More Flyers !

I was on Granville Island this morning putting up more flyers. Being a musician is fun.. you’re always visiting cool places and experiencing different cultures. Today I went to another place in Vancouver that I hadn’t been to in while and as I was there, I took a couple of pictures.

Putting the Music School together has been a great experience for everyone.. Especially ME.. But we’re here because you asked for:

  • private lessons that are a little longer so you could run errands – but still affordable
  • music that is fun, contemporary, and still technically graded for advancement
  • progress ! music lessons, instruments, and classes are expensive – we’d like to see ALL of our students get closer to their musical goals

Did you know..

All of our teachers still practice? But what does that mean? After you’ve learned your scales and ploughed  through a couple of studies – then what?

It’s not just practice.. like – “practice makes perfect but I don’t have any gigs – so what’s the point?” It’s exercise – yes.. like going to the musical gym. Some people go to get brighter, louder, and faster. And others just want to keep their musical chops in shape. We’ll show you how to keep music alive and fun in everything you do.

Reminder ! Moms Babies & Michelle begins this week and my Performance Anxiety Class With Hypnosis is on Sunday August 25th – Register Now ! 

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