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Love Horoscopes – February 8, 2012

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Aries: The general energy today is a bit like the weather in the Midwest, overcast but not unpleasant. A highlight for the day is the possibility of love and romance at your feet. This is not a time when you should think of staying at home; it is most definitely an opportunity to get out and learn something new. While you are absorbing new knowledge, you meet someone who really impressed your mind as you are of theirs as well. Get to know this person; you will like what you find. Take advantage of the relatively stable but cool emotional environment to mend fences, solidify old friendships, and give someone a pat on the back. Don’t go overboard as it may seem like you are sucking up and want something.

Taurus: Your mind is directed inward and you begin to reflecting on your personal life and the overall direction you are headed in. One conclusion you do reach is that in your life, love and romance share the same sense of humor. If you are looking for someone special, you will find this person by their wittiness. You will both recognize that you are kindred spirits by the kind of things that make you both laugh. Once you find this person, you will certainly begin to notice other things that encourage your admiration. It will behoove you to see where this goes. Making a decision regarding your personal domestic life is favored at this time.  Look to the past and the choices you made to help you through.

Gemini: Romance and flirtations are likely now. You are feeling very expressive and frisky. Warm, loving feelings flow between you and the people you meet, especially those with sexual interest. If you are considering letting someone special know how you feel, then this may be a good time to do so. You have the faith and confidence to be honest and open, and they are very likely to be feeling the same way about you. Friendships are also strengthened at this time so be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. A small gift or token would be ideal. The energy surrounding you encourages plenty of laughter. Whatever else you may to do today, do so with sparkling wit or at least have a sense of humor.

Cancer: The energy is lighthearted and social today.  You are very congenial and accommodating during this time and more interested in the similarities you share with others rather than what separates you in life. If you are in a permanent relationship, then you may both find your lives enriched by a new circle of friends met through a new activity that either one or even both of you are involved in. If you are single, wear something with purple in your outfit. This will help you attract a good-humored lover, who is interested in you and your jokes. This is also a very good time to let people know you care about them. Send someone a card, write or email a note of appreciation or even a love letter! You could make someone’s day by doing this simple act.

Leo: This is a great day to focus on your romantic endeavors.  If you are going out on a date, maybe meeting this person for the first time, then expect some wonderful conversations that will be filled with genuine warmth – you will both have a good laugh. Both of you will want to make each other feel really good so look for the possibility of a night cap or second date. If you are in an established relationship and looking to kick things up a notch, subtle messages sans drama create much more of an impact than being extravagant and showing off. Don’t try to say everything you want all at once, but put it out a piece at a time so you don’t scare your sweetheart off. You will be able to clearly convey your message if you focus.

Virgo: You may be entering a period of emotional change. You could find yourself feeling two ways at once about something yet never getting too deep into either emotion. This in turn will be a very introspective time for you but go with the energy and you may clear up some perceptions you had about yourself and others. Though your demeanor may not be warm or loving at the moment, your latest romantic encounter will leave you feeling really good today. This may give you the opportunity to make a big impact that will certainly leave them with a lasting impression of yourself. All you need is a raised level of confidence, a few interesting topics of conversation and a couple of tasteful jokes to end this day on a high note.

Libra: The planetary alignment today could help you take a lighter view of a current relationship. Don’t question any moments of inspiration in your relationships right now, trying to pin them down will mean simply losing it altogether. Instead, enjoy and savor the feelings brought out in the process. If you have been moving through a rough patch where things have become strained between you, you will definitely benefit from the laughter and good humor evoked today. Better still, go out somewhere special, and allow yourselves both to relax. You will find this very revitalizing! This day could turn out to be a day you want to remember so make it last by writing down your day or even taking a few pictures.


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Scorpio: You want a break from your usual routine and in doing so could experience a refreshing change of pace. What better way to do so than by socializing and meeting new people. The unexpected pleasures of new friends or an adventurous attitude in your relationships make this time period stimulating. It is likely that you could develop a new romance or a revitalization of a current one as a result. If you have been attracted by the image that someone portrays then you may have an opportunity to get to know more about the personality behind it. Though be prepared to have to do quite a lot of talking about anything and everything in order to get asked out on that all important date. The object of your affections has no problem making you work.

Sagittarius: Love, relationships and pleasure are emphasized in the energy surrounding you now. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated by others in contact with you. A new romance or friendship may occur or an old or current one may take a turn for the better. You will have an excellent opportunity to get that special person just where you want them. Though once you get him or her there, you will have to put in some work to seal the deal. Nothing is going to happen for you today magically. You will need to engage your chosen one in artful conversation and so convince them of the great merits of going out on a date with you. They have heard it all before so be creative in your approach.

Capricorn: You are in no mood to compromise in your desires and your plans to achieve them. What you do not want to do is shove them down someone’s throat; you’re likely to be disappointed with the response you receive. Though it is a very good time to let someone know exactly what you want, you should use your natural charm and emotions to emphasize how much you care. In using this approach you will enjoy some wonderful and truly enlightening conversations today. If you are going out on a first date, expect your discussions to range over some pretty deep subjects, most surrounding personal philosophy. During this time you are likely to reach a very clear, definite decision about an important relationship at this time. Keep your mind open.

Aquarius: Communication with someone you are romantically interested in will go very well right now. Lively conversations, lighthearted chatting, and verbal flirting should lead to more intimate moments. This gives you the confidence to let he or she know what you are feeling towards them. Cast aside your doubts and go ahead, say what you have to say. They may even tell you that they were about to say the same thing, but didn’t know how to begin. So be brave and have faith. For those of you attached, serious discussions about your relationship could bring forth insightful revelations that strengthen your connection tremendously. The road will be much smoother now that you two are on the same level.

Pisces: If there were changes you wanted to make in your current relationship, now would be a good time to do so. The energy surrounding you promotes confidence and renews your faith to do whatever you feel you have to do. If you happen to be going out on a first date today it is likely you will have a really good time. It will be one of good conversation with lots of fun and laughter. You will rediscover how good it feels to relax and be yourself. Continue this trend by spoiling yourself and spending time with the people who love and appreciate you the most. Your craving for sweetness and comfort in the form of loving affection will appreciate the familiarity of those you surround yourself with. This will leave you rather tender and softhearted.

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