Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 15th, 2014

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Astro-Week Sonnyscopes ! Beginning September 15, 2014

This week Mars the planet of aggression, action, and arguments will enter free spirited, philosophical, and big picture thinking Sagittarius. This means we’ll all feel a shift in our active energy from “behind the scenes” & “controlling” Scorpio to a more jovial and outwardly expansive Sagittarius. We’ll all have a new sense of freedom and we won’t want to be tied down with slower moving problems. Higher learning, distance philosophies, and long distance travel take on a greater importance. There is a chance of problems from a distance but happy hearts supported with common goals and strong values of love will prevail.

Dear Aries

With your daily routine and personal health finally sorted out it’s time to hit the books. There’s a new and foreign philosophy calling that will eventually shape both your love life and the way you do business. You’ll want to get out and go on that holistic retreat you’ve been planning but know in advance that trying to pull others into your new way of thinking will be met with resistance. Karma is clearing strife in your closest relationship.

Dear Taurus

It seems like you’ve given up on your dreams of true love with your partner and decided to go after what the two of you can accomplish together instead. This is a bad move. True love, creativity, fun, and frolic are all in the stars right now and you can have it all. All you really have to do is see your lover in a new light which is kind of like the original light that you fell in love with and the two of you will be able to accomplish more than you currently believe. Give love another chance to succeed.

Dear Gemini

With so much good happening at home.. why are you fighting with your partner? Maybe it’s been a long time coming and you think they deserve a piece of your mind but when you think about it – perhaps you were part of the problem as well. Honest conversations will lead to a positive outcome. A joint project will get the two of you back on the same team. If you do decide to let them go.. you might be alone longer than you think.

Dear Cancer

Expect plans to suddenly get derailed. You’ll be moving faster than you think and there will be a lot of busy work to slow you down. Your chores have been piling up and you can’t ignore them anymore. Find a way through. When everything is finally cleared up in a couple of weeks and you’re back on track your home life will take on a wonderfully loving glow. But for now.. it’s back to work and don’t forget to make time for the gym!

Dear Leo

Your love life steps up a notch this week as you’re filled with a creative feeling of self expression and you have the energy to match! If you’re looking for love then get out and say hello but don’t be too pushy. Money is coming in and you’d love to share it with those you love but you might go overboard. Watch the fine print and stick to your budget but make sure you still have some fun. A shopping trip yields more than back to school supplies.

Dear Virgo

You’re working on the house and it feels like you’re going it alone. This has you feeling restless and moody and it’s going to last for the rest of the month! Take a moment and make sure that this is what you want before committing yourself further. You’re extra attractive right now and everyone is saying the right words to make you glow.. but are they really listening to your needs?

Dear Libra

Your mind is alive with ideas and options as new opportunities unfold in front of your eyes. Thoughts of revising an old project, has a better than average chance to succeed this time but your team has changed. Although your mind is alive and quickly filling with beautiful possibilities, it’s also scattered and unfocused. As such you won’t actually know who to believe or which direction to take. Days filled with short trips and constant communication will feel like a step up in the career but ultimately it will just add to the confusion.  There is clarity hidden somewhere in the chaos of ideas but only an honest look inwards will find it and put you on the right path.

Dear Scorpio

It’s time to make some money. Although you prefer to spend your time behind the scenes, this week you should get out and go after your financial goals. Take a moment and double check your long term goals to ensure that your short term obligations will eventually take you where you’d like to go. You’re felling like nothing you do is good enough, and you’re pushing harder than normal. Calm down but keep going. A peaceful heart will lead the way.

Dear Sagittarius

Not that you’re usually a push over or anything but this week you have a stronger belief in yourself and where you’re going than you’ve had for a while. Physical energy returns and with it, your confidence, inner strength, and commitment to yourself begins to reassert itself. It’s a great time to get back to the gym or take up a new hobby that puts a smile on your face. People are noticing you again. Show them your best.

Dear Capricorn

It’s time to take a small step back and have a look at your plan. Are your goals lining up or did you get sidetracked along the way? Missed steps and cut corners will catch up. Take this week to clean up old messes and plan for your next step. Have patience. Your time in the sun is returning shortly.

Dear Aquarius

It’s time to get out and do some networking. New people will bring fresh ideas and a chance to make money from your career. There’s a puzzle unfolding in front of you that only an Aquarius will be able to solve. Allow your natural creativity and outside the box thinking to shine through. If possible, avoid ego dramas but make sure you stick up for yourself. You’re beginning a cycle where a logical push in your social circles will lead to the dreams you’ve been hoping for.

Dearest Pisces

A burst of ambition hits your career and you’d like to be recognized for your work. Go ahead and ask for what you believe you’re worth but make sure you actually get it done. Try not to step on too many toes as you climb the corporate ladder.  It’s a great time to step into the limelight and if you’re thinking of starting your own business then the planets are encouraging you to have faith and take a chance on yourself. Good luck Pisces.

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