Dily Horoscope – November 16, 2011 – from Addicted to Astrology

addicted to astrology daily horoscope november 16 2011


Daily Horoscope – November 16, 2011 – from Addicted to Astrology



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Avoid a tendency to be stubborn today as you could encounter some resistance. Keep in mind that you can overcome obstacles as long as you’re not creating them yourself, Aries. Take time to get organized. Clean out the clutter and get organized in every area of your life. Your friends are ultra important now and can help guide you through any temporary love, social or general life turbulence. A Leo and an Aquarius will play supportive roles.
You might be feeling closed in and desire some variety and spice today, Taurus. Be innovative where your deepest desires are concerned. A change will definitely benefit you. The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will be involved in your yearnings for new beginnings. You might feel a strong need to isolate yourself from those who you might feel aren’t contributing as much as you feel you are. Follow your heart and trust in your instincts for best results always, Taurus.
There are some loose ends that need tying up today, Gemini. Your home and family life will be a prime area of concern. You could be rediscovering a love interest or alternatively, you could be adapting to a recent romantic or domestic adjustment, for better or for worse. Tend to any pressing details and listen to the wise words of another Gemini and a Virgo today. Your big heart, brutal honesty and generous nature are your greatest assets especially today.
Separate illusion from reality. Avoid self-deception; perceive relationships in their true light. Make sense of what is going on. You could feel romantic and possess a tender loving touch, Cancer. Define terms, check rules and regulations and streamline daily procedures. A Pisces and a Virgo will play important and supportive roles. Look behind closed doors today, Cancer. You might find something that could change life as you know it.
Today indicates financial power and a serious focus on money. You will be concerned with finance and financial power. Today is ideal for delegating your authority wisely so that you’re daily burdens aren’t too heavy or overwhelming. The good news is that this your high cycle day, Leo. A Cancer and a Capricorn will play helpful and supporting roles.
Complete what you have been working on. Clean out the old and prepare for something new. Focus on promotion. Get ready for more responsibility. Make sure you get the permission of others before moving forward with your plans. You will have excellent ideas into the motives of others. Look beyond the immediate for best results. An Aries and a Libra play key roles.
You tend to get along well with everyone you encounter today. Friends and associates will be extra helpful. Today is an ideal day for beginning anything new. Follow your intuition, your own path and listen to your own voice. Stress originality in everything you touch, build, design and create. You can inspire others over to your point of view easily. A Leo and an Aquarius have something to say.
Ask questions; find out what you need to know and rid yourself of information and people that you don’t need. A possible new flirtation lends spice. Success comes through going with the flow today. A Cancer and a Capricorn will play important roles. Start a journal, adopt a pet or do a good deed for someone you know casually, Scorpio.
You might be viewed as overly persistent and determined to succeed. You might feel restless and come across as ultra stubborn, especially in relation to love or a serious relationship. You are seeking stability and serious commitment. Be careful that your feelings aren’t being manipulated. A Gemini and another Sagittarius can be involved in this picture. Make sure you understand the consequences of being too trusting of people you might not know as well as you want to believe.
Stay focused; remain organized and meticulous. This is not a day to rest. Tend to details. Your contact with friends is deeper and more meaningful than usual. Direct your creativity into something artistic for best results, Capricorn. You will get support and the backing you need to turn your dreams into realities. A Leo and an Aquarius could have some surprises for you.
Your intuitive side focuses on relationships and all partnerships today, Aries. A Sagittarius and a Pisces play roles. New partnerships and cooperative efforts are highlighted and appreciated greatly. Don’t rush or show resentment. A relationship, personal and professional could blossom today. A Virgo and a Gemini will be of assistance. Take some time to process everything that occurs today
You have a serious need for harmony today. Don’t make waves or create drama where none exists, Pisces. Use your powerful sensitivity today and remarkable intuition when dealing with those around and closest to you. Your cooperation and understanding will be needed in a domestic matter. Remain upbeat! You will express yourself quite well today, Pisces. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will play roles.

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