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Ok guys, I’ve changed things up for this year. Instead of a once/week year long class with an active study group, I’ve decided to put the monthly modules into a 2 nights a week / 6 week online course. I thought about putting my course on Udemy or Skill Share or the Gaia network but I already make a lot of videos and you guys are paying because you want to study my special style of astrology – with me. Plus, I think you guys deserve something more special and specifically tailored for SunnySiders who already know a bit about astrology. So space will be limited and we’ll use Zoom.

If you think you deserve something special then SunnySide Astrology is for you

Why you’re here..

I don’t promote very much and my classes are usually pretty small so if you’re reading this page it means you’re interested in learning more about my SunnySide Astrology that combines both Vedic and Western ideas into a very accurate system for predicting events including divorce, jail, car accidents etc.. and answers questions like, ‘Will this guy cheat on me?’, ‘Will my child run away from home?’, or even ‘Is this person mentally stable or will they try to commit suicide?’ (level 1 exam is already posted at the bottom so you can judge for yourself if this class is for you.

Even if you think you already know everything, there’s a little more.

SunnySide astrology combines both Vedic and Western systems. When Sonny reads the charts live, what you don’t see is Sonny actually reading three different charts at the same time! In the Level 1 class you will learn how to read astrological charts from two separate perspectives at the same time. No shit.. seriously. Welcome to the real deal. You could think of it as a finishing school for astrologers and astrology enthusiasts who want to learn a little more.

Who this class is Not made for!

OMG.. this class is not an Instagram or Twitter Astrology class. Yes! I super love all of that stuff too – I’m an astrologer so like ya – but that’s the intro class. If you’d still like to spend some time digging a littler deeper – beyond the zodiac signs and learn a little more then maybe you might have fun in this class as well. Either way, you’re all welcome on the LiveStream on YouTube.

Beginners are welcome and won’t be left behind

You’ll receive study materials and exercises once you pay your deposit so even if you’re a super rookie astrologer – you’ll be ok. I’m here to help you on your journey and I love my job.

I could super sell you but the exam is posted below. If that’s the kind of thing that you’d like to learn then hit the PayPal button and let’s go. Woot Woot!

Ok details, costs, and incentives:

Dates: Here are the dates guys – Space is limited so don’t sign up if you can’t attend.

October 13, 18, 20, 25, 27, November 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17 (then maybe meetup in Las Vegas for Sonny’s Birthday! – tell everyone)

Time: 6pm – 9pm Est

Location: Zoom

Here’s the chart for the beginning of class – Chicago


The cost is $2398 but if you register early it’s only $1588 (obviously hurry before the price goes up). If you sign up with a friend and register early then your cost (one of you) will drop in 1/2 from $1588 to $794. From the $794, $500 is due when you register and the remaining $294 is due the Thursday before your class begins. So I know it looks like a lot but if you enroll early and bring a friend then it’s only $500 up front and $294 later. Or, you could sign up 3 other people and attend for free! There is no extra discount for inviting 2 people. But wait!

What’s better than studying astrology? Studying astrology & making Money! Get a bunch of people to sign up & Sonny will give you a fat % of everyone you bring who pays – How cool is that?

Here is the PayPal Link to make your $500 US deposit. The remainder is due before Thursday October 6, 2022 – After you make your deposit, you will be forwarded to page 2 where you’ll have to email me some information and I’ll send you the password to access the class pages. If you’d like to use Cashapp or Etransfer just let Sonny know.

Reminder, space is limited so there are no refunds for no-shows or last min cancellations. Also when inviting people for a discount don’t stress me out. Join with one friend and your enrolment is 1/2 price – join with three other people and you can attend for for free. There are also no discounts in the future for people who attended in the past. So you can’t say.. Hey Sonny I recommended three people who already studied with you two months ago – I want to go for free. GooFU. You can attend at different times but you have to register together.

Pay your $500 deposit now and you won’t have to pay again until before Thursday October 6, 2022 – and remember, bring a friend.. and save even more!

Breaking down the numbers: for August 12, 2022 please note that these numbers and PayPal links will change the closer we get to the start of class.

Full price without any discounts $2398 BUT – Early Enrollment (NOW but are going up shortly) $1588

Bring a friend and they pay Early Enrollment $1588 then you’ll pay $794. Both of you only have to pay the $500 deposit each right now and the remainder is due the Thursday before the class begins. There will be a new PayPal button on the private class page for you. If you’d like to attend for free then simply get three of your friends to join. Finally, there’s only one discount per registered participant meaning – The same person can’t be used for multiple discounts.

And that’s the Action!

Credit cards are accepted with PayPal. Space is limited so no refunds. Finally, – you can’t have a study group all by yourself so invite some friends, have some fun and save.

Reserve your spot today and save! Only a $500 deposit now and you won’t have to pay again until before Thursday October 6, 2022 – and remember, bring a friend for more fun and savings


TheSunnySide Astrology Level 1 Exam

Here’s the exam!!!! – Good luck everyone – All answers are on the handouts
TheSunnySide Astrology –
Exam 01
Planets in the Houses

  • All of the answers are on the handout
  • Planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • All houses 1 – 12


Part 1 – Relationships
1 – 6 signs: of Divorce
2 – 10 cheating in relationships
3 – 1 Death of Brother/Sister
4 – 2 Death of a child
5 – 1 Death of Spouse

Part 2 – Money
1 – 2 Loss of Wealth
2 – 2 Frequent changes in business/ Many Jobs
3 – 4 Money through speculation or gambling
4 – 10 Wealthy
5 – 7 Honor from Government
6 – 3 Profit in Partnerships/Money Through Spouse
7 – 5 Money from Real Estate/ Big House
8 – 2 Inheritance/ Financial Gain from Relative
9 – 6 Possible Jail
10 – 1 Self-made
11 – 1 Jail on false charges
12 – 1 Bad name without doing anything wrong

Part 3 – Health
1 – 3 General Ill Health
2 – 4 Injury in the head/ bad eyesight/ eye problems
3 – 2 Balding of the Head
4 – 3 Heart Problems
5 – 3 Stomach problems
6 – 2 Backache
7 – 6 Sexual Problems
8 – 1 Cronic Masturbation
9 – 4 Abortions/ Miscarriage
10 – 4 Suicidal tendencies
11 – 4 Mental Health Problems
12 – 1 Speaks During Sleep
13 – 2 Weight Gain/ Bulky

Part 4 – Misc
1 – 2 Runs away from home
2 – 10 Settles in away from place of birth/ different country
3 – 7 Spiritual
4 – 10 Fond of Occult
5 – 10 Destroyers of Enemies/ Always Win
6 – 10 Famous
7 – 2 Drunkard/ Fond of Alcohol
8 – 1 Prostitution
9 – 10 Liar/ wicked/ embezzles/ thief/ steals
/ 164


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