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Love Horoscopes – June 10, 2014 from – http://dailylovescopes.com Aries: Getting what you really want and moving toward achieving the things which are important can be easier said than done. This is likely to involve surrendering or eliminating something from your life … Continue reading

Defense Against the Dark Thoughts – Defending Your Emotional System


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One of the greatest blessings of being human is our ability to share the emotions of others. Everyone has known someone who has an infectious personality, who fills a room and whose joyful emotions lift those of everyone in the … Continue reading

Thank you !


I was clearing out my emails on the weekend when I came across a message that I had somehow overlooked – but it’s the kind of message that means everything to me ! This is why I’m here & why I keep going – Thank you Mania ! for your kind words – sending love around the world – S


Hey Sunny! I just wanted to tell you that you changed my life! with Self-Hypnosis: become a love magnet.
well… im not the prettiest girl and i was never confident… i had a LOOT of troubles in my family… i had an abusive dad.. i was a cutter… i tried to kill myself 3 times… and my boyfriend didnt really treated me right.. the point is… as soon as i watched your video every week, my life changed completely. i feel loved, respected, opened to love, and i finally love myself! ive seen so many changes in my life and everybody loves me all of the sudden. i smile more often and my depression is gone! I dont have troubles with my family anymore and i left that asshole and found the love of my life. i just want to say… YOU ARE THE BEST.. AND THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! <3
thats all…. 😉 have a nice day! – Mania Beast

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Because.. a quiet mind – is just the beginning – I love you


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