Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning January 12, 2015

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Astro – Week Sonnyscopes week beginning January 12 – 18, 2015

Hi everyone ! Welcome back to your Astro-Week Love Horoscopes for the week beginning January 12, 2015.

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Ok this week.. The Moon will travel from dark, secretive, sexy Scorpio into optimistic, philosophical, and expansive Sagittarius. Now whenever Scorpio comes up people naturally begin to think it’s going to be a sexy fun and passionate week. But there’s more to a Scorpio Moon than what lurks beneath the sheets.. Yes.. the week will begin on a sexy note, and whether  you’re coupled or not you’ll feel the urge to bond with someone on a more intimate level.  But.. there are things you should look out for. It’s a time of “other people’s money & money that arrives through a partner” . It’s also a time of inheritances. On the downside, it’s also taxes and potential legal trouble. Hidden affairs could come to light.. and yes – that biting tongue. It’s all part of the deal. But so is Scorpio’s renowned disciple, dedication, and intelligence. And that’s the emotional energy we’ll all be feeling as the week unfolds.

The week is kind of like.. Scorpio energy uncovering truth, desires, and love then Sagittarius energy takes over and kind of shoots forth and brings the desire to life.. or tucks it into bed for the winter – depending on how you look at it.

The second half of the week has us feeling jovial and the “wanting to get outside” energy of Sagittarius. This is expansive energy so depending on where it falls in your chart, be careful not to overdo it. You could easily overspend, over eat, or push yourself too hard at the gym. And.. because it’s a happy energy, you might not even recognize that you’ve pushed yourself too far until the damage has already been done. This energy does not like to be contained and it’s always pushing forward into the bigger picture. It’s a good time to get out and socialize, or go for a hike. The Sagittarius energy generally attracts the exotic, rebellious, and generally different. It’s straight shooting, blunt, and generally honest. So.. although we might begin the week in a grumpy and reclusive, sexy Scorpio mood, we’ll all lighten up and enjoy the light hearted and fun Sagittarius energy by mid-week.

Mars.. the planet of active and outward energy – what you are currently putting your efforts into – has moved on from eccentric and free spirited Aquarius into dreamy, psychic Pisces. This means depending on where it falls in your chart, you’ll be putting your efforts into new activities. But.. these activities will be colored in a softer, more compassionate, and “helping the underdog” Pisces energy. Personally.. I think Pisces are some of the most artistic, caring, psychic, and beautiful people that I know. Mars in Pisces however represents a time when spiritual and personal beliefs become a bit dogmatic. We’ll be quick to stick up for injustices and we’ll want to help others get a fair deal. If this is combined with Aquarius energy (which it is.. Venus in Aquarius) we can all expect a bit of the unexpected and a bit rebellious.

Finally.. Pluto and Uranus are almost square. And this means a sudden and dramatic change wherever it falls in your personal chart. – good luck everyone – S

Dear Aries

You’re still attracting socially and your career is still highlighted but you’re going to begin feeling a little low in energy. The drain is going to come at a bad time as hidden enemies make themselves known. Is there something that you overlooked at the office? Double check the fine print. You’re going to feel like looking into a joint partnership and you should really feel a bit frisky but.. energy is low. Take some time for yourself but see if you can strike a balance.. maybe there’s someone on your dance card who makes you feel good when your down.. someone who naturally recharges your batteries. Find them and you’ll enter into a new world you never imagined.

Dear Taurus

Well..whenever the moon is in Scorpio you feel loving and you want to be happy with your dearest friend. The moon brings out your hidden passionate nature and lets you have the fun you’re always looking for without the judgement that other transits can bring. Actually, you’re far more aggressive and outgoing than people give you credit for.. especially when love is on the line. This week, your heart is with your partner but your career is calling. Step up at the office and accept the new responsibilities. A promotion is on the way. Your outward energy also moves on this week and you’re going to want to get out and be social. Give it a shot.. you never know who you’ll meet.

Dear Gemini

Saturn has moved into your astro-sector of personal relationships. Now.. this is going to make people leave you. Generally, things that really aren’t to be – will break away. You’re also going to be asked to fight for what you want. It may seem like doom and gloom but there is a very bright silver lining. It means control and stability. So.. if you’re looking for a long lasting relationship that’s built on trust and mutual achievement then now’s the time to start looking. The down side is.. Gemini doesn’t usually look for stability. You guys tend to like playing the field. So, if you want love to keep flowing through the next little while you’re simply going to have to change your game. And when you think about it.. that’s the lesson of Saturn in your relationship sector.

Dear Cancer

The week opens with you feeling frisky! Yes.. again (lol.. it’s cute) Right now however, you are still very lucky in money. Don’t waste this transit. For the next six months you should still be taking calculated advancements with finances. They will work out. Right now, partnerships are on the mind. And this includes love, money, travel, kids, living arrangements, and the future. There is a lot to think about and for our most emotionally intuitive sign it can be overwhelming. Where do you want to be today..? and then tomorrow..? You don’t have to lock yourself into anything just set a direction and go. Your team loves you and if they’re keepers then they’ll gladly tag along. If they don’t.. then they were never going to anyways.

Dear Leo

Now that love has settled down a bit and your closest relationships are running along smoothly, it’s time to shift your focus to money. Efforts are going to be directed into joint financial activities. You might find yourself taking care of other people’s money or affairs. Hidden finances will come to light. It does sound like a shifting form love and romance to business but Venus is still attracting in your relationship sector so.. you really can have it both. It’s going to get busy shortly so try to have a little patience with everyone.

Dear Virgo

Time to spice up your love life a bit and if you’re ready.. then it’s time to take things to the next level. You’ve been shining recently and you’ve been taking care of the details. Believe it or not, so signs find this rather attractive and at one person has had their eye on you. Keep the creativity flowing and take care of your health. And.. if someone winks – say hello!

Dear Libra

You’re feeling especially creative these days and the world around you is loving every moment. You’re entering a planning cycle where your next project is going to take shape. Pay close attention to the details and keep going to the gym. It may seem like it’s been a while in the works but really, everything still has to be planned out. Take your time and put the pieces together. Love will return after this cycle and you’ll be in better shape than you could have imagined to embrace love again.

Dear Scorpio

Good fortune and luck continue to favor your career but we just can’t drag you out of the house. Home upgrades or maybe a move is in order. Know in advance that it’s going to work out. So dream big on the new place. Love enters a new cycle where you’re going to be a bit pushy. Try not to ruffle any feathers but have some fun. Creativity will hit a peak in the next couple of weeks so if you’re in the Arts then get busy. Children will take on a bigger role as problems at home continue to smooth over. The last drama should finally be over and it’s on to the new one. Good luck.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ll begin the week reclusive and maybe even in a bit of a mood. It’ll pass by mid-week but in the meantime just take some time for yourself and center your emotions. It’s about to feel like personal freedoms are being taken away from you. And, the things you signed up for just aren’t being delivered. What to do? It’s a great time for money and a new business opportunity arrives just in time. Watch for problems at home to put a small damper on things but if you act quickly it should be ok. The pieces are all there for you to put it together. Have fun.

Dear Capricorn

You’re going to want to get out socialize. You’ve been working hard and you are seeing the financial rewards but your social life has taken a hit. Patch things up with old acquaintances and make some new friends. Once again.. yes you are in a money and new business cycle but you’re going to need some friends to make it through. Now having said all of that, your day to day life is about to pick up. Expect a faster day with a lot of running around. So.. watch out for accidents while driving and generally be careful.

Dear Aquarius

Problems at work finally clear up and you’ve got the green light for a new project. Go for it. Energy is low this week but love is flowing in your direction. Partners are also lucky. Put it all together and you can make some real strides. It’s not really a retrospective time but you will be thinking about the past and how to do things differently. Double check the fine print and you’re set to go.

Dearest Pisces

You finally get that boost of energy that the planets promised. But.. watch for accidents.. just a little. Love still flows from the past and you’re still in the social limelight. It’s a good time to take advantage of the energy and see who you meet. Someone might hold the secret you’ve been waiting for (or known all along).  Keep a close eye on your personal finances.. things could change quickly. You’re not “lucky” right now but you should still buy a lottery ticket.

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