Weekend Horoscope April 8 – 10, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekend Horoscope April 8 – 10, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

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Hi Everyone. Welcome back to the SunnySide. These are the weekend horoscopes for the weekend of April 8 to April 10, 2022 for all zodiac signs. The horoscopes will begin with a general overview of some of the transits for the weekend and then we’ll have the individual signs. There are timestamps in the descriptions box, as well as a link to the SunnySide website, where you can find a written copy of this video. Quick note before we begin. Sonny and S L C are still in Michigan attending a family emergency but Sonny is still scheduling private readings over Zoom while he is away. So, if you’d like a private reading, then simply smash the PayPal link in the description box and set it up. Did you guys catch that? Sonny thought it would be funny to hear me say smash the PayPal link. Ok whatever. Next.   

This weekend, the Moon will be in nurturing, emotional, empathic, and caring, Cancer. On the plus side, we should all have a strong sense of family, and a desire to take care of each other. On the downside, everyone will be late for everything, so be prepared.  

Now, although the Moon energy will feel disconnected from the passionate outbursts which emanated from last weeks’ drama in Aquarius, it will form a beautiful and flowing trine to all of the healing that is shining from the romantic, artistic, and nursing energy of Pisces.  So, although there was a lot of bad in the last week, this weekend should be a doorway to a brighter future.   

Jupiter is now conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Although, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune every 13 years, it hasn’t happened in Pisces since 1856. In addition, Venus has also entered Pisces, and is beginning an applying conjunction. This is all adding to the Piscean themes of healing, dreams, mental health, and the subconscious. Remember, Sigmund Freud was born in 1856. Then again, 1856 was also the end of the Crimean war, so heads up. Ok. What does all of this mean? Sonny says, good deeds will flow from both the likely and unlikely sources.      

Now, keep in mind Mars is still in Aquarius, so there will be a strong push towards collective voices. But so what? Allowing the peeps a bit of time at the helm should go a long way to soothing ego clashes. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they could just keep their shoes tied while reaching for a piece of gum. But alas, if we could do that, then we probably would have all evolved onto the next stage by now. So whatever. But keep in mind, people heal at different speeds. Now although you might be cool for action, buddy jive is still wet in the sweater, so be cool and pack some extra Kleenex.  

What else Sonny?  

Ok. While all of this kumbaya group love is extending a collective reach-around, it is also giving a full frontal to the nodes who are happily standing by with their iPhones already out and ready to change your life. Water signs or people with a watery Venus can expect big gains in love and money. This includes the lottery, financial investments, and the lottery. Like Sonny said, it hasn’t happened like this since 1856. Just remember, when you win big, make sure you peace out a bit to the SunnySide.  

The Nodes are getting a bigger push than normal right now. This will cause a lot of endings, or transitions, that you will not be able to return to. On one side, this event may be inevitable, so do your best to be your best, and make the most of the moments while you have them. Some of you guys will find hidden sources of strength, perseverance, and abilities to navigate the narcissistic droppings of psychotic wandering monsters.   

Now, do your best to avoid drama, and try to stay focused. Mars and Saturn are adding a very hard and painful reality to this dark yet unavoidable change coming from the Nodes.   

So on one hand, there will be discipline, aggression, and a desire for the group to control the outcome. This energy is forcing the change. The overwhelming Piscean energy is adding a compassionate and healing component to the change. Just be careful that you don’t get fleeced by a grand illusion.   

Dear Aries. Some random internet JAFO is going to upset your virtual apple cart in such a way that you will wonder if they make love with their underwear still on. The simple answer is maybe. Check your internet connection. Ok. Aries. One of the hotties in your orbit has secretly peeled themselves from the group and is requesting permission to land somewhere in private. Before you take a trip to the hardware store, remember that karma is watching us all closely right now. Just because no one is watching doesn’t mean that you should do it. On the other hand, a dry spell or hitting slump is bad for everyone on the team. Just remember, although your love is out of the public eye, live ammunition is being used. Finally Aries, Sonny says you should watch your money. The North Node in Taurus is making you take your Debit card for granted.  

Dear Taurus. With the Moon in Cancer, this should be an errand filled weekend. Get out and get it done. Nonsense will continue behind closed doors so keep your nose clean. A public drama gives way for a more social time with the crew. This is actually the best time for you to work your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In other words, Sonny thinks you should really aim big right now. It’s time for rewards for jobs already well done. If you’re looking for love then the internet might shine a light on a potential playmate.  This is also a great cycle to begin an internet, or network-based business. Now. With the North Node super highlighted right now, you have to watch out for accidents to the head, and believe it or not, taking yourself for granted. None of this should be weird so be cool. Imagine, you’re going to win the award, so they are checking you out first. No big deal.   

Dear Gemini. So that’s what it feels like when the North Node blows up your twelfth house. It happens all around you, out of your control, and without you knowing, but it still has a direct effect on all of who you are. Yes. Life sucks sometimes but this particular transit has a silver lining. Make sure you count your blessings while you still have them. Next. Gemini. Sonny says you are going to attract more publicity and public attention this month than you have since 1856. Once again, that was 1856. So whether you feel like it or not, or if you’re ready or not, you have to get out and be seen. Love and money are both waiting outside in a very public way, and they are not going to wait. So. Grab your dice and let’s go.  

Dear Cancer. Everywhere you go, people notice your smile. They are also noticing that fresh wound. Try and be cool when prying eyes glance through fresh cracks in the shell. It’s only a temporary scratch job, and you’ve seen it before. As Venus enters Pisces, a big pull will arrive from a distance. Will you travel this month or will someone come to you? Joint finances become stressed as someone questions how much was spent on hair extensions. Yes, Sonny is that good. Next. Cancer, Sonny says to watch your health. Astrologically you should be ok but you are under a lot of stress protecting what is rightfully yours, and Sonny is just checking up on you. Imagine. Saturn is in your 8th house, taking away and restructuring your joint finances. Mars is also in your 8th house, putting an edge or fighting spirit towards breaking up a financial partnership. In other words, Cancer, someone might get really sick, and whether someone tries to take your money or not, bills will still be due. Bummer.  

Dear Leo o o. Well Leo. Goodbyes are painful but what are you going to do? On the plus side joint finances get a boost, so you’re either going to inherit some money or win a nice legal settlement. So some of you should come into some money but remember, an inheritance usually arrives after someone dies so keep your eyes open. Now. Leo isn’t really known as a sign that succumbs to the pressures of drugs and alcohol but you should be extra careful with your good time this weekend. And yes. Before you ask, Sonny says, your love life will suck but your sex life will take a pleasant journey to the land of tickles and tequila. Have fun but try to keep it out of the news.  A journey is on the horizon.  

Dear Virog.   Choose wisely dear Virog. Love will say hello with open arms and a change of address, but you have to sit down and take a hard look at the finances. Currently, the Sun in Aries is shining on your shared resources, and you would love to leap forward with your own arms outstretched, but there’s a fresh wound that has you a touch skittish.  In other words, they can stay the night but Sonny says they should keep it to the couch. Uptight much Sonny? Sheesh. Next. Dear Virog. A change is here. Your day-to-day life is filled with little dramas so be careful where you step. It’s a good weekend to pull together with brothers and sisters. So, if you haven’t spoken with them in a while, it might be a good weekend to reach out and heal old wounds. On the bonus side, with Venus entering Pisces, you’ll feel a strong pull towards partnering with others. Neptune and Jupiter are also conjunct in Pisces. This is a very rare transit that hasn’t occurred since 1856. So, Virog. It’s your move player. What’s the action?  

Dear Libra. Our most beautiful sign. You might be left wondering what happened in your love game. Sonny always says, there’s no such thing as a single Libra, but the romantic drama is so high right now, you might want to switch to the sidereal zodiac for a while, and wait things out as a Virog. Sonny also says there are a lot of Libra SunnySiders who have kids and you should double check that they are ok.  There is a lot of love in the air but a bit of danger still remains, so don’t cut corners. Next. Dear Libra, Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces allowing you to take a breather and finally cut some corners. Seriously Sonny. W T F. Ok Libra. Keep your sock on, here we go. Your 5th house of romance, creative projects, and making babies, all continue to be under attack. Accidental pregnancies and miscarriages mark this astrological time period. Imagine, Saturn is putting in the hard work, and grinding it out in your love or creative game, and Mars speeds everything up. This will cause a problem, that despite the doom and gloom, doesn’t have to be a problem. Unless of course, it is. So that’s the bad. On the plus side. This is a really good time to start a business, and love is waiting at the office or coffee shop, or Whole Foods if you’re a vegan in Arizona.  

Dear Scorpio. Sonny says he’s been dreading the arrival of this week for the last two months. If you’ve been following the SunnySide horoscopes, you should have been somewhat forewarned, but nothing can ever really prepare you for when serious and irreversible tragedy really strikes. Sonny does expect Scorpio to survive this storm. Next. Dear Scorpio. Remain on the alert for problems at home. It could be something simple like a rent increase, or it might involve a full-on move, or even a possible death in the family. So be cool and keep your eagle eyes open. On the very plus side. All of the healing and love energy is adding a romantic boost that will jazz Scorpio’s love and gambling game more than any other time since 1856. You are absolutely romantically on fire right now so remember; tan lines are considered underwear in some parts of the world. Next, all Scorpios should buy lottery tickets for the rest of the month, take chances in love, and have fun with the kids.   

Dear Sagittarius. Absolutely watch your driving this weekend. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin focusing on the good. The buildup of feel-good energy flowing from Pisces may be great news for some of the signs but for Sagittarius, it will square your natal Sun. This means, all of the dreamy, healing energy doesn’t actually jive with your straight shooting, get to the point kind of action. At the same time, it is a blessing we haven’t seen in a while so maybe you have to make the most of it while you can anyways. All of this energy is happening at home. This means you might make some money in real estate; you might take some time to upgrade the house, some of you will move, and others might have some people move in. In other words, your home base is currently blessed. Make the most of it by working from home and inviting friends over for some fun.  Sonny says, he knows, Sagittarius, it might be a boring at-home weekend for you but love is still hovering so keep your eyes on the prize. It’s still time for prep-work.  

Dear Capricorn. First, Sonny says, go Tiger Woods. Good luck at Augusta. Next. Dear Capricorn. It’s that time of the month again. Time to check in with your dearest supermodel action girl. Hey baby, what’s up? I just dropped in to pay some bills, and maybe get a little something something from my bunny love.  Ok. Dear Sonny. I asked both Alexis and Seri, and they both said, no one actually talks like that. Ok. Whatever. Dear Capricorn. Let’s focus on the good for the weekend. This weekend, you are entering a cycle where great things are happening to your brothers and sisters. Expect those close to you to get a sudden boost of well-deserved recognition. You should also be receiving a new car, motorcycle, computer, cell phone, or little brother.  Now, this should be a fun weekend of social activities, running around, maybe working the phones, but definitely reaching out and saying hello. Moving forward, you should be thinking sales and new business at the office. Your success is in your own hands. Just make sure you take a little time out for love.  

Dear Aquarius. If you survived this last week, congratulations. The astrological tension was hurting Aquarius more than most of the other signs. On the downside, not all of you are out of it yet, so keep cool and stay alert. Now for the weekend, the Cancer Moon will have everyone a little moody, slow, and inconsistent to say the least. You will be left standing there perplexed and waiting. With the Moon in the 6th house, you might find yourself overcome with a desire to walk the dog or clean the house. Wow, fun. Even Virog is having a good time. But you know Aquarius, the air signs are getting a bit of wind up the skirt this weekend so swing with the fences and relax. Ok, for the really good news. You have just entered one of your best money attracting cycles since 1856. Quan is oozing from everywhere for you right now so pick up a sponge and soak some of it up. And of course don’t forget to share because karma is watching.  

Dearest Pisces. Sonny wanted to make a joke about love waiting at the hospital for all of the Pisces SunnySiders who work in the health industry but alas, that’s not the Pisces love action for the weekend, and you should probably try to stay out of hospitals as a general rule anyways. Ok. The warnings are going to stop about that behind-the-scenes mo fo action that’s trying to jack you up the emergency exit, but for now you should keep cool, and if the tornado didn’t hit, count your blessings and move on. On the super duper very plus hey how are you doing kind of astrological transits, Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus, are all transiting your natal Sun, and this is blessing you with massive abundance and really good looks. If there is anything that you want, all you have to do is show your face and ask. It is a very lucky time for Pisces so for the next month you should be buying lottery tickets. This is a very good time for Pisces to launch a business, and to put themselves first for a change.  Love is obviously everywhere for Pisces right now, and you could easily steal a couple of boyfriends if you wanted, but be cool, karma is still watching from behind the veil. Sonny says you should take a rain check and wait until they break up. 

Weekend Horoscopes March 18 – 20, 2022 

Weekend Horoscopes March 18 – 20, 2022 

Hi guys.. I’ll post the link to the YouTube live stream when it’s ready. In the meantime, here are the ‘Scopes! – S

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The Moon in Libra 

Keywords: + feeling romantic, desire for togetherness, need for fair play, going the extra mile for others, loves beautiful things, | – a little gossipy, very indecisive, unnecessarily argumentative (likes to debate), a little too friendly 

Sonny’s Keywords – lose in the zipper 100%, very lose with boundaries, everything is a fight.. usually because of a strong desire to win – opposite Aries, fair-ish but highly subjective and unbelievably judgemental… – these guys are aggressive and passive aggressive, they use love and charm and grace to get what they want, can be romantic mercenaries, this placement is unbelievably it for tat so watch out what you dish because it’s coming back. 

Venus in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus 

Commitment vs Freedom. Venus is the planet of attraction and rapport. It’s the planet of how you love, where you make your money, and what you generally attract. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, eccentricity, the unexpected, and most importantly freedom. The square aspect between Venus and Uranus creates an either/or situation between the energies. So.. On one hand there’s a desire to ‘just get along’ juxtaposing the desire for ‘freedom’, and ‘revolution’. Venus can be a little lazy and just want things to keep cruising along with as little reaction as possible (think Taurus) whereas Uranus wants to shake things up a bit and maybe try things differently. Venus wants to get married where Uranus wants to be forever single. 

So what does this all means Sonny? Good question. 

1st Relationships will be tested. It might be unexpected. 

2nd Expect major love sparks and instant attraction that might not last 

3rd Welcome to the friend-zone playa.. Try again later 🙁  

Monday – Moon in Scorpio – this particular moon in Scorpio is going to be especially harsh. On one hand it makes a very harmonious aspect to Jupiter, the Sun, and Neptune in Pisces which will all highlight romantic, and escapist feelings. On the downside, the Moon is going to make a hard square to Saturn, Venus, and Mars indicating feelings will be at odds with everything that going on. 

Dear Aries:  – Your friends are about to get expensive. One of the peeps in particular though, just might be worth that extra flash of green.  So.. Eat all the salad you like and let the girl walk.. Or splurge for the steak and watch her say.. Sure why not.. – (Go playa! – Universe.. Sonny says whatever).   Personal finances are about to take a hit so be careful. You might want to say yes but your wallet wants to say go for it. That my astro friend is a bad combination so.. it’s a weekend of lose your heart and maybe a little bite from your wallet as well. Just be cool and have some fun. 

Dear Taurus:  – This Is really it.. gut check time.. is it going to be a yes to the crowd or are you going to flaunt your personal creative and expressive style. – Sure.. it sounds good when I say it but you might do something really weird.. don’t do anything you cant come back from. Big changes continue at the office. For better or worse people are looking at you to set a leadership example. Be bold and do it. 

Dear Gemini:  – Something or someone behind the scenes has secretly deceived you. It might be time to let them go. By Monday your hand will be forced so take the opportunity for any kind of victory while you can. Keep working hard. You may not be looking the best right now but efforts this weekend will pay off in the 2nd week of April. 

Dear Cancer:  – Watch that dance card! Unexpected invites and surprise declarations fill a wild and expensive weekend. Don’t worry, the money will be there if you need it.. but yes, there will be strings attached. An online encounter will give you butterflies but the rest is up to you. Double check your finances and watch for big shifts in legal proceedings. 

Dear Leo:  – Maybe it’s not about you. Maybe all of the drama is happening with everyone else for a change. Whatever the case, a public outburst is well within the cards so be cool or lay some freak game just for fun – it’s up to you. By this time next week, your relationship status might go through a little flutter. Once again.. You’ll feel like making a choice.. But do you really have to? Let a bad decision make the right choice. 

Dear Virog:  – An unexpected shake-up is coming to your routine! (Maybe you’ll get a new pet) Distant shores and a higher calling want to pull you away from the boredom of day-to-day drama. Should you stay or should you go? By this time next week you’ll have a definite answer but for now you should get out and play a bit. You’re currently money focused this weekend but love is trying to lock it down. Sell it baby don’t give it way! 

Dear Libra:  – I’m very pessimistic these days so I say a major break-up or problems with the kids reach an unexpected peak this weekend into Tuesday. You and a pet project (lunch time friend 😉) might decide to part ways. Is it for the best? Permanent decisions shouldn’t be made from spur of the moment reactions but at the end of the day..  you’re a Libra and you’ll probably be able to just go back so I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s also a possibility that you might reach out and give someone another chance. I know.. Sudden and unexpected right? Also, watch your money. 

Dear Scorpio:  – In spite of all of the drama surrounding you, the moon in Libra is encouraging you to simply chill out and keep a low profile for a couple of days. Maybe do some work behind the scenes, gather some information, stab a couple of backs.. It’s all up to you.. Just do it in secret. Your living vibe gets a WTF this weekend into next week so make sure your go-bag is packed and the car is gassed.. Also make sure you bring an extra usb cable because if Waze loses power and you miss the oh-so-obvious off ramp – forever is a very heavy price to pay for a lose zipper. 

Dear Sagittarius:  – Expect to hear some good news from a friend (seriously Sonny? What about all of that go to jail and car accident stuff? Good question). Ok so expect a shake-up in either your health or your day-to-day life.  Maybe a friend is coming over to visit or you’ll be running around busy with chores or news will arrive from your brother or sister.. Which as fate would have it, is actually me in my Sagittarius sister’s chart.. Ok Sonny be careful. No Sag.. Watch for traffic accidents and trouble with the law. One more weekend at home then love begins to shine brightly beginning Tuesday. 

Dear Capricorn:  – Here comes that rainy day! Woot Woot! I know, I know.. The money tree is running bare and decisions have to be made. Are you ready to trade in the caviar lifestyle for fish sticks? The kids kick up a fuss but this just might be the year to set them free anyways. A creative/ romantic project gets a sudden opportunity. Will it be worth it come Monday? It’ll be an expensive ride but it’ll be fast and fun – AND.. you can always blame it on the Devil (or me.. Just saying – S) 

Dear Aquarius: – Sudden problems or commitments at home.. WT#? Let it slide and have a spa day. (irresponsible much Sonny?) Well you have a choice to make. This weekend you can choose a little fun and ‘Me time’. By Monday your hand will be forced so what can you do. Short term infatuations are better than no-term infatuations. So flirt, frolic, put yourself first, and finally get what’s yours. It’s not going to be as smooth as it has been the last couple of weeks and.. It might not even be worth it – but it could be a lot of fun. Personally, I’d think long and hard before getting matching tattoos. 

Dearest Pisces: –  Somethings up.. And you’re going to take the blame. Sure, you could be doing something sneaky.. I mean, It’s possible her husband will never find out but there’s also a strong chance you’re going to take the heat.. Even if you’re just peaking through the curtains. So stay clear of trouble with your brothers and sisters. And for goodness sakes, wear your seatbelt. On the plus side, you’re the centre of attention and you should be super lucky do get out and have some fun. Energy might be low but so what.. Just don’t blow the bank on someone unworthy. 

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Weekend Horoscope | February 11 – 13, 2022

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Schedule a live psychic astrology reading using Zoom ! Simply follow the PayPal link and I’ll message you to set it up https://www.paypal.me/sonnysmusicstudio/135

Weekend Horoscope and Tarot Card Reading (all Zodiac Signs) for February 11 -13, 2022  

Overview –  In this weekend astrology and tarot card podcast – The Moon will be in… nurturing, caring, emotional, artistic, creative, loving, nostalgic, .. sometimes a little clingy.. And definitely slow.. Even the aries rising ones – and that’s Cancer.. 

So wherever cancer falls in your personal chart – you can find yourself feeling emotional, and a little clingy. It is a great weekend to show each other how much you care. – so watch out for a snuggle bomb.. 

On the negative side.. The Moon in Cancer will cause some people to become a wet blanket and an emotional downer. Some people will want to cocoon at home and cuddle up under some blankets. 

In addition to having sweaty eyeballs.. Yes, many will be excessively emotional.. And I do expect many sweaters to be knit and socks to be darned – maybe a try of cookies from the oven.. 

Moon in Cancer people tend to be very caring, highly intuitive, artistically inclined, and definitely stalkerish – they are often seen moving between many projects at the same time – and they often hide their own feelings to make others happy. This doesn’t mean they don’t complain or mope about if they don’t get their way.. Not at all! Moon in Cancer people can be down right grouches when they want – but for the most part when things are good with this moon sign.. Things will be really good. Think protective, nurturing, caring, and very fast changing moods. 

Finally.. Expect people to be late.. And plans to change at the last minute  

Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn kicks off an unusually long period of love and money. Mars energy will be direct, aggressive, impulsive, and lucky. Venus energy will also provide luck, attraction, beauty, and a desire to get along. Together, Vanus and Mars is very lucky and directed towards success. It is a great time to begin a new project, pursue money, and start a new love relationship. 

On the negative side, the Venus/ Mars combination can cause people to become selfish and develop a ‘Me First’ attitude.  

Aries Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Today you will debate with someone about how they should have done it your way.. Wich is obviously.. The best way

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer adds an emotional delay to your impulsive nature. No, you won’t be slowing down but you will be multi-tasking. Mars conjunct Venus in the 10th house adds extra effort on the job front. 

Taurus Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Taurus.. Today you will step on someone’s foot.

Sonny – The Moon in your third house puts you in a chatty mood. Venus and Mars in the 9th house encourages an extended rendezvous with someone at a distance. 

Gemini Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Gemini .. today you will change your mind.. And maybe sleep with someone’s boyfriend.. And girlfriend.. Sounds busy

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer opposite Venus and Mars in Capricorn will highlight your finances. Shared resources get an extended boost of fortune. 

Cancer Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Cancer.. No one will ever feel the pain you always carry with you every day.. That no one will ever know about.. Every day.. No one.. Ever.. Sometimes a good cry is all you need to keep being the most loving sign of the entire zodiac.. And make sure you take a sweater because it might be cold out there

Sonny – The Moon opposite Venus and Mars boosts your love game to a new level. Take a ‘Me’ day. 

Leo Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Leo.. OMG get over yourself – SLC..

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer in the 12th house will make you a touch reclusive and introspective. Mars conjunct Venus in the 6th house will help with the breakthroughs you’re been looking for at work and in your daily life. 

Virog Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Virog.. It’s called the internet.. Memorize it much..?

Sonny – The Moon opposite Venus and Mars has you wanting to shout your love to the world. Jupiter trine the Moon will add extra enthusiasm and luck! 

Libra Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Libra.. I predict you will stare into a mirror today.. And probably kiss someone’s boyfriend.. And girlfriend.. Maybe at the same time.. And maybe on camera

Sonny – Dear Libra..  Home good.. Love sucks.. Try not to gain too much weight – ok.. Watch this.. The S. node will be transiting your 2nd house for the next year and a half.. This will dissolve and transform your financial comfort zone. Investments have the chance to succeed way beyond expectations but they will have to be grounded in reality. 

Scorpio Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Scorpio.. I predict – this weekend you will hold a grudge against someone and they won’t even know it.. You win the game.

Sonny – Mars Conjunct Venus in the third house is telling to get busy cleaning up your message to the world. With Mercury in Capricorn you should have a very clear and progressive plan all ready to put into action. Don’t be the Scorpio who sits on their dreams. Go for it. 

Sagittarius Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Sagittarius I predict you will lose your shiz.. Your brains will go bonkers and you will annoy people by lecturing to them

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer opposite Venus and Mars in Capricorn adds a big bonus to your bank account. (next month you might have unexpected transportation problems and big delays in your day so.. Make sure you take your precautions well in advance) 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Capricorn I predict you will you will upset your partner by constantly talking about work and not giving them enough attention

Sonny – Venus Conjunct Mars in your 1st house gives you an extended opportunity to work on your appearance. With the Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius finally over, you’ll find your money flow returns to normal – that means hard work equals rewards. 

Aquarius Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dear Aquarius.. Does your ass ever get sore sitting on that high horse?

Sonny – Mars conjunct Venus in the 12th house is encouraging you to very discretely get your affairs in order. The Moon in Cancer has you wondering what you can do to help others. 

Pisces Weekend Horoscope:

SLC – Dearest Pisces.. You have the entire ocean to yourself… why don’t you just keep swimming?

Sonny – The Moon in Cancer puts you in a romantic and creative mood. With Venus conjunct Mars in the 11th house get prepared for love to turn an acquaintance into a smooch buddy.  

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