How Do You Know You’re in Love With Him – 5 Sure Signs


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Does a person really know when she is in love? Is it really that easy to figure it out? What are the signs to watch out for? How do you know when it truly is love and not just lust? … Continue reading

Signs of Love

Because.. there are some who are quietly struggling as the year begins – debts, dreams, realities, & karma all contribute to overload as we commence our new year journey – I know it can can feel overwhelming & you’ll want to both run and hide and lash out & hurt those you love the most – I’m not saying it’s ok.. but I am saying I understand – taking time for those who matter the most – I love yoularge

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She giggles.. it’s hot


She just rolls her eyes..

Seriously Sonny.. who are you going to teach my son to pick up.. ? His mom..

Yes baby.. the hot yoga instructor with the wicked smile & tender heart..

She giggles.. it’s hot

You’re more beautiful than you think & You light my life more than you know

Sending love – S