dirty bling bling charge it. Which all means you should be working on your money game right now. Now heads up this month.. Those kids you didn’t have ( 😉 ) are going to come calling for some money so be prepared. 

Dear Aquarius – – Except for Mars in your 1st house giving you headaches and pimples, it should feel pretty good now that the secret little wtf that you were going through is now over. Yes, the transiting Mars will fill you with ego energy and give you a push to make so long coming changes, just don’t go too crazy. During the next couple of weeks as Mars approaches Saturn, health and identity problem will come into focus. You might decide to change your name or you might simply get a haircut, Either way, you won’t be looking the same this time next month. 

Dearest Pisces – – Do your best to stay cool. Totally not going to happen – but try your best. Venus and Mars in your 12th house indicate a secret affair. Perhaps you’re burning the midnight oil in a romantic escaped behind closed doors or you’re just taking some time for yourself to figure some things out. Mercury entering should take away some of the mental stress you’ve been going through and give you a clearer focus on who you are and where you’d like to be.  On the downside, you’re going to get blamed in the next two weeks for something you may not have done – and it’s going to be bad. Obvious.. Watch out for cheating in relationships and maybe someone close becoming very sick. 

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