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Alex Jones has to pay out $1Billion! + Live Tarot Readings & Astrology Readings Live @ 9pm EST

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Past Life Readings + Tarot & Astrology Q&A @ 10pm – midnight Chicago Time

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Weekly Horoscopes | March 7 – 11, 2022

Weekly Horoscopes | March 7 – 11, 2022

Hi guys – Here are the Weekly Horoscopes. I’ll be online a little later to shoot the video and do the Tarot portion. Wishing everyone the best of a beautiful week – S

March 7 – 11, 2022 

Overview: The Moon in Taurus will square Saturn will add emotional restrictions to the beginning of the week. These restrictions will come into contact with Uranus in Taurus that is searching for freedom where things are usually fixed, stable, and unyielding. The Moon will also conjunct the North Node in Taurus which will try and push everyone to an inevitable conclusion. 

Later in the week, the Moon will square Jupiter, the Sun, and Neptune, again putting the needs of others ahead of what we really want to be doing. Because it will be an intensely emotional week be prepared for emotional outbursts and emotional needs not being met. 

The Sun conjunct Neptune will highlight a deception, an illusion, or simple facts that you may have missed.  Ego energies will soften and a hero / martyr is born. 

Mars conjunct Venus continues to soften the appearance of aggression – stay alert for wolves in sheep’s clothing or smiles hiding daggers. 

Dear Aries: Here we go! Mars and Venus are entering your 11th house of hopes, dreams, aspirations, and friends – means you’re going through a ‘friends into lovers’ transit. If you’re looking for love then just look around. They are probably already there right beside you. On the negative side, the Venus and Mras energy is approaching Saturn and that’s going to be bad news on the social media front. Get ready for a change in your friends list. 

Dear Taurus: Uranus in your 1st house has (for better or worse) been filling you with a desire for freedom, rebellion, fun, and the unexpected. The North Node also transiting your 1st house is highlighting your personality and putting you in the spotlight. Stick to your goals and embrace the rebellious streak of fun and transformation. In the next 2 weeks however, expect a desire to be accepted to cone into conflict with your need to express yourself. Or maybe you just change your name so everyone leaves you alone. 

Dear Gemini: With Uranus in your 12th house, shortly about to square Mars and Venus in Aquarius, you can expect an unexpected shakeup behind the scenes that will throw you off balance for a it. Watch for unexpected dreams, deja-vous, and premonitions. The North Node transiting through your 12th house is going to cause you to temporally lose touch with reality while clearing subconscious past-life karma. 

Dear Cancer: Mars and Venus transiting through Aquarius is going to create havoc in your joint finances. Expect financial themes and events related to shared experiences and expenses from 2 years ago to resurface. You might find yourself in a month of borrowing to spend, or investing in ideas with others, or simply finding someone else to pay the bills right now.  It could go either way. Jupiter in the 9th house is indicating fortune at a distance so be prepared to travel. 

Dear Leoooo: The entire Sun conjunct Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces flip flop, wishy washy, soupy sauce vibe isn’t really your thing.. but at the same time maybe it is. There’s a healing, and romantic, and surreal energy that’s happening for everyone right now and if you can somehow align yourself with it, then you should be very success during this transit. If you can’t jiggy with the vibe then you’re find yourself spending a lot of money on others so be careful. Let the other guy pay this time you can return to the splurge next month. 

Dear Virog: Mars and Veus entering Aquarius will definitely spice up your day! Expect to be busy running errands, working, and generally getting things done. Early warning!.. Keep your eyes open for accidents and sudden health flareups as Mars inches closer to Saturn. Something is coming along to mess up your solid and successful routine. Of course, watch for problems with pets and at work – especially with that sudden office flirtation kicking up a notch.  

Dear Libra: Mars and Venus entering Aquarius will shake up your 5th house of love and passion. Keep your eyes and your heart open for big changes over the next couple of weeks and be careful. Romantic decisions made during the next month will have consequences. On the plus side you can expect a major creative breakthrough. With the Sun and Jupiter in your 6th house, you probably have more than your fair share of opportunities to work with others. As always, take some chances and have fun.  

Dear Scorpio: With Jupiter in the 5th house you should be creating something very special right now. Creative projects and inspiration should be at a 12-year high and going through a transformation. Jupiter in Pisces is helping you to be extra romantic, playful, spiritual, flakey, loose in the zipper, and possible a little hard on the sauce. Prepare to be caught making both the beast with two backs.. And taking the walk of shame – go scorpio.  

Dear Sagittarius: Here we go – Mars and Venus are entering your 3rd house of communication (think computers, cell phones, email), transportation (cars, motorcycles etc.), and siblings (brothers, sisters, and BFFS). This means a shakeup is coming. You may buy a new car, someone may give you a computer, and your cell phone might break. It can go either way right now but be prepared for a shakeup. Saturn is already in your 3rd house, restricting your movement, or making communication or busy errands less fun and more of day-to-day work that has to get done. When Mars and Venus arrive later in the month to conjunct Saturn – just keep your eyes open extra wide for a couple of days. This is a drag but something similar happened 2 years ago. 

Dear Capricorn: I know you may not always show it but you can be romantic when you want to be. This week Mars and Venus are entering your 2nd house of let’s make some money and pay those bills. I know, it doesn’t sound very romantic to others but you can make it work. No, I don’t think you should invite someone over to help with the taxes but I do think a special token for someone special might be in order. 

Dear Aquarius: Saturn in Aquarius has you feeling uptight and aloof. Careful that your RBF doesn’t stay that way! On the plus side, Mars and Venus have entered Aquarius and they will bring some much-needed movement to a project or personal change. Be careful, Saturn is making you extra dedicated, focused, and possible skinny. For the next month, Mars and Venus in Aquarius will both soften your appearance (yes you’re looking good), and also give you a competitive edge. Watch for pimples, nosebleeds, and hitting your head. 

Dearest Pisces: The Sun in Pisces makes you the centre of attention as peeps check in to see what’s up. As the Sun prepares to conjunct Neptune in Pisces, remember that if you sparkle, the world will sparkle back. Mars, Venus, and Saturn all in your 12th house indicate a lot of action in secret. Just know in advance people are also going through your garbage – and you’re being blamed for things you didn’t do.. Or did you..! 

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