Top 5 Signs an Aries Likes You

Aries are courageous, direct, and impulsive. They also like to have fun explore new things and especially they like to compete.

If an Aries likes you they will:

Top 5 signs an Aries likes you:

  1. They are direct and straightforward: Aries is known for being upfront and honest about their feelings. If they like you, they are likely to tell you directly and without hesitation. They might say things like, “I really like spending time with you” or “I think you’re amazing.”

Example 1: An Aries might send you a text message saying, “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and I really enjoy your company.”

Example 2: During a conversation, an Aries might say something like, “I just wanted to be honest with you and tell you that I have feelings for you.”

  1. They make time for you: When an Aries likes someone, they will make an effort to spend time with them. They might invite you to do things with them, like go on a hike or attend a concert. They will also be responsive to your invitations and suggestions.

Example 1: An Aries might invite you to join them for a workout or to try a new restaurant they’ve been wanting to check out.

Example 2: If you suggest doing something together, an Aries is likely to be enthusiastic and say something like, “That sounds like a great idea! Let’s make it happen.”

  1. They are playful and flirtatious: Aries is a naturally flirtatious sign, and they are not afraid to be a little bit bold or playful when they are interested in someone. They might tease you or make suggestive jokes, but it will always be in good fun.

Example 1: An Aries might playfully nudge you or make a joke about something you said, while maintaining eye contact and smiling.

Example 2: They might send you a flirty text message or leave a comment on your social media post that lets you know they’re thinking about you.

  1. They are attentive and supportive: When an Aries likes someone, they will be very attentive to their needs and interests. They will listen to what you have to say and offer support and encouragement when you need it.

Example 1: An Aries might ask you how your day was and listen attentively while you talk about your experiences and feelings.

Example 2: If you’re going through a tough time, an Aries is likely to offer words of encouragement and be there for you when you need someone to talk to.

  1. They show physical affection: Aries is a very physical sign, and they are not afraid to show their affection through touch. They might hug you, hold your hand, or give you a playful punch on the arm.

Example 1: An Aries might lean in for a hug when they see you, or give you a playful high-five.

Example 2: During a conversation, they might reach out and touch your arm or shoulder to emphasize a point or show support.

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