12 Potent Magic Love Secrets a Woman Must Weave to Catch & Keep the Man She Desires


Hands up all women that think the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Nope… Wrong! There are two regions of the body that a male deals with when it comes to loving a woman. Hint! One is of a higher plain in a northerly direction. The truth is finally revealed. The question, Ladies, is not whether you can handle the Truth, more so can you handle your man? The secrets revealed are very powerful. So Be warned! You may just ensnare your man passionately forever, and quite enjoy yourself in the process!

1. Make your man feel special. Tell him how he thrills and excites you. How you just love it when he does (what ever he does for you). Not just things of physical intimacy, but that is something men do like hearing about, but also helping with the chores, looking after the kids, taking you out for dates, just being the nicest human to walk the surface of the earth… if indeed he is. If not it might give him something to aspire to.

2. Listen to your man. Silence is golden so it is written. Let your man talk. Listen to him as he reflects on things. Even those uneasy silences while he tries to sort out his minds thoughts. Encourage him by nodding your head or not verbally giving him kews, an aha, hmmm, is that so honey. Soon you will find that this comes quite naturally and you will discover the depth to your man as he gains confidence in being intimate with you. Simple listening techniques and encouragement will help you learn so much more about your man.

3. Dress up for him and look after yourself. Some women think the art is in the catching. This is just the beginning the real skill is in keeping your man and your relationship alive. Make him feel like your prince and just how lucky he is to have you, his princess. This doesn’t matter if you go out with him in jeans and a T shirt, or a formal gown and a Tiara. Look after your appearance and stay healthy. A bit of make up, without over doing it, and keeping up an exercise weight program, should keep your man very attracted and attentive towards you.

4. Don’t nag and scold. Refer to item 1. There are subtle ways a woman can achieve things with her man, without berating him or putting him down. Nagging and telling a man what to do is the quickest way to distance him or worse still destroy his love for you. Men will do anything to get away from an abusive or domineering harpy of a woman. Or seemingly just grow cold and bottle up their emotions.

5. Maintain your loving relationship with your man. Men are naturally themselves with you emotionally when you are loving them. Men have been trained from childhood to hide their softness, to not be intimate, not to be cry babies, to be distant and aloof. Often physical intimacy is the only time they can really be themselves. Never use love or lovemaking as a currency or a reward for good behaviour. Learn to love loving your partner on a regular daily or weekly basis.

Be spontaneous and discover how much you too can enjoy this simple pleasure that is so powerful psychologically in “divorce proofing” your relationship. Men will “stray “if they feel unloved. Make sure you become your man’s true lover. Read a few books on the subject or think about new ways both of you can enjoy being together for pleasurable intimacy. Get some new intimate night apparel or some cheeky, sexy underclothing, to excite and encourage him. A man loves it when his woman shows real pleasure and enjoys the art of love making with him. So it is time to lose your inhibitions with your lover.

6. Learn to be discrete. Never BETRAY your mans secrets, flaws, or phobias to anyone. Men hate gossip particularly if it is about them and their own weakness. Don’t use your man as a subject or a pop quiz at the local coffee club with your girl friends. By listening to a man refer item 2. You will discover more about him than any of your friends will possibly know. Men regard this behaviour as the most serious put down. If you use him as a pop quiz with your friends and then merrily go home to tell him his flaws as your girlfriends see them, you can just about kiss any form of intimacy away forever. He will become secretive and not reveal his true feelings, thoughts or emotions to you. That is if he hasn’t left you.

7. Be confident in yourself. Accept the person you are. Do not worry what the gossip mongers and your not so well intentioned friends have to say. Understand your own personal flaws and try to improve yourself. But be happy. Seriously enjoy your life. This is your one shot at it so forget being gloomy and despondent. Learn to laugh and have fun. Be joyful that you have your man and learn to love him dearly. Your man will feed off your new zest for life; as well this will have some very positive effects on him as well.

8. Learn to love yourself and look after yourself. Eat healthily, give away excessive vices, exercise and get fit. This is not so you catch and keep your man, but that you feel good about yourself and have more energy to squeeze more out of life.

9. Forget being miserable and unhappy. Seeing a woman with a constant scowl and ugly disposition on life really is a huge turn off to men. Everybody in life has problems, what men admire most is how you overcome them, not roll around or wallow in them. Unhappiness and despondency are negative emotions that will rub off on your boyfriend or husband. Instead go for the lighter side of life. Watch a good comedy together and laugh till your sides ache. Learn to tell your man a few jokes, even a few “blue” jokes.

10. Discover the joy and beauty of being a child again, no matter if your 18 or 85. Take out a water pistol, if the mood is right and let him have it. Play games like hide and seek in the park. Stare up at the clouds and tell your man what they remind you of. Re-discover the thrill of being with the man you deeply love and yet take away the years of having to “act” like an adult.

11. Smile at your man as if he is the only male in the room or in the whole of existence. A woman’s loving smile is the sexiest thing that any man can experience. Seeing the twinkle in her eyes directed solely at him. He will think of all the fun and pleasurable love you have shared and have. As you do, softly tell him why you love him, and don’t be shy at all. It is your turn to make him blush!

12. Each day make a point to tell him you love him. Hold his hand. Touch him and lightly caress his skin. Give him a neck or a shoulder rub. Whisper sweet nothings as you breathe deeply on the tape of his neck. Develop this physical and emotional intimacy with him. You will be amazed at just how your relationship will change.

Men need to feel appreciated and loved. They are natural warriors, protectors and providers through the virtue of genetic encoding of their own biology, passed down by evolution. They are not as well equipped as women emotionally or being able to be as intimate, by the manner in our society they are brought up as males. By using the 12 methods above, you will bring out their softer side and develop true romance. You will become their Princess, Best Friend and Lover. All it needs is your natural nurturing, spontaneity and love to catch and keep your male lover.

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