Hump Day Horoscopes for Kids, Tweens & Teens | June 29 – July 6, 2022 Live @ 9.30am EST

Hump Day Horoscopes for Kids, Tweens & Teens | June 29 – July 6, 2022 Live @ 9.30am EST

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Weekend Horoscope May 13 – 15, 2022

Weekend Horoscope May 13 – 15, 2022

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Hi Everyone, Welcome back to The SunnySide. These are the weekend horoscopes for the full Moon weekend of May 13 to May 15, 2022 for all Zodiac Signs. As always, there are timestamps in the description box as well as a link to book a reading with Sonny. Finally, if anyone would like a free copy of their birth chart report, they are available on Sonny’s website, the Sunnyside dot net. Ok, Everyone cool? Here we go.

Dear Aries. A busy astro-weekend has you worried about the way you look and present yourself to the world around you. What seemed so easy a couple of days ago suddenly brings tears. Venus doesn’t like hanging out in Aries at the best of times but this weekend the planet of love and attraction will bump up against Chiron, the wounded healer. This will bring an unusually large hit to the ego than normal and cast a shadow of self-doubt on abilities. A second shadow of doubt will shake your comfort zone as the Sun continues to transit the North Node in your 2nd house of personal finances. It will be a difficult weekend for many but there is a light. Aries energy is still attracting and even though doubt might creep in, you’re looking fabulous. The full moon is going to bring to light something currently unseen in your joint finances and possible health. Double check your credit card statement, watch your health, and you can also expect legal resolutions shortly, but the real action is shared resources. Expect your couch or extra room to expect a visitor soon. On the final bummer, peeps are dragging your money game down the pooper. It’s really up to you if you want to splurge for the social outing or do something a little more full moon in Scorpio and call up your favorite playmate for a night of red wine and old SunnySide astrology videos. Either way, Sonny says the overall mood might lead to doubts but Aries should push through and use the positive side of the energy to either uncover the secret origins of that bump, or simply get out and enjoy the day.

Dear Taurus. Lady Muscles has come to play and she’s brought some red-hot dice so let her through. Be bold and strong. The world may be changing around you but you are currently the idolized model of inspiration. Sonny says that means you’re rocking sweet game whether you realize it or not so go ahead and show a little leg when you step out of the limo. On the fun side of things, the full moon will divinely highlight some hidden aspects of your closest relationships. It could go either way so be prepared for the drama and a lot of sidestepping of answers. Like Sonny says, it’ll be a weekend of looking good, getting your answers, and letting the full moon take care of any leftover karma in relationships or legal stuff. Love may leave you with a bit of a saddened heart for a couple of days as a bit of drama picks up behind the scenes. Whatever is happening is out of your control so you’re going to have to do your best to just be there for everyone. Love is totally hanging out in secret right now so super make sure your curtains closed especially if your lips aren’t. Quick editorial note here. I’m pretty sure Sonny wanted to say something other than lips but until he starts reading the horoscopes again, I guess we’ll never know. Dear Taurus, peeps continue to act up in ways that are putting your dreams in jeopardy. Step on some toes, unplug your phone, and turn off your computer. Peeps are draining your energy with disagreeable moods but all they really want is to be heard, and possibly herded so just do your best. Another change is coming at work but that can wait for Monday. As for the weekend, Sonny says that despite the troublesome nature of Mars, you should get out with your friends and have some fun. Guys will be leaving you their numbers on the backs of credit cards and your ex is going to look like a spring-time sidewalk in Montreal when the snow melts and everyone can finally see what’s really hiding on the sidewalk. Hmmm, very descriptive Sonny. Good luck Taurus. Next.

Dear Gemini. Your environment isn’t settled and as much as you try and set things straight it looks like everything is falling apart all around you. You can’t be there for everyone so do your best where you can and above all, make sure you take care of yourself. The full moon will highlight a possible health problem that you didn’t see coming so remember to stretch and make a note if anything feels out of place. You have some unfinished business that no one knows about so just make sure to take the next couple of weeks and clean things up. If your health is sound then look for surprises in your regular routine. There’s a fly in there somewhere. When it pops up hopefully it won’t cause too much drama. The same goes for one of your pets. Just keep your eyes open and don’t overly stress yourself out or try to do too much. Career and publicity are taking up a lot of your time and energy. This is causing bumps with the peeps in charge so watch your speeding and make sure you pull over when the cherries start to flash. Love is definitely coming from your online community so splurge for extra bandwidth if that’s still a thing. You are currently entering the beginning of your once in every 12 years super popularity cycle so shave your legs, wipe that camera-lense for a better image, and start posting. As far as money is concerned, the credit card is beginning to cry for mercy and Pluto has just turned retrograde. You have until October before you can loosen your belt again. Keep that wallet closed.

Dear Cancer. This mercury retrograde weekend has you cleaning up or finishing off messes that are beyond your control. Very cool Sonny, how are we going to deal that? Ok, Sonny says there are probably a couple of messes piling up behind the scenes. Some of these messes have nothing to do with you either, but for whatever reason they are now your problems as well. And this is coming at a time when you don’t really need any more problems. Sonny says you’re going to want to shell up to prevent the outside stress from causing any permanent cracks but you really should just put everything in a mind map cue and check everything off as you can. Very shortly mercury will be back in your 11th house and although it will be retrograde, you can expect phone calls and messages that were unattended to finally be returned. And yes sweet Crabs, one of those messages could be from Mr Hey What’s Up so be prepared for a casual encounter. If you’re looking for love then definitely get out and sus the vibe. You’re not exactly in the spotlight but you are being noticed in the right kind of way. In other words, Sonny says you’re looking beach ready so come and join everyone on the land for a little bit and don’t worry about the Mo-Fo’s. It’s the weekend and you deserve to play. On another astro-note, Mars is pushing forward in his break everything he can kind of way in your 9th house of things at a distance. So drama blazes on foreign shores. Do your best to help where you can but like Sonny said earlier, you might have 10 legs but you really only have two claws.

Dear Leoo. Double check between the pillows, something that you didn’t know was lost will suddenly appear. Just in time you may ask. Sonny says no, it will just be a coincidence but it will still be some pretty cool astrology fun so keep your eyes open. Seriously Sonny, how psychic do you have to be to tell people they might find loose change in their couch. Ok next, dear Leo love is arriving from distant shores as letters of adoration pour in from magical kingdoms of enchantment and delight, all waiting for you to graciously reach out and be their queen. Thinking is full on party time with peeps from yore and you already know that this is a year for you to shine publicly but the urge to hit the boogie is on overdrive. You may not be leaving just yet but there’s a move in the works. Be careful because Mercury is retrograde and encouraging social fun and bad idea selfies. Thinking isn’t exactly on point and the whole Scorpio to Taurus full Moon thing isn’t your cup of jam to begin with. This is a full Moon looking to uncover secrets but Leo’s would prefer that subjects would just kind of enjoy everything and not look too deeply behind the mask. So it’s not really a Leo kind of action vibe to begin with. Now, before you sulk off and wiz on an electric fence or something Sonny has some great news for Leos looking for love. If you play your cards right, and Leos always do, then one of those secrets that may be revealed is how good you’re going to look in that sexy new summer dress. Go get them Leo. You’re public is waiting.

Dear Virog. Someone is going to push you to the ground and try to take your lunch money. Wait, no. That is not the horoscopes, that’s how do you know if an Aries likes you. Ok, next. Dear Virog. It’s all about communication and transportation. The full Moon has you wanting to get away for the weekend but office paperwork might actually keep you in town. There’s a test on the horizon that you’ll have to retake so it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your basics. This weekend a health situation or drama with a pet could become a problem. Keep an eye on your furry little friend as the weather changes. Shared resources are very good right now and only getting better. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, if you want anything then all you have to do is tag along and the peeps should splurge. On the other hand, because money is probably pretty good, you can expect others to want you to pay for them. It’s going to go both ways and it might make things difficult to save. Sonny knows it sucks but that’s the action of this transit. Venus in the 8th house can also lead to people becoming sick around you and you might oddly find yourself staying with a friend or in a hotel this weekend. A new cellphone has your name on it. You should wait before you splurge but whatever, have fun.

Dear Libra. It looks like Mr Granola has finally gotten off of his koomby-ya and popped some type of question. He might not arrive bearing candles and flowers but anything on the other side of a bubble bath looks good about now. Dorian might have 50 shades on you, but you know a secret way back to the castle. Sonny says don’t forget your shoes. One would think that the full Moon in Scorpio would cause most Libras to behave as if Lillith was whispering sweet words of encouragement to the small brain in their pants. And although this is definitely yes time for most Libras, the real action is happening closer to the bank. Check the funds and make sure you’ve got a little wiggle to play. There’s nothing worse than hearing the starting pistol and realizing your shoes are untied. No, Sonny knows that a Libra is never caught out like that. He says Libra game is always tight but this weekend the Scorpio Moon is going to swoon common sense right out the window. This will be a very authentic Moon that will honestly cut to the answer. Look for solutions in your money game. There might not be roses but there will be seeds. Plant those seeds and you just might receive a new coupon book. Finally Libra, Sonny says to get the ring appraised.

Dear Scorpio. Lazy days may mark these days with time do pass as you’d please but in one short leap Mars will step up and crank your engine into warp. Make the most of his easy and relaxed time to work on your health and habits. When things heat up shortly you’re going to have to be at your best so practice good habits now. Love may have been quick with a smile last month but right now everyone you smile at secretly thinks you’re a perv. No Scorpio, no one is going to out you but you’ll see it in their eyes. Maybe they’re just jelly. Be prepared either way because peeps are talking about your future and they’re not only wondering how you’re going to pay for it, but if you might have a little grease left over for an extra hand as well. Sonny says that of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio should be the most careful. The full Moon is happening in your 1st house of physical appearance so everyone is going to see the real you. For better or worse dear Scorpio, your dirty laundry is on display, and you’re also probably wearing it. Problems at home aren’t going to get better any time soon so take it all in stride and do your best to be cool when temperatures begin to boil. Pluto is now comfortably retrograde and Mercury is joining into the astrological mix. Nows the time for computer problem, car problems, and trouble with your brothers and sisters. Fun wow. Finally dear Scorpio, Sonny says he knows this is going to sound like a joke but make sure you do up your fly this weekend.

Dear Sagittarius. Your financial security is about to take an unpleasant hit in the pocket book. There will also be a cost to fix or replace it. The upgrade will eventually be worth it but the pain that you have to go through to get there won’t be. Heads up. Behind the scenes adventures have you either going for a secret hike or quietly snoozing the weekend away. For most Sagittarians Mars will be putting a lot of energy into your home and family life. As much as you try to be a good daughter you just can’t stop yourself from arguing with your mother right now. Mars in your 4th house can make your mother sick without anyone knowing so maybe do your best to keep it together next Mother’s Day. A possible move or home renovation is still in the cards but luck has currently left the building. There’s still a lot of energy in your 4th house of family but Jupiter has moved onto your 5th house of gambling, partying, babies and making them. This means you are entering your once in 12 year super lucky cycle so make sure you get out and buy some lottery tickets. And if you win, make sure you peace out a little for Sonny and the SunnySide. Lovers from the past are returning with papers for you to sign, fun wow. Just be careful as random ideas from the past try to alter your daily meditation initiative.

Dear Capricorn. The Full Moon is call out all sea goats to play. Although most of the astrological energy is blessing the bottom of your chart, the full Moon is encouraging you to get out and socialize. The pull of the Moon is difficult to ignore at the best of times, so if you’ve been invited to an awards show, then maybe you should dust off your tux and hit the red carpet. Just make sure that you don’t make fun of anyone rocking a hair optional fade. Daily habits will come under scrutiny but it’s always a good idea to double check your habits. Your plans will come derailed so do your best to just go with the flow. As Sonny said earlier, it’ll be a weekend to cruise with the peeps, and the full Moon usually indicates giving in or going along with the crowd anyways. Just because it’s in Scorpio doesn’t mean you have to kiss and tell. But it does mean you will find out the true feelings of one of your friends. Let’s hope she doesn’t tell you any fantasies about your bestie on the chess team. Third wheel or friendzone, either way it could get awkward. On the other hand, love is coming from your circle of friends so if you’re looking then you’re going to have to bite down and take the leap. On the double plus side, love is favoring the unusual so Sonny says you should go for it but don’t be surprised if she just wants a ride to her friend’s house.

Dear Aquarius. A sweet deal is going to tempt with an expense you’re not going to resist. As much as you’d love Sonny to say go for it, Mercury retrograde is asking you to double check the fine print. Thoughts are currently drifting to love and romance. Are you going to make that call. If they’re still taking up place in your thoughts then maybe you should see if they still have a place in your heart. Don’t be surprised if love actually walks up and knocks on the front door. In very good news, there’s still a possibility that someone is going to give you a cellphone or even a car. Go Aquarius. In strange astrology news, you might attract a new brother. However you slice it, communication is favored this weekend so reach out and see what everyone wants to do. Sonny thinks Aquarius should go out on the town and have some fun. All of the good stuff will be waiting at home when you get back on Monday. Sonny says the kids will kick up a fuss but don’t stress it, watch your spending, and work the phones. Love is waiting in a special email.

Dearest Pisces. The injury bug continues to follow you everywhere you go. Watch for hitting your head, pimples, and maybe a sore back. Despite the recent nibbles from the injury bug, you’re still filled with some old-fashioned fighting spirit. Peeps better not blink twice on the fish. Schools out and mamma has a stream to swim up. On the super plus side money should be very good right now. Although Mercury is retrograde and we all know that you shouldn’t spend what you don’t have, money is so good a splurge might be worth it. Afterall, you can’t put a price on happiness but you can definitely try. Behind the scenes drama will still try and drag you through the nonsense but you don’t have to engage if you don’t want to. The faces are the same but the felling has somehow changed. Don’t commit to any paper if your heart isn’t attached. Likewise, you shouldn’t commit to any pulls of the heart if paper isn’t involved. Believe it or not the stars are currently stacked in your favor so you don’t really have to wait for anyone to change either. If Mr Right Now doesn’t tighten his game then maybe you should give another destiny a try.

Thank you everyone for joining us on The SunnySide. Please subscribe to the channel, leave a comment and buy lots of merch. Wishing everyone the best of a beautiful day and we’ll see you on the livestream.

Weekly Horoscope May 9 – 13, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope May 9 – 13, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope May 9 – 13, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

 Schedule a Private Reading using Zoom ! Simply follow the PayPal link and Sonny will message you to schedule your meeting with Zoom

Hi Everyone. Welcome back to The SunnySide. These are the weekly horoscopes for the week of May 9 to May 13, 2022 for all zodiac signs. As always, there are timestamps and a link to set up a personal reading with Sonny in the description box.   

Everyone ready? Here we go.  

Get ready everyone, a major shift in energy is coming. Jupiter is entering Aries bringing a renewed innocence, fresh expectations, and a desire to get things going. Everyone will be feeling impatient and willing to take bigger risks than usual.  This is a 12-year transit so you can expect similar events from 2010 to 2011 to repeat themselves. Before everyone screams doom and gloom, remember that the Jupiter transit will usually expand things wherever it falls in your chart and for the most part, this will be good. Fortunes will shift and luck will change. If you know where to look in your personal chart for success then this transit can be a very good thing for many people. Fire signs and people with Venus in a fire sign will be very lucky. People with their Moon in a Fire Sign can expect increased flashes of psychic intuition, vivid dreams and premonitions.    

Later in the week, the Sun’s conjunction with the North Node will brightly shine a light on a project that you’ve been working towards. For many people, this tricky to navigate transit can cause a loss of jobs, prestige, and potential health problems with family members. Of course, a more accurate description or when you’ll be challenged and how you’re going to triumph will depend on your personal chart.   

Finally, Mercury, the bisexual planet of casual encounters is about to forget their coveralls at home. That’s not so good when the brain checks into autopilot for a couple of weeks. Expect excuses for impulse and short-sighted decisions to both amuse and frustrate. Sonny says, none of that really matters because during Mercury retrograde, you’re probably going to mess it up anyways. So give it a shot, have fun and see where everything lands in a couple of weeks. 

On the plus side, if you like refiling paperwork, sitting on hold, and forgotten expenses to suddenly appear then this will be a good week for you. Actually, Sonny says that this will be a very good week for reconnecting with forgotten friends, shelved projects, and getting lost down memory lane. If the weather is nice you should go for a walk to clear your mind and stop for ice cream to feed your soul.  

On the weather side of things, with Jupiter entering Aries we can expect the theme of Big Fire and Wind. Expect the weather to heat up and the winds to blow until Jupiter turns retrograde at the end of July when things will cool down until the very end of October.   

If anyone has any questions, then simply leave them in the comments section and Sonny will do his best to answer them on the livestream.  

Dear Aries. Something is wrong with your money tree. You’re looking at your finances and you have questions. Can you really afford that new car or computer? You may have found a couple of bucks in your pocket but come on Aries, do you really have to spend it right away? When Mercury turns retrograde, you’ll be tempted to splurge more than ever as you find yourself revisiting stores to see if that spring jacket is still on sale. Do you really need that shiny new toy or are you just suddenly exploring your inner Libra nature. Sonny bets that with Venus still in your 1st house of looks, you’re still as pretty as ever but the pimple game has just begun. A big smile and a little makeup are all you’ll need to win over both the hearts and wallets of generous new friends. Aries are definitely attracting love but most of this week is going to be a grind. Not negative mind you but a regular go to the gym and eat your veggies kind of get chores done week. Maybe you could find a buddy to tag along for some fun but that might just slow you down. Finally dear Aries, Sonny says Buddy Jive is still waiting backstage with a bone to pick with you. If you’re not hungry for a fight then maybe let love win this one.  

Dear Taurus. You are almost ready to finally step out of your safe meadow and visit the fast-paced action of the big city. Your identity will hit some kind of flux late in the week so be on the lookout for identity theft, lost keys, and injuries that are taking longer than usual to heal. Retrograde Mercury is going to have you revisit both new and old ways of making money. Expect old business partners and clients to return. Love is blessing a behind the scenes negotiation in your favour. Do your best to keep things quiet for a bit because love is going to open a new wound shortly. As for your social reputation and life with the peeps, whatever you did on social media to stir the shazam is definitely going to bite back. Sonny says you must know that the royal Wazoo is on the way and he’s going to be looking for a pound of flesh from little Miss Muscles. On the super plus side, although love is a little shy right now, the Moon in Virgo will bring out your romantic and playful side so make sure to have some fun while being creative. Finally dear Taurus, Sonny says, seriously man, life doesn’t have to be speed chess all the time but you can grow old waiting for buddy to make a solid move.   

Ok, next. Dear Gemini. There’s so much public good happening right now that all you really have to do is logon and smile. There is a touch of caution before we get to the good stuff. Your astro 12th house is highlighted and everyone is looking through your garbage to see what your next move is going to be. Credit checks, background checks, and pretty much anything that has to be looked at for the lenders to sign off on your next project is under the microscope. Sonny says whatever man, high card deals. The thing is dear Gemini, the Sun is going to cross the North Node during Mercury Retrograde. These are the horoscopes guys, not the lottery so if that many astro-balls are in play it’s usually not good. You’re going to have to ask for another card because that behind-the-scenes check might not turn out as good as you expected and that is the lesson of the Nodes. Do not consider anything binding until all paperwork is signed and the keys are in your hand. In order to receive the huge blessing that are waiting for you from this transit, you’re going to have to lay down some solid game. Take real steps to make your dream a reality. It’s shakeout time, big dreams and strong arms are the money play.  

Dear Cancer. The soul-searching journey takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane. You’ll find yourself doing a mental and emotional self-audit just to see if you’re still in line with the world around you. Take your time and sort it out. Peeps are talking about you more than you realize so tighten up the shell and lock the door when you leave. Prying eyes are going to leave footprints, gossip, and nasty messages. Action will speak louder than words but you might not like what they do so be prepared for both the unexpected and the inevitable. Mars continues to give you the hard sell from distant shores but it still doesn’t seem like the dream it’s supposed to be. Sonny says to be cool, it will seaside sexy Crab-love jiggy-vibe sooner than you think. Now for two little bumps. Before the rooster crows a friend will let you down, and a public meltdown is coming. As for the good stuff, love really wants you to get out and enjoy the sun. Sonny wants to remind all of the crabs out there that it’s a beautiful day to be beautiful. And as always, together it’s a beautiful day.   

Dear Leo. It’s time to check back in with the peeps. Life may have sent you on a sideways adventure that pulled you away from your usual crew. Don’t just post a selfie and expect the peeps to call. Come on Leo, it’s not like you can take a ‘thumbs up’ or an emoji to the dance. Hey Leo where’s your date. Cool man she’s right here on my phone. Social dynamics in 2022 is getting weird. No, Sonny says dear Leo you have to make this happen, so untuck your pride and let your dangle brush the high-grass for a couple of laps. You may be in line for a very public promotion or a new job. It will be something that you’ve always wanted but the reality of the situation will have you scratching your head. Unexpected events will have you feeling pressured to react. As always, be cool when the pitchforks are raised, this is not the time to call in an air-strike. Love continues to push for something at a distance and Sonny says beginning this week, even though Mercury is retrograde you should still Google Maps your expectations and desires. Your biggest dreams are going to be put through the sifter until the end of June but that’s the blessing. A spiritual message is being received.  

Dear Virog. As Pluto turns retrograde in your astro-sector of love and romance, an inevitable feeling will set into your love game. A usually fun and inspired time could be replaced with difficult decisions. Then again, Sonny says that Pluto in the 5th house leads to excessive partying and public drunkenness which is very un-Virog so you’ll have to take it all with a grain of salt and probably a lime or coke chaser. Venus is currently gracing your 8th house of shared resources so money is coming from helping others get things. See that everyone? Your second house is getting your stuff, and the 8th house is helping others get their stuff. If Venus is in either place Sonny says you’ll get paid. On the super plus side, Jupiter is about to enter the game throwing the biggest light on what is actually possible here. Do your best to harvest the good fortune until the end of July when Jupiter turns retrograde and slows down the fun. This only happens once every 12 years so make the most of it. Mercury retrograde will mess up some paperwork obviously, but the real action is a shift in thinking from getting a new job, to where are you going to take that vacation.  Congratulations Virog enjoy the week.  

Dear Libra. Don’t get ahead of yourself because chores still have to get done and you’re busy anyways but, love is about to smile in a way it hasn’t done in 12 years. This week Jupiter joins Venus in Aries filling your dance card with promises of happily-ever-after. Look twice before you leap, Mercury retrograde will create unsustainable romantic entanglements. Friends from distant shores will call to say hello although trips abroad will face paperwork problems. There is an unexpected development in your joint finances so keep your eyes open for peeps baring open hands. There’s also a possibility that you’re going to unexpectedly get sick or injury yourself. Just be cool and even though you’re probably not going to get much rest, try and find time to take care of yourself. Sonny says to keep relationships light and easy-breezy in the game of love. With Mercury turning retrograde you might change your mind down the road when reality enters your romantic bubble. But for now, have some fun. The weather is turning to short skirts and money is coming from teamwork. Go get ‘em Libra. Sonny says, you know what to do.  

Dear Scorpio. Jupiter is about to leave your astro-sector of fun, frolic and nakedy good times, and enter your astro-sector of daily work, chores and service to others. Go Scorpio, you win the game. Wait. Mars is still in your 5th house of NSA glitter parties so it’s not entirely game over just yet. On one hand, Mars will cause problems like accidental pregnancies and difficult situations with the kids. Your love life will be filled with conflict and require constant attention. Normally this type of love drama would send you back to the office just to get away but Mars is sticking around for the fight. Maybe you should take a lesson from Libra and just keep things light and breezy in love for the next little while. Sonny says the positive side of Mars in Pisces for Scorpios is public drunkenness, a super-high libido, a desire to take chances, gamble and visit the casino. It doesn’t mean you are going to win but it does mean you’re going to have fun trying. Astro-note. The moon in Virog is opposite all of this dating energy in your 5th house so when love pushes, you’ll probably cave. Sonny says to have a fun shower and he’ll see you on the livestream. Finally Scorpio, Mercury retrograde will cause problems with your credit card, as in you’re going to overuse it paying for someone else. With all of the arguing you’ve been having, that is definitely something AF. Sonny says to put your credit card away and stick to your guns.  

Dear Sagittarius. Your day-to-day life gets a little jolt of what’s really possible. You can have it all but you’ll need a plan and a way to make that plan happen. Sometimes dear Sagittarius you don’t actually have to do anything but write it down, let it go, and let your destiny find you. Sonny says you are naturally lucky so set your intention and go for it. Mercury doesn’t like you very much at the best of times and it’s going to turn retrograde in your astro-sector of partnerships so you can expect someone to express a desire for granola when you are clearly prime with some nice ribs. Forget Mercury, your man is Jupiter. Jupiter is fun and big hearted. Mercury is nerdy and can’t get their pronouns straight. Anyways, Jupiter is going to hang out with Venus in Aries for a little bit and that will send your love game to a level it hasn’t seen in a long time. Keep your eyes open for winks and sideways glances looking for more. A very creative and romantic week is waiting for you. Even though Mercury will turn retrograde, it’s still a good time to begin creative projects.  Sonny says there’s also a possibility you’ll discover a health problem so watch out for little bumps with the potential to turn into more. Finally dear Sagittarius renovations, a full move, or fighting with your mom are all on the table this week.  

Dear Capricorn. Just when you thought you had your day-to-day life sorted out Mercury is about to step in and completely throw your game for a loop. The new gym routine is going to have to wait for another day. Sonny actually says that things are going to be disrupted until the beginning of June so take all breaks from the plan with a grain of salt. You’ll be returning to good habits shortly. Surprise encounters of the romantic kind continue to inspire fantasies of power suits, hotel bars, and 6 figure pleasantries. Take a chance on love but don’t get too carried away. A lover from the past is returning shortly to say hello. Everyone knows impulsive Aries energy isn’t really your thing but never-the-less, that’s where you are currently blessed. Good things are happening at home. You might get a break on the rent or you might gently spruce up the place. Some Capricorns will have family move in with them as the home expands. On the downside you’ll be running around a lot so watch out for traffic accidents. And definitely watch your language. Mars in your 3rd house of communication will make you more argumentative than normal.   

Dear Aquarius. Expect a little bump in your love game as Mercury turns retrograde in your 5th house of love and creativity. Peeps from the past will drop in to say hello but that’s not really where your drama is waiting for you this week. Something unexpected is still in the air for your home or family and it’s going to require your attention. It could be a decision to sell, move, weigh anchor or paint the place green. Whatever you decide, it should be fun. On the cautionary side, there could be an unexpected health problem with one of your parents. Jupiter is entering Aries and this will highlight and expand your desire to get out and speak to everyone any way that you can. Expect success with websites, vlogging, sales, and communication. Pretty much Aquarius, if you ask for it then you’re going to get it. On the downside, this blessing comes with a cost. Jupiter is leaving your 2nd house of personal comfort and money so the gravy train is about to dry up. On top of that, Mars is doing his best to put a massive hole in your credit cards so be careful.  It’s a good week to look into applying for a loan.  

Dearest Pisces. Thoughts return to home and maybe dropping in to say hello to your mom. It doesn’t have to be a drag and it definitely doesn’t have to get weird. Just say hi. With the Moon cruising Virog, you’re going to be more suggestible than normal so watch for people trying to take advantage of you. In basketball, watch for the Pisces guys looking to pass the ball and get the other guys involved. Success however, will involve taking the rock and crashing glass all on your own. Sonny says the biggest blessing of Mars transiting your natal Sun is renewed ego energy. When Mars is behind your Sun it can feel like the world is against you and your energy becomes self-defensive and reactionary. As Mars crosses your natal Sun, fresh and inspirational Mars energy will fill you with a boost of fight-back energy. On the downside Sonny says you should obviously watch for hitting your head and pimples. Finally dearest Pisces, stay alert for communication problems, weird things with the car, and news from one of the peeps.  

Thank you everyone for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and Sonny will see you on the livestream. 

Weekly Horoscope May 2 – 6, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope May 2 – 6, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

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Please share the horoscopes – Wishing everyone the best of a beautiful day – S

Hi Everyone, welcome back to the SunnySide, these are the weekly horoscopes for the week of May 2 to May 6, 2022 for all Zodiac Signs. As always, there are timestamps in the description box, a written copy on Sonny’s website the SunnySide dot net where you can also get your free Natal Birth Chart Report so you can know where your personal planets are situated, and finally when you’re ready for a personal reading then simply hit the PayPal link in the description box or tune into one of the livestreams on this channel.

Everyone cool? Ok Here we go. Wait, Sonny wants to remind everyone to share the horoscopes on their social media pages and websites. Ok, Let’s get on with the ‘Scopes.

Dear Aries. That mental bananas Mo-Fo is still trying to upset your circle of trust and Sonny wants to know what’s taking so long for you to bring the noise and quiet that pretender. Come on Player, get it done so we a can all move on and have some fun. You are half-way through cleaning up all of the back stage BS, smear campaigns, and hidden snipers looking to take a slice out of your good time action but you’re not done yet. The new Moon should have sparked the possibility of a new financial beginning or opportunity. At the same time, you might just find a nice pair of shoes on sale. Either way, financial doors will begin to open this month so take advantage of the subtle signs that people are attracted to your game. As far as love is concerned, you should be dressing your best everywhere you go. Now is not the time to cut corners because everyone is not only watching you, but they also like what they see. Give them something good to talk about. Pluto has also turned retrograde at the top of your chart so watch out for problems at work or when you’re out in the public. Pluto’s transit indicates that something you were working on in the last couple of months that had the potential to be a gamechanger will have to be readdressed. If you began a new fitness or health program in January, or a new job or relationship or you got pregnant then any and all of that will come under the microscope and be reevaluated for better or worse so get ready. On the very plus side of things, love is smiling directly on all things Aries so despite still having to clean up nonsense behind the scenes and deal with random energy monsters, you’re still doing a pretty good job. Sonny says to keep on the lookout for winks, nods, and fat wallets looking to take you out for coffee.

Dear Taurus. It’s go-time for our sweet Bulls. The personal transformation you’ve been going through this last year finally sees you step into the light that you’ve quietly been working towards. Look around dear Taurus and tell us what you see. It shouldn’t take long to realize that so much has changed, you might not even recognize yourself anymore. Sonny says he’s been watching your transformation and he’s proud of you. You kept your feet moving in spite of everything crumbling around you, and you were able to create a new and better life for everyone who’s not a narcissistic wandering monster hell-bent on destroying everything beautiful you lovingly tried to cultivate and grow. You should be happy that the Mo-Fo took his saddle and left. Perverted loser. Next. Dear Taurus and everyone cross watching the zodiac signs, the South Node in Taurus’ 7th house is dissolving legal obligations. This means not only your wink wink nudge nudge I think I’ll go make us breakfast relationships, but also people and things you are legally bound to. Ok Taurus you’ll figure it out and if you need any help then simply hit the PayPal link in the description box to arrange a private reading with Sonny. Finally, Dear Taurus, love has moved behind the scenes so you can 100% expect to pick up a secret admirer. Go Taurus! Love is waiting in private places.

Dear Gemini. Something unexpected and out of your control is going to walk right into your neighborhood and wrench your universe sideways. Additionally, unexpected depression, mental isolation, and feelings of inevitable despair will fill your mind and soul with questions about whether any of anything is even worth it. Problems that continue to rage publicly are going to transform into a massive debate with your peeps in two to three weeks so do your best to stay out of public drama that doesn’t serve you. Sonny says you should be putting in extra hours at the office and you may pick up a couple of jealous haters, but if they can’t keep up then why should you hold yourself back. Sonny recommends that you double down your efforts and push your career to the next level. Keep in mind that Venus has moved on to Aries so you won’t be attracting as much public adulation from the boss. In fact, that adulation or light that was shining on you whenever you went outside has temporally been replaced with a target. Keep shooting and you’ll succeed. Love is totally smiling at you from social media and the peeps. If you’re looking for love then maybe go out with the group and see who stops to hold your hand when crossing the street.

Dear Cancer. This will not be a good week for reclusive or shy crabs. Venus has moved into Aries and this will thrust most of our crabs into the public spotlight. This is a very good time for Cancers involved in film and media or politics or fashion. The universe is smiling on you with every step that you take outside. And that’s a scratch in the shell. You’ll have to get outside into the real world. Ok Sonny they get it, but what’s going to happen? Ok, Dear Cancer, don’t be stressed by the intent, peeps are just curious but the crowd can still overwhelm. Recognition, a new job, and awards are on the way. On the downside, there is a lot of pressure from far away. Should you stick around or should you go. The energy is indicating movement but it’s not exactly super loving or appealing anymore. At this moment, distant shores seem more like a fallback rather than a desired destination. Take it all with a grain of salt and try not to stress the small stuff. Sonny has complete faith that everything will work out beautifully with everything Crab-love related. It’s just a difficult journey sometimes. And as always, Sonny says you have to roll with the punches, even if sometimes you’re punching yourself. Finally Cancer, definitely apply for that new job.

Dear Leo. Get your passport ready because distant shores have an invitation with your name on it. Bikinis, surf and siesta are all favored. But hold onto your crown dear Leo, there’s more. Venus in your 9th house indicates wealth, prosperity, happiness, and fame in singing or music or the movies. In other words dear Leo it’s time to be Leo-tabulous. Get out and strut your stuff. Expect to receive awards and recognition. And Leo, expect to succeed. On the downside, Mars in Pisces continues to make things very expensive. Certain peeps aren’t pulling their weight and as much as Leos are able to effortlessly take care of the entire kingdom at times, there are moments where constant lending begins taking a toll. It’s not time to raise taxes just yet Leo and this a reoccurring transit that happens every two years so it’s not like a dramatic freak is going to change anything. Karma recommends that you pay now and enjoy a job well done, or you’ll allow yourself to be trapped by a grudge that’s constantly returning every two years. In other astro-news dear Leo, you’ll have an opportunity for sudden popularity when you step out into the world. Like Sonny said, be prepared for success. You won’t even have to do anything too crazy except be in the right place at the right time and smile.

Dear Virog. It’s good times and bad times dear Virog. Venus has left your 7th house of blessed legal tidings and happily committed relationships and entered your 8th house of sexy fun and shared resources. This means your love focus will shift from locking down good times with your BFF to upping the commitment and maybe moving in together. Woot Woot, go Virog. On the super plus side, your shared resources are going to get a big boost so keep in mind, what’s theirs is also now yours. Sonny says you shouldn’t rock the credit card into limp mode but you should take advantage of your new opportunities. Combining your resources will get you significantly further than trying to pay for everything on your own and it’s kind of the point of committing in relationships anyways. Don’t go Amazon nuts but at the same time champagne might be in order. Sonny says he’s sorry Virog, the Johnny Depp trial is on in the background and Sonny keeps getting distracted. He says he’s not sure if you should take a big financial leap of faith or sign the papers and run away. Venus actually says to sign the papers and stay. Now Virog, here’s your warning. Mars is doing some kind of electric fire fish dance in your 7th house and that will put a lot of energy into your relationships. Do not get jealous. It’s not just your feelings or your pride that will be on the line. You have a little money tree now that you have to take care of.

If you’re ready for your personal reading to have Sonny answer your astrological questions simply hit the PayPal link in the description box and Sonny will contact you to arrange your Zoom Meeting.

Dear Libra. Watch your money and be extra attentive to your health. Someone is going to be a little light with the quan this month as their money tree fails to produce a bumper crop. A helping hand will go a long way towards building some good karma, so if you see someone in need then make sure you stop and help them out. Everyone cool, now the good stuff. Saturn is still causing a drag in your romantic and creative life. Thanks Sonny. Ok Libra, creative projects will be delayed and love is obviously in grumpy mode but there is a silver lining. Venus is entering your 7th house so even though the easy-breezy let’s go for ice cream vibe has cramped itself right out of all Libra reality, everyone still wants to team up with you. You might even get a marriage proposal or two. In other words, it may be dry, uptight, and coming from an older source but love wants to lock you down or at least team up for a while. Just remember Libra, Venus is in your 7th house of serious stuff not your 5th house of goofing around, so if anyone flashes some tight game make sure they put some paper behind it. Getting back to your joint finances for a moment, shared resources are slowly dissolving away. Make sure you get what’s rightfully yours when assets are finally divided.

Dear Scorpio. Your love and creative lives take a turn for the weird, impatient, and definitely unusual. In the next month something is going to shake up your closest relationships. Your closest peeps are under a lot of stress and cracks in the emotional shield are going to shake things up a bit. Sonny wants to know why you just can’t chill out for a bit and leave everyone in peace. Not so deep down inside we all know that you have difficulty managing the balance between alone time and needing to be around others but you don’t have to be a drama queen about it. Sonny says establishing boundaries doesn’t have to be as difficult as pulling teeth from a hungry dinosaur. He recommends starting with something easy like closing the washroom door. Sometimes you should keep your pride to yourself. Ok next. Dear Scorpio, Venus is entering Aries and this is going to add a little rocket jam to your already libido charged pants-optional approach to doing things. Go Scorpio. On the downside you’re going to have to watch out for some of the peeps getting sick again. On the plus side, joint finances are looking good so if you need any help paying for something then simply ask and together you both should receive. Remember Scorpio, it’s your 8th house of shared resources and Venus the planet that wants us all to do things together, so when the tables are turned you will find yourself gratefully returning the favor. Finally Scorpio, your creative impulses are getting a competitive burst of energy. Keep your jealous streak in check and just get down to work.

Dear Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about to get a big boost of Venus, let’s all hold hands but kind of let’s also do it naked, romantic blessing from the astro-universe. Yes, Sagittarius you are going to have to keep your eyes open for winks from impressed passerby’s, playful encounters of possibly the drunken kind, and a possible visit from the stork. Yes, Sagittarius, loops will be thrown but for the most part they will be good loops having the biggest effect on your romantic and creative life as well as that of your children. Before you jump into any action Sonny wants you to know that in addition to the blessings of Venus, Jupiter is also about to enter your 5th house of romance and that will bring many opportunities for fun with playmates. Keep in mind that Jupiter is going to turn retrograde soon and return from your 5th house of romance and creativity to your 4th house of family. This means you will get a taste of the romance and fun and frolic and all of the romantic and loving and playful opportunities that are waiting for you but you will first have to take care of a returning problem at home. It’s just unfinished business returning and it is possible that it will return with good news so there’s no need to stress out. Instead of worrying about who’s going to catch you sneaking out behind door number 2, it’s actually time to finish up all of the home renovations and get ready to put on your dancing shoes. Finally, Sagittarius, Sonny says you should get out and have fun but notes that you don’t have to commit to anyone just yet. It’s time for dating fun and making babies rather than relationship stress and raising children drama.

Dear Capricorn. Right off the hop Sonny wants you to know that removable tattoos can be just as cool as permanent ink. Ok, not really but he wants to remind you to refrain from making permanent decisions based on temporary reactions or transiting energy. In other words, this problem with the kids or romantic SNAFU will pass by the end of the week so be cool when the unexpected pops up. Before you shrug everything off as a bad day, Mercury is currently entering Gemini and this will have you thinking about your health and day to day life. You might also begin thinking about how you want to go about taking care of some of the older peeps in your orbit. This is all fine and definitely worth a casual daydream or romantic fantasy but Mercury will turn retrograde shortly and return to your 5th house of romance and children. In other words, the situation that you think is resolved will return, and this includes exes that should probably remain exes. On the super plus side, you have an amazing opportunity to make some giant quan from your home. Go ahead and throw that BBQ. Love is waiting for you to invite them over.

Dear Aquarius. Prepare for unexpected drama at home. With the Sun approaching Uranus in your 4th house of home and family, unusual and surprising reactions will color a fun and playfully romantic week. According to Sonny, the weird is usually pretty cute followed by a WTF, but none of that is what you should be watching for. Uranus energy doesn’t necessarily mean cuddly little kitten energy however, it is generally revolutionary and explosive regardless of how it appears. Uranus can be a full-on leather wearing chain toting bad boy on a mission that no one seems to understand, or they are wearing belts and shoes made out of things they could probably wrap their food in and eat, but either way it is still going to do things their own way. Next. Dear Aquarius, you get the point, stay on top of things at home and expect your mom to suddenly want to go dancing with you. In the world of love and attraction, Venus has just entered Aries in your 3rd house of communication and transportation. This means someone might give you a bicycle or a new pen. On a serious note, you might get a sweet deal on a new car or computer. Money is also arriving through your closest friends and relatives so reach out and see how everyone is doing. Actually Aquarius, sales, new business, and writing are all in your favour this love cycle. Love is waiting on a love note from you.

Dearest Pisces. With Mars still transiting your natal sun, Sonny says you should add a little gangster shine to your game. Push the envelope and see what fate has waiting for you behind door number three. Yes Pisces, even though you may still be holding out on a promise of a beautiful new tomorrow, door number two burned down a long time ago. But as always, it’s up to you and there’s nothing wrong with lighting an extra candle for your memories. Lost souls will find a way home. Sonny says to maybe leave a little space in that drawer for an extra toothbrush and a couple of toys. Ok Pisces, back to the gangster action. With Venus entering Aries, you are entering your yearly fortune cycle for money and comforts. Yes, someone might give you a couch or maybe a Cancer will lend you a sweater but that’s not the point. Money for a job already done is the theme. Get ready to collect on some outstanding bills. Here’s the thing though Pisces with regards to your personal finances, you should be pushing your personal goals right now. It’s the success of these personal goals that will lead to your biggest rewards as early as next month and deep into next year, but you have to keep planting seeds now. If you’d like to know what you should be personally focusing on for your biggest astrological blessings then simply hit the PayPal link in the description box and set up a private reading on Zoom with Sonny. Next Pisces, Pluto just went retrograde in your 11th house of hopes, dreams, lucky winnings, and the peeps. Expect Mo-Fo’s to return with a grudge. And that’s the action Pisces. Peeps will be acting up, love and attraction have moved on to your personal finances, and both Mars and Sonny are encouraging you to push really hard right now to make your biggest dreams come true. Good Luck and swim for the fences.

YouTube’s best Weekly Horoscopes! April 25 – 29, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

YouTube’s best Weekly Horoscopes! April 25 – 29, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

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YouTube’s best Weekly Horoscopes! April 25 – 29, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Sunnyside. These are the weekly horoscopes for the week of April 25 to April 29, 2022 for all zodiac signs. Before we begin, this horoscope video will focus on preparing for the New Black Moon Eclipse in Taurus at the end of the week on April 30, 2022. It will be an intense weekend of breakthroughs and change but that will be in the next video. This week is all about the lead-up and preparation for the Black Moon Eclipse on the weekend. As always, there are timestamps in the description box, this video is best viewed with the subtitles turned on, there is a written transcript on Sonny’s website the Sunnyside dot net where you can also get a free natal report online or message Sonny for a private reading and finally, please donate to the channel.   

Everyone cool. Ok let’s begin.  

Weekly Astrological Transit Overview: With the Moon approaching a conjunction with the Sun late in the week you’ll be spending most of your time finishing up the old and getting ready to move onto the new. As we’re all approaching this new Moon in safe and steady Taurus, we’ll be cleaning up the past and laying the groundwork for the next chapters in life. Leading into the Taurus new Moon you should be aiming to accept universal blessings that pertain to your physical wellbeing, financial security, and personal comforts. Before everyone goes nuts-o-bananas it depends where the new Moon falls in your personal astrology chart and how the preparation for the new Moon energy will personally affect you. If you don’t know where the planets are in your Natal Chart, once again simply visit Sonny’s webpage the Sunnyside dot net and you’ll see a couple of places to get a free Natal Birth Chart Report. Sonny says to have fun and remember to share the videos.   

Ok, back to the overview.      

This week’s horoscopes have the Moon in a reclusive and preparatory angle to the Sun. Even though the Moon will be transiting through dreamy Pisces and then playful Aries, the Moon’s placement to the Sun will pull our emotions inwards, we’ll want to sleep-walk through the days but we’ll also want to take care of business. Sonny recommends that you simply put one foot in front of the other and keep going. The latter half of the week onto next weekend will offer positive surprises and breakthroughs so don’t be discouraged if you feel that you are just knocking your head against a wall. Some people will cocoon at home and totally mess up the energy of the week and others will push too aggressively hard and push where others want to chill. It’s not necessarily a week where emotions are going to be at odds with energy per-say but there is a little more happening than a New Moon in Taurus later in the week.   

As the Moon transits through Pisces and then Aries, it will bump through a bunch of different energies and this will make everyone extra emotional, and add a bit of deadline energy to whatever you are doing. As with all deadline energy, some people are cool with it and some simply are not. Regardless of your personal success template there will be moments this week where waiting around will have you questioning whether anything is even happening. Sonny says to keep going and knocking on the doors, one of them will open by Friday and it will be the right one for you. Sonny also recommends that when the Moon passes Mars in Pisces, you do your best when dealing with drag-ass Mo-fo’s.   

You are going to be filled with rage at any signs of someone taking advantage of another, or people cutting in line at the pity party. You will be extra Pisces school of hungry piranha feeding frenzy if buddy slow-foot drops paperwork or decides to take his P O S I wish I stayed in school life out on you and your busy day. It’s supposed to be a chill and get work done week but there is still a possibility for excitement, passion and drama as you work toward the new Moon. On a side note, Sonny says to be cool, there’s breathable underwear now so if you have lungs between your legs or if you breathe through your crotch then you should be good. For those who have a second brain down in the land of Scorpio, you are still S O L.   

The final scouting report on Mars in Pisces indicates irrationally blowing things out of proportion and sticking up for the underdog. It also brings out the pity party, drug abuse and laziness. But it can also be super romantic, a lot of fun and totally artsy fartsy. And double finally Sonny wants to remind everyone that glitter is not a color but he still likes it.  Good luck everyone. Next.  

Dear Aries. It looks like a hater has entered your orbit and they want to bust your game in the pooper. Events may be unrelated but they will apparently come from nowhere and yet feel as if they’ve been planned against you for a while. Before you hit the rage button remember the Venus is also back there in Pisces and she is trying to protect you. Even though it’s a low energy week for Aries, you can really accomplish a lot if you take matters into your own hands, disappear for a couple of days and get things done. When you pop up again at the New Moon, everyone will see a recharged Aries on a new mission to fatten their tree of Quan. Speaking of your comforts security and money action it’s important to take note that Mercury is going to turn retrograde shortly so just when you think things are getting good and you’re about to make a major splurge, past bills will arrive in the mail or their will be a mistake on your paycheck. Sonny recommends that you hold off an any major expenses because a bigger expense is on the way. Late in the week, the eclipse energy will cause you to change your mind about something that used to give you a lot of comfort.  

Dear Taurus. This is a big week for Bulls on the go. The Moon transiting through Pisces and then Aries will give Karmic Bulls a sense of closure. You’ll feel somewhat social and then reclusive but in reality, it looks like you’re preparing to say goodbye. The black Moon eclipse coming this weekend is going to usher in an entirely new you so this is the week to get ready for it. You might plan for that new tattoo, make an appointment at the spa for a paint job, and you might even change your name. It is a lot for anyone to go through let alone a Taurus who doesn’t like change to begin with. On the plus size Taurus, it’s not like you’re a hoarder or anything and fresh new day free from yesterday’s dramas will be good for you. For Bulls looking to make a splash on Instagram, this is a great week to take a couple of selfies and show-off. Your online audience is definitely captivated with you so turn on that ring-light and let’s see it shake. Woot Woot. No Taurus, you should always sell it baby, never give it away. You are a social dynamo this week so rally the troops for some fun. For single Bulls on the prowl love is waiting socially so getting together with the peeps should bring some much-needed frolic as well. Sonny says you should finally let that hottie out of the friend-zone, if only to test his benefit action.  

Dear Gemini. You have to get prepared for some major change happening behind the scenes and beyond your control. In fact, as things stand, the changes are happening right now and you probably don’t even realize it. Yes Gemini, there is a chance that you are quietly plotting to hoof someone up the wazoo but Sonny thinks that more than likely your support system or someone that you have a very strong karmic connection with, will face some kind of testing point. Either way, this part of your life will not be the same this time next week. Love continues to be public and you’re still looking good and attracting everywhere you go. People should be recognizing you everywhere you go and in a weird shake of the action even strangers will be walking up to you, asking you questions and giving you things. If this happens, please let Sonny know in the comments section.  After an initial bump, things should smooth out nicely this week. Your career gets a strong boost of energy to accomplish tasks and just finish what has to be done. There is a strong indication of an office romance right now as well as the chance of getting caught in the photocopy room. Like seriously Gemini, both. And, those kinds of selfies will give you a lot of options. Wink wink.  

Dear Cancer. Events at a distance will have your full attention this week. In addition to Mars entering Pisces to mix things up and add confusion to the bigger picture, it is also pushing you to get away for a while. If you can’t physically get away then do your best to get out and expand your mind. A bigger picture view is encouraged this week astrologically. In addition to Mars mixing up the good times vibe in Pisces, the Moon is going to drop in and add some passion to the project. You might not make the right decisions but they will be the right decisions for you. And remember Cancer, nothing in the entire zodiac is sexier than some nice buttery crab legs, not Libra’s ability to find discounts, not Leo’s luscious hair, not Pisces’ ability to hold their alcohol, and definitely not Scorpio’s salty balls. No Cancer, it’s your sexy crab legs so if you don’t like the cards dealt then you don’t have to sit through the hand. Sonny gives you total permission to stand up from the table, hike up your skirt and go find another game. In other astrology worlds you’ll find yourself deep in study mode. You’re probably researching a new topic but a deadline is approaching. Decisions have to be made before the Black Moon Eclipse or they will be made for you.  

Dear Leo. There are two separate things to watch out for as you prepare for the Black Moon Eclipse. With Mars formally entering Pisces you’ll be forking out the Quan for hands in need. What can you do? Peeps have come to rely on your generosity lately but at the same time Leo sometimes it’s good to give back to the kingdom. You sex life is also going to enter the land of electric assisted motors so, if you feel your Kundalini rising to the point where you have to make the beast with the two backs, then go ahead and make Aslan proud. Just remember, you don’t have to wake half of Narnia when you do it. On the serious side of the transit, you have to watch your health and the health of those around you. There is a lot of energy in your 8th house of death and although most of it is good, Mars and the Moon are going to cause problems, especially with water and maybe fire so be extra careful. The big change coming at the end of the week will be in your career and public image. If you ever wanted a dream job or to be famous then this is the week to prepare for it. Obviously fame and career success don’t just fall out of the sky unless a toilet seat or meteor hits you and you end up in the news so you’re going to have to put in some work. This should be easy for naturally successful Leos who already know what they want so be cool as always, and go get it. Roar.  

Dear Virog. With the Moon shining on your full-time love game personal relationships will take centre stage. If you’re single and looking then now’s the time to sign on the dotted line. The weekend will ring in a big change in something at a distance so you’ll want all of your paperwork finished and filed before the weekend.  Be careful when dealing with others at the beginning of the week. You are overly empathetic and open to being taken for a funky ride with the window rolled up. Not cool for neat freak Virogs who favor the cool ocean air. When placing orders, remember to put Sonny down for something black with a moon roof. This eclipse this weekend is happening in your 9th house indicating a change in philosophy or spiritual outlook in the world. You’ll possibly return to school to complete a professional requirement. On the other hand you just might up and decide to hit the boogie. Sonny says when you’re ready for a private reading to hit the PayPal link in the description box. And finally Virog, the news is good so accept the change with a big smile and get ready to spend from the freshly full bank account. Sonny really says you should save right now because when all of this energy enters into Aries, things will get expensive and you’ll want to have some money left over for just a little later after that when you will be finally ready for some serious travel adventures.  

Dear Libra. The work cycle continues with a busy week preparing for that big dream you’re getting ready to launch. In your heart you know it’s full steam ahead so you’ll have to bury your fears and take the plunge. On the plus side, there continues be a strong possibility of a romance blooming with someone you already see every day so maybe greet that smile with a wink and see where it goes. Obviously watch your health right now, and Sonny says that someone might give you a pet. Ok shift time Libra. The Black Moon eclipse is happening in your 8th house of death and shared resources. If you are waiting for the outcome of a legal situation then you’ll be hearing the results shortly. If you are waiting for some legal money then there might be a mix-up and a delay. Either way, a change is coming in your shared resources. It could be something as simple as getting a new credit card or bank loan, to something more complicated like a divorce settlement. Whatever you have coming on the near horizon, use this week to wrap up loose ends and get ready. Finally Libra, Mercury is going to go retrograde shortly in your 9th house of things at a distance and then return to your 8th house of shared resources. This means that you should be keeping track of all of your spending, taking financial and legal notes and definitely keeping all of the bills.   

Dear Scorpio. Your most intense love transit since 1856 continues to heat up with the arrival of the Moon casting its subconscious gaze on all things creative and playful and definitely sexy fun time for Scorpio.  You should be super creative right now so keep pumping out the projects and worry about the results or fine tuning everything down the road. This week favours quantity over quality. There will be plenty of time to edit and refine when the energy is in Virog. As for now dear Scorpio, Sonny says you should get out and multiply. Now for the interesting part of the horoscope for Scorpio. The Black Moon Eclipse will cast a major shadow on a legal or romantic situation. Expect knots to become untied and papers to be lost. On the other hand, the Nodes do offer opportunity to those willing to put in the work. This means dear Scorpio, if you put in the effort then the answer should be a resounding yes. If you took things for granted then the North Node won’t be grounded and what you thought was a dream coming true suddenly morphs into a distant fantasy that got away. That’s so sad Scorpio. Let’s hope karma ends up smiling on us and we have a surprise blessing in the 7th house of love and commitment.    

Dear Sagittarius. Right of the bat the Black Moon Eclipse will happen in your 6th house of health, pets and daily habits. This means you’re going to have to watch for a SNAFU bumping your health game a little sideways. On the plus side it could mean a new job or a change in your daily routine which will be a welcome blessing. On the downside Sonny says you have to watch for sudden bumps. Now the good stuff! Love is waiting at home. You should be getting ready for a move or you should be starting a home-based business. Either way Sagittarius both love and money are coming from the home. With both Mars and the Moon now in your 4th house you should watch for problems with your mother. Keep an eye in the mail because Sonny says the new cell phone will finally arrive. Finally, there’s activity happening behind the scenes and in private for Sagittarius but it has the chance to go sideways or burn out quickly. Extra effort will be required to hold on but destiny says it might be worth it.  

Dear Capricorn. The Moon in Pisces adds a little extra push to a project that’s already getting a lot of your attention. Whether you’re driving everyone around or calling the peeps up and spreading the word, you are definitely a voice to be heard this week. Although you may be standing on your soap box and the world is listening, the question is, what are you trying to say. The big change happening with the Black Moon Eclipse will occur in your creative and romantic life. You may pick up a new romantic interest or simply add a new spark to an existing relationship. Something might happen to the kids so be on guard. It’s probably something simple like they forgot their cell phone and they can’t check in for a couple of hours. In spite all of the doom and gloom surrounding the astrology these days Sonny wants to remind everyone that the eclipse usually brings a little darkness or shadow to wherever it occurs in your chart and for Capricorn that is romance and the children. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad but they will disappear for a couple of mins. Or you might simply forget your password to the new dating site. No big deal. Just don’t find yourself forgetting the names of those sexy smiles you just met or misplace your little black book.   

Dear Aquarius. For those who ever wished their astrology 2nd house of comfort and personal money was stacked then here you go. The beginning of this week has the Moon transiting Pisces which is already full with Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, and probably a couple of guys from the space station floating around up there. This means money will be front and centre. Before we can throw a collective high five it’s important to note that all of this energy will create a money in and a money out situation. It’s going to very easy to convince yourself that you need the latest tech craze especially with the big change coming at home but maybe be cool on the spending if you can. Like seriously, does Sonny ever say to spend big? Ok Aquarius, if Mars wasn’t in the game then you’d be peacefully collecting checks and splurging on ice-cream. With Mars pushing everyone around and adding impulsiveness to both the money you are collecting and your personal expenses then it’s easy to see why Sonny is recommend that you only spend of essentials, and maybe things that really don’t ever go on sale or that really cute summer outfit that just came out. No seriously Aquarius, listen to the astrology keywords again for Mars in your 2nd house, it will add heat to your personal finances. That really can go both ways. On the plus side it isn’t really a spend money to make money kind of thing so spending will be on comforts. If that’s the case then you might as well do something nice for yourself and use the coupons before they expire. The new moon will bring a change at home.  

Dearest Pisces. This week more than ever, it’s time to do you. Whether you need a total makeover, a facial, or something a little more seriously cosmetic then go ahead and make the change. Be careful however as Mars in your first house will make you extra pushy and accident prone in addition to overloading your head with extra psychic energy that will cause headaches and waking premonitions. Your subconscious will be seeping into your waking life so watch for synchronicities and let us know in the comments if your premonitions come true this week. It will not only be dreams but actual waking deja-vu type premonitions. Sonny says very cool, go Nemo but be careful. Psychic intuition isn’t a good defense when the cops pull you over for running that red. Even if in your heart of hearts you knew it was going to eventually turn green. Being psychic isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. Ok Pisces, you are hot stuff these days and you know it. Make sure you continue to dress to impress and show your smile everywhere you go. Your money is depending on it. With all of the talk about Nodes and Eclipses and Mars these days, it’s easy to forget that Venus continues to transit your Sun. This is continuing your personal cycle of love, attraction and good fortune, so don’t waste it. Finally Pisces, Sonny says a big change is coming in your 3rd house so unless you are expecting a new brother or sister then you should watch your driving and try not to drop your cell phone in the toilet. And dearest Pisces, love is following you everywhere you go so the destination of this particular journey is really up to you. 

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Weekly Horoscope April 18 – 22, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope April 18 – 22, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope April 18 – 22, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs – Plz Share the Horoscope Videos!

Hi everyone, welcome back to the SunnySide. These are the weekly horoscopes for the week of April 18 to April 22, 2022 for all zodiac signs. Before we begin, there are timestamps in the description box for those who would like to skip ahead in the video to their individual sign. There is also a PayPal link in the description box if you’d like to book a private reading with Sonny. And finally, this video also has closed captions and subtitles enabled, so turn them on. One double finally, Sonny decided to translate these horoscopes into Spanish for fun. So, if you’d like to hear the horoscopes in Spanish then simply follow the link in the description box.  

Everyone ready? Ok, here we go. 

This week, the Moon will begin in, sneaky, sexy, solitary, Scorpio then transit into, philosophical, fun, and outgoing, Sagittarius. This means we’ll all begin the week with an investigative Scorpio vibe, and then when our curiosity is satiated, we’ll all get out and have some fun. Sonny wants to put in a little reminder for everyone. The Scorpio moon can make people walk behind the veil so be careful at the beginning of the week for wandering monsters coming out of the woodwork. 

Venus will be making a lite aspect to Uranus causing unexpected behaviors in love. As always, it can go either way so be careful. Jupiter is beginning to separate from Neptune so we can all expect the rose-colored glass to slowly come off. The emphasis though is on slowly, as love definitely hovers in the air. Just expect cracks to begin to show in the sexy hot armor as you make the transition into your new long-term commitment.  

Next, Saturn is squaring the Moon’s nodes. Sonny says good luck player, this is not a dice game and it’s your roll. What? Ok. Saturn is restriction and hard work and discipline. And that is the good side of it. On the downside, Saturn takes away, and gets really angry when you don’t use coasters. So, watch where you put your drink or Saturn won’t give you another one.  

Saturn is also where you are currently facing some sort of torment, like it just stresses you out, and you would rather be doing anything but whatever simple walk your donkey thing Saturn currently wants you to do. I know right? It can suck, but you should still do it. Big astro-note from Sonny here. He says, if you don’t face your Saturn torment, you will not make it to the other side.  

It’s a similar lesson as the Moon card in the Tarot. Keep in mind, Saturn is actually represented in the World card but we will get to that in a minute. First, the Moon card has a wolf and a hound facing towards the reader. This means there is a subconscious fear that has to be overcome to allow yourself to be truly reborn into the light of a new day, and progress to the Sun card. So, you really have to do it or you’re going to be stuck the for another couple of lifetimes.  

To continue, Saturn is actually represented in the World card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. And this generally means karma. The World card asks if you’ve learned your most difficult lessons, and if you’re ready to move onto the next chapter in your story. 

Everybody cool? Because, here we go.  You’re going to take all of that Saturn stuff we just talked about and apply it to a square to the nodes. Ouch! Ok. Not necessarily.  Let’s look away for a moment from the internal struggles and external realities, and just pretend for a moment that you actually can do whatever is stressing you out, because whether you realize it or not, Sonny says you can do it. So let’s pretend that it actually is dice time, you fight for a little space and take a deep breath, but then the square aspect suddenly hits, and you’re suddenly not so sure which way to go. It’s necessarily indecision because you should be well prepared by your Saturn trials but, and here’s the tug at the shazam, there are 2 nodes and they are opposite. So even if you can lay some gas down on the action, what are you going to play? The North Node wants to go forward but the South Node wants to go home.  

Dear Aries. A leadership opportunity exists for you to take control of the group and set out on a wonderful adventure. Not really, but maybe. It’s been a chore inspiring the troupes and you’re probably wondering if it’s all worth it or if you should just throw your hands in the air and peace out.  You know that you’ll eventually require their help or at least, their admiration so you’ll have to hunker down and do it. The down side is something is going to drain strike your bank account so keep your eyes open. Love smiles brightly from a hidden source. Make sure you look twice because a secret playmate is waiting. Make Uranus happy and explore the unexpected when love catches hold of electricity. The light shines on a painful change at the office. That’s a lot of cryptic writing Sonny. Ok, Aries, keep your eyes open for secret or hidden opportunities for love and money, and your friends will stress you out but you’ll have a lot of fun in the second half of the week. Good luck Aries. 

Dear Taurus. You’re still attracting love on social media and through the group so if you see a little wink wink action, you might want to skip coffee and take that smoothie directly to the desert bar. Now, Sonny is definitely not encouraging every Taurus out there to roll in the field with every farmer’s helper that comes around to visit, but should your eyes spy a beefy manwich just sitting there unattended, you might want to take a chance on the calories. Ok, Taurus, whatever the hell Sonny was talking about plus, It’s a great time to push the internet. Venus and Jupiter are bringing love and attraction to your online ventures, and Saturn is putting in just enough hard work at the office to keep the peeps from ridding your lightning. You can succeed right now so keep going and don’t be discouraged by false promises and always remember dear Taurus, rock stars marry supermodels. So, if you’re a dancer or a yoga instructor, and some lucky smile walks into your orbit, make sure you check his IMBD before you let him back stage. If it’s love then he’ll wait in the alley for a couple of mins. Just remember, and this goes for everyone, if he waits in that alley too long then he’s not a rock star. He’s paparazzi look for a photo. But then again paparazzi need love too. It’s up to you Taurus. Good luck. 

Dear Gemini. It’s time to TCB. With the Sun entering Taurus you’ll want to clean up any spills and generally clean house. Keep in mind peeps will begin creeping into your action so double lock the doors and close the blinds. Eyes are prying and you’ll want to be ready. You are also super popular right now but haters will be lining up so be forewarned but get out there and do your best. Right now, it’s like everywhere you go it’s both busy and filled with the peeps. Why the ass-hell is everyone suddenly synching and cramping your alone time, all at the same time? Well Gemini, that’s kind of just the way it is right now. Look for Geminis to be in the news and mulling around outside. It’s really going to be weird. Keep your eyes open for it. And, double definitely look your best when you walk the dog. Obviously, it’s an amazing time to look for a new job and to push the publicity button. Something from a distance will cramp your action behind the scenes so keep your eyes open for lurkers. 

Dear Cancer. Shared resources require a big decision this week. Saturn’s square to the Nodes indicates indecisiveness with regard to a shared expense. Should you put all of your effort into moving forward or should you put all of your effort into rebuilding the past? That’s the major question to keep in your mind as the week plays out. This indecisiveness plays out in your 8th house of sex, death, taxes, paying for other people, and undiagnosable illnesses. That’s messed up. So Cancer, you only have so many hands and so many hours in a day and so many f’s to give so what? You might also feel unappreciated for your continued efforts. Sonny says Saturn will linger on in your 8th house for the rest of the year so whatever you decide, you should know in advance that the problem isn’t really going away anytime soon. Just know that you can survive this and come out stronger on the other side. Love is totally waiting at a distance, and they are getting pushy. More than likely you’re the one instigating the conversations but however they began, love is waiting at a distance. 

Dear Leo. The week begins with an emphasis at home then shifts mid-week to full on love and romance. Woot woot. If you follow the Moon and its emotional influence as it makes its monthly transit, you’ll see that this is simply the week you might spruce the place up a bit. You don’t have to repaint any walls, just throw a couple of colorful pillows and sweep up the place. A loving and playful mood is on the way and you’ll want the playpen to have an extra sparkle when it does. Ok Leo, here’s what you really need to know. This week something unusual is going to catch you of guard very publicly. Expect some unusual praise or recognition. For better or worse, an eccentric and unpredictable energy hovers over your career and public image. It’s all cool and will you with being in the right place at the right time. Again, it’ll be unexpected and unusual but do your bet to be prepared when opportunity for fame and recognition come knocking. Sonny says that was a little wordy. Just be cool Leo and keep things loose for a while. Lol. No Leo. Sonny says you should do your best to express your creativity and uniqueness. Your individuality is being appreciated.  

Dear Virog. Sonny is super proud of all of you, even the ones who leave comments without watching the videos first. Seriously, why would you do that? Oh, and of course the Virogs who are dating crazy water signs like Scorpios or Pisces. Again, Sonny wants to know why Virog? Ok let’s do some horoscopes. Dear Virog. For better or worse you might have a sudden opportunity to travel. If opportunity knocks, grab your passport and go. Now here’s the good stuff. Someone wants to make your scene a permanent chapter in their love story. Normally, it would be an obvious yes but right now Mars has just entered into Pisces, and this will shake up an otherwise fairly healthy love game. Bummer. Take it all with a grain of salt Virog. You know how it goes. You have all of these wonderful opportunities but one guy is too fast and the other is too slow, and maybe the guy you really like is a little broke-ass. What are you going to do? There is love waiting dear Virog. The planets just want you to make an honest choice about what perfect for you. Next month the energy will shift to joint finances and the money you can make with someone else, but for now just enjoy the love while it’s there. 

Dear Libra. It’s going to get a little raunchy but the unexpected is happening in your 8th house so although Sonny likes to joke with you guys, take everything with a grain of salt until we get back to the fun. Dear Libra, unexpected health situations might literally cramp your action when you step out, so dress up some sport-sleeves with that hot tennis skirt before you hit the coffee-shop for your heart-breaking fun. A legal situation might come to a surprise resolution and money could be on the way. Obviously, don’t spend what you don’t have and save for a rainy-day blah blah, you know what to do. You should also watch for unexpected sex bumps and leaks. On top of all of that Libra, you have to watch for general bumps, bruises and general accidents to yourself and your pets. Like Sonny said, it’s going to be tough on your body. You’ll be ok, just watch for bumping into things that might leave a mark. You might also find yourself entering into a cycle where you find yourself having to take care of someone or nurse someone back to health. Love is going to drag ass for a while so you might as well focus on your health and getting that hot body back in shape. Secret astrology note. With Mars leaving the 5th house, things should calm down with the kids but they will still require your attention for the rest of the year. 

Dear Scorpio. Saturn continues to snipe up a fuss at home and Mars just entered into your 5th house of having fun, just in time to spice things up and potentially bite the juicy wang of love. That’s actually a bad thing Sonny. Ok, whatever. On a side note, Sonny says to watch for accidental pregnancies and public drunkenness. He says you are totally going to knock someone up so he’ll see you in 9 months. And, remember to share the video and maybe even watch it in Spanish to see if you’ll get luck in a different language. Astrology doesn’t necessarily work like that but it could be fun. Next. Dear Scorpio, relationships will bump, grind, and flip the script. Just be cool when Prince Charming leaves the seat up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing but stay on top of your love game. You should also watch out for something at home leading to a potential legal situation. Papers will unexpectedly have to be signed. You are going through a super major flux this year and whoever you are right now simply isn’t going to make it. Plan for a new you.  

Dear Sagittarius. You’re going to be chill as the week begins. The Scorpio moon is ok for your vibe, and it will make you reclusive and withdrawn, but so what. It’s not the problem. No, the problem is the Scorpio Moon is highlighting all of that granola free jazz Berkenstock good time Pisces action that although it looks like fun on the surface, it’s not really the Sagittarius jam. Sonny gets it. Pisces is foo foo woo woo WTF are we doing. Sagittarius is more, ‘let’s go ziplining, then have sun wine, watch the sunset, and go fool around behind that tree’. I think it’s fun. Great things should be happening at home but the good times were probably moving a little slowly. With Mars entering the game, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll move shortly or put in some major elbow grease to renovate or to upgrade the house. You can make money from the home right now but there can just as easily be a big expenditure. Sonny says, a guest bedroom with a mini fridge and a little dog bed is a good move, especially if there are any Saggies out there who might ever expect Sonny to drop in for the weekend. Super high-speed wi-fi and the sports channel would also be a nice touch. Keep your eyes open this weird for a freak accident, seriously watch your health and the health of your pets. Uranus is going to be active this week, and it will definitely have an impact on your pets so keep your eyes open on your four legged buddies as well. 

Dear Capricorn. Although Sonny keeps warning Capricorn that they might be getting accidentally pregnant, he wants Capricorns to know that they can just as easily get someone else pregnant this week as well. Good, now that everyone is on the same page, dear Capricorn, a creative project will get an unexpected shot in the arm. You might as well ask for a little help this week, even if you don’t currently require any extra hands. A little yes today will go a long way down the road when the seeds begin to sprout.  It’s ok to be a little aggressive when pursuing your goals this month. You’ll be extra push working the phones, but once again, the squeaky wheel will be getting the grease. So, once again Capricorn, make sure you do some squeaking. You should already know to watch your driving but you’re going to be in a rush running errands so be careful for bumps. In other worlds dear Capricorn, your mind is blazing with creative possibilities right now so make sure you write everything down and even blog about it a little. You won’t be able to hold back once the flood gates open so make sure you know what message you’d like to present before you pick up that phone. 

Dear Aquarius. An unexpected expense at home threatens to break the bank. Not really, be cool Aquarius. Something is going to happen at home and it might actually make you some money. On the other hand, there might be an expense that is for your long term good. There’s also a possibility that you’ll have a sudden opportunity to sell your house and move.  There might also be a sudden electrical problem. That’s a lot of unexpected possibilities but what can you do? Keep your eye turned toward the home just in case anything funny happens out of the blue. What else Sonny? Ok, here we go. Dear Aquarius, money was good and your efforts are being rewarded but with Mars entering Pisces, you’re going to filled with an urge to break the bank and splurge. Just be gentle when pruning the money tree. It took you a long time to build that nest egg, and the combination of Neptune and Jupiter is making you more financially optimistic than usual so be cool when cutting coupons or watching infomercials. On the other hand, if you really want it, then it’s up to you. Just remember that the Moon is transiting the top of your chart this week so instead of buying stuff, you might splurge for a good time out with the peeps. 

Dearest Pisces. An unexpected conversation is going to pave the way for a personal breakthrough. Work the phones, check your inbox, and send a pigeon or two, anything can happen this week if you put the words into the air or simply voice your desires. You’re also still looking really good and Sonny says you should really milk this transit for all you can get. So, sell it, sell it sell it. Your ideas will meet least resistance if you follow them up with a wink, a nod, and maybe do that Pisces thing where you swim around in circles and snuggle up and warm the mood. Sonny wants us to take a special time out here and remind all male Pisces that although the pull towards love will be very strong, and your desires for emotional connection will override common sense, you should avoid peeing on anyone’s feet until you find out if they are available. After that, you are on your own. Ok, next. Dearest Pisces. Here’s the good news. Mars is entering your first house of ego, identity, and let’s go get some action. This begins your two-year cycle of going after what you really want in this world. Sonny says to show some confidence and a little skin. It’s time for fish love to do that wiggle dance and attract some good time action. 

Weekend Horoscope April 15 – 17, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekend Horoscope April 15 – 17, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

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Hi everyone. Welcome back to the SunnySide. These are the weekend horoscopes for the weekend of April 15 to April 17, 2022. Before we begin, please share the video, it only takes a quick moment to share the horoscopes on Face Book and Twitter, so please help out TheSunnySide and click the share button below this video. Next, there are timestamps in the description box, and closed captions should be turned on. And, as usual, this video will have the general transits followed by the individual signs, so feel free to skip ahead and I’ll catch up with you later in the video. Finally, Sonny, and S L C are back in Chicago and Sonny is booking private psychic astrology readings again over Zoom now that he’s back. So, if you’d like a private reading simply click the PayPal link in the description box and he’ll contact you to set it up, or you can subscribe to the channel and tune into one of the many livestreams where Sonny does short mini astrology, compatibility, and past life readings. Simply check the description box or tune in to the livestream.   

Ok. Everyone cool? Here we go.   

This weekend we’re going to have a big friendly, flirty, possibly social, a little bit of shopping, and definitely looking good, Libra full Moon. This means, wherever Libra is placed in your natal chart, you can expect to be putting a lot of attention there this weekend. The full Moon will uncover hidden secrets, desires, longings, or feelings, especially concerning relationships of all kinds. It might also uncover a new way of doing things. The full moon will be a tipping point. Some people might uncover hidden potential but, it can go either way, and it will happen fast so be prepared. Nothing will necessarily be too crazy, but you will find out some stuff. Remember, Libra likes to talk. Many people will reconnect with peeps they haven’t seen during the hibernation, while others will be digging through boxes of stuff that has to be tossed. Again, it doesn’t have to be too crazy. The full moon does happen every month.   

Quick note, as the moon cycle pertains to our horoscopes, it’s not like the Moon energy disappears and reappears during its cycle. You are always doing your Moon whether you realize it or not. Now, during the full moon, whatever events or desires that you have under the surface, will be exposed.   

Ok, back to Libra. Because, the full Moon is in Libra, we’ll notice the strength of the Moon’s impact on our emotions playing out in a very Libra kind of way. This means, we’ll all be thinking about how we can help each other and possibly dress like each other. I know it’s weird but it’s only once a month so be cool. This Libra energy also involves teaming up with others to accomplish your goals. And, we’ll all be a little boy-crazy.  

So, if your goal is to make the beast with two backs, then a Libra full Moon is your ticket to action.

There’s a lot here and we have to get to the horoscopes but, under a Libra Full Moon, people will be extra indecisive, and judgmental. They will still want to bump uglies, but the peeps will have the scorecard ready so be cool. Finally, success during this transit involves, pace and confidence. You don’t want to rush the Libra romance game, but at the same time, weak game will be severely punished with exile to friend zone.   

So good luck. Sonny says Libra is a pretty cool sign, but they are cardinal air energy so whatever you think is going to happen, Libra is already 5 steps ahead. Just saying, be careful. Sonny also heard someone remark that Libras are born with glitter in their veins. So, take it all with a grain of salt, maybe a glass of wine, and Groupon is an acceptable date idea but, Libras give what they get. So, be your best and together, you will super shine, or drop some dumplings on the floor and you’ll be waiting in the car while Libra is saying a slow goodbye to their, not friendzone friend upstairs.   

Dear Aries. Your heart is going to explode anyways, so you might as well go for it. I get it. There is a lot of action going on behind closed doors and you’re not ready to bring love into the light just yet. That’s ok Aries. Keep the bedroom door closed, and let everyone guess where those squeaks are coming from. That’s kind of the action for all of the love happening for you right now in your 12th house, so take it easy, pull the curtains closed, and oil up. There’s a full Moon in Libra and Aries is being called to action. Now, on a tricky side. Mars has just dropped in to say hello, so in addition to the usual negative stuff of being blamed for things, and attracting haters, Aries will get a boost of pushy let’s get things done but don’t tell anyone action. No Aries, everyone is looking at you, but the planets are encouraging you to sneak off somewhere secluded. I know, it’s not really Aries but that’s the action for this cycle. Final note, love is there right now, you just might not see it. But, Sonny says, that’s the fun part of the full moon. You’ll feel it and know it’s there. Good luck Aries.  

Dear Taurus. Health matters, your habits, and believe it or not pets, will all come into focus this weekend. So, watch everyone’s health and take the dog for a walk if you get a chance. It’s not really a weekend to begin a new habit or to change anything but, everything you’ve been doing behind the scenes is going to be blurted out so be careful. Now, keep in mind, this full Moon energy is for better or worse. So, if you’ve been working out and you look great, then everyone will notice. If you have slipped a little then that will be noticed. This weekend you will also find out hidden intentions at the office and with someone you see often. You should get your answers. But are you asking the right questions? Is it really what the other person wants right now, or should it be about what you want. It’s up to you Taurus. In other astro-news, Mars has just entered the game to shake things up in your social network. You might make a big social media push, and you might meet someone online. If there’s anything to watch this weekend, it’s your behavior in the comments sections. You’re putting a lot of energy into being social, just keep in mind that toes will be stepped on and fights might occur, but love is still looking for you from your friends and online. So, good luck Taurus. I hope you find the love you’re looking for.   

Dear Gemini. I’ll bet when you step outside, people are everywhere, and some of them are even coming up to you and saying, yo Gemini, what’s up? Yes, Gemini, Venus is at the top of your chart indicating you are going to be visually popular, and easily identifiable. So, 100% look your best when you step outside. And, be prepared. Just because you haven’t seen anyone in a while, doesn’t mean they won’t randomly walk up to you at the grocery store. Controlling factors, and things simply out of your control still prevent you from really getting a good foothold on your long-term goals. No, it’s not ok to let your dreams slide, but at the same time Saturn has remained in your 9th house of higher expressions, and travel. So, although travel is on the horizon, remember, it’s being blessed and cursed right now by Saturn so watch your step. Hard work will help you through it. Some Gemini’s will straight drop out of school. Next, Gemini, the full Moon is going to super highlight your love game, so, if you have a crush on someone, or vice versa, or their sister, or your kid’s piano teacher, whatever, this weekend under the full moon, you’re going to find out who’s really D T F, Down to Friday.  Seriously Gemini, Sonny says a trip to the pub with the peeps will reveal secrets in love. If you’re not looking for love, then a creative project will be finally launched. Like getting pregnant. Just be careful.  

Dear Cancer. You don’t want to hear this, but Pluto is going to turn retrograde in your 7th house of relationships, legal stuff, and open enemies, on April 29. So as much as you’d love to dig yourself deep into the sand, or crawl into the biggest soup can on the beach, that’s just not the action for crab love right now so be cool. There is a relationship shift on the horizon, because it’s Pluto, there’s probably nothing you can do about it. On the plus side, after a bit of Pluto style pain, that truthfully you should be familiar with by now, there will be a very silver lining. So Cancer, be prepared for legal gaffs, and sudden reversals of plans. Just be ready for it. Next. Cancer, you might be thinking about your place in the world, or you might be looking out in to the world to see what’s out there waiting for you. It’s a great time to look and definitely reach out but you’re probably not going to get the responses that you’d like until next month. Unfortunately, that might be too late, so you really have to put the petal to the big wheel and make some tracks. Quick note, Sonny actually had a Green Machine growing up. Yes, Mamma and Pappa sunshine are that cool. Cancer, higher learning and travel are encouraged right now. If you can get away this weekend, or any time this month, then you should just take a break and go. As for the full Moon in Libra, well, Libra’s easy breezy nature doesn’t always jive sexy fun time with Cancer’s oscillating emotional intensity so just take it easy. Something will be found at home.  

Dear Leo. What’s the action Player? Relationship drama should finally be over but with Saturn remaining in your 7th house of committed relationships, you’ll be feeling a loss for a while. On the plus side, Mars has left your 7th house, and is now adding its drama to your 8th house of death, taxes, fooling around under the covers, sickness, and general bad stuff.  Now, Venus is also there, and it’s hanging out with Jupiter and Neptune, so although you are definitely attracting death, money from death like an inheritance, and a possible legal entanglement, if you’re really lucky, someone might try to put their finger in your bum. So, it’s not all bad for Leo. As far as the full Moon is concerned, something is going to pop out in a telephone conversation, or on a short trip in your local community. There is a possibility that questions asked, will reveal more than you might realize. A veil will be drawn aside from your brothers and sisters, exposing a truth you’ve only suspected. Be cool and act surprised.  There’s also a possibility for car and transportation or computer problems, but it’s more likely that with the Libra Moon putting everyone into a shopping mood, you just might window shop for a car or computer. Seriously though dear Leo, watch your money right now, an expense is coming. Finally, this is the week where a shakeup is coming at work. Good luck Leo. Sonny always wishes you the best.  

Dear Virog. Are those wedding bells that I hear dear Virog? Sonny says super congratulations. Here’s an interesting note, the basketball player James Harden is a Virog, and he teamed up recently with Joel Embid, who is a super lucky Pisces that might win the NBA MVP award. Sonny is mentioning this because, it’ finally time for Virog to shine with and through their relationships. I know everyone wanted me to say in your relationships but let’s look at it a little differently today. Back to the basketball. Dear Virog, you should be positioned to win it all right now, not just in the fickle and ever-changing game of love. Right now you should be able to see exactly where your peanut butter is coming from, and you should also be able to figure out how to turn that peanut butter into a nice sandwich. If you’re a savvy Virog with life expectations, then like James Harden, you should be looking to hook into a nice and ready to blast off super star, and together, get to wherever it is that you Virog would like to go. In other words, Harden appeared to be really helping the other guys on the team achieve their personal goals so that he could achieve his ultimate goal. And that’s your action Virog. After, the last couple of years of sufferings and straight sock soaking BS, it’s your time for rapture, and you don’t want to miss your ship.   

Dear Libra. Time to tighten up your game. Normally, when the Moon is in your first house or crossing your Natal Sun, you become a little moody and inconsistent. There’s usually a strong desire to change the way you look, and generally focus on yourself. It’s not really a big deal. This weekend however, we have a big Full Moon exposing things about Libra in particular, that you might have wanted to keep secret. Absolutely watch out for pimples and facial blemishes being noticed. If you ever wanted to step into the limelight or let someone know that you like them, then this is the time to do it. Or rather, it’s going to happen anyways so get ready. Now, for the rest of the astro-action, your 6th house is currently jacked with love, affection, and a little bit of blur. Be careful at the gym. You might overdo it. Sonny knows what he’s talking about. I personally saw him overdo it at the gym and he broke his personality. Boy, that was one grouch-ass Scorpio for a week. Ok, back to Libra. Mars is entering Pisces, so the pace will pick up. Take notes, use a day timer, do whatever you have to do to get yourself in gear. Life is going to get very busy and you’ll want to be ready. Love is waiting at the coffee-shop, the gym, or at the office. 

Dear Scorpio. Get ready for the royal SNAFU in your love game. A shake-up is coming. No, Scorpio take it easy, not this weekend, but it’s on the way. Mars has just entered your 5th house of fun, creativity, and romance. Mars will be joining Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, all in Pisces. So, it really is game on for love as far as Scorpio is concerned. Keep your eyes open for smiling faces, and be brave when saying hello. The nature of Mars in the 5th house indicates a problem with children and romance that won’t last, but so what. I already said a change was coming to your relationships so it’s out of your hands anyways. There’s no point is holding out for something that is the opposite of the inevitable. Give fate a chance and say hello. Just don’t expect this little side piece or any other to necessarily work out. On the other hand, benefits are always nice, and you don’t have to Scorpio bond at a karmic soul level every time you want a little wink wink good time fun under a super flirty Libra Moon. Chill out for a bit. Like seriously. Libra energy is social, and flirty. Then you see where it takes you. And, if her husband is still at work when you guys are warmed up then have some fun, but if he’s going to be waiting at the dinner table when she gets home, then maybe you should drive around the block a couple of times before you drop her off. Just saying.   

Dear Sagittarius. As the planets continue to distance themselves from recent drama, it’s time to turn your attention homewards. Why not? I get that spring cleaning isn’t really your thing, especially with the Moon in, let’s all hang out and have some fun Libra, so, maybe invite everyone over and just leave the cleaning for next week. Sonny notes, this is a very good time to make money from real estate or a home-based business. So, you can goof off with the peeps if you like, but this is still the time to take advantage of the love at home.  The spotlight is on dating and having fun so if you’re looking for a little romance then smile and have some fun. Some Sagittarians will take a big chance on love.  A little wardrobe malfunction goes a long way with a friend itching to share their secret. Just watch out for the itching part. Next. Movement is somewhat restricted, but you still have places to go. You might have to ask for a ride. Also, make sure you don’t drop your cell phone. What else Sonny? Ok. No Sagittarius, it’s the same as Gemini energy right now. The astro buildup in Pisces isn’t really your bag but what can you do. The vibe is coming from home and family so break out the warm sweater, glass of red wine, and chill your game with some of Sonny’s old videos.  

Dear Capricorn. Just because the financial crises are over, doesn’t mean you get to suddenly break the bank and buy a new car or computer. Yes, there will be an opportunity to add to your toy chest but hard work is paying off right now and Sonny thinks you should save your pennies. On the downside, there might be car problems in the next couple of weeks, so what can you do? Look for sales and bargains, they will be waiting for you. It’s kind of exciting, especially with the shopping and boy crazy Libra Moon. Lol. Sonny knows, that’s not really Capricorn’s action but he also thinks you should chill out and enjoy the weekend a little. Again, hard work is paying off, so everything will work out. Does it suck banana seeds? Yes. But you can do effort, so you can do this. Great Sonny, what about love? Ok. Capricorn love is coming from little short trips, or from your closest friends and kin. Love is waiting on a telephone call or media. Capricorns should be reaching out and saying hello. The first move will go a long way to success this weekend. Peeps aren’t really moving towards Capricorn right now, they are moving towards Pisces, and Pisces risings. Peeps might however, reach out on the phone to Capricorn. This might sound silly but you should sit down and write a love letter. Before we move on, something weird is about to happen in your love life. Very seriously, expect the unexpected this weekend, especially with the kids, love, and a creative project. If you were looking to accidentally get pregnant, then this would be a great weekend to forget to take your preventatives.  Good luck Capricorn, and remember, Sonny loves kids.  

Dear Aquarius. With the Moon in Libra, you should be feeling social and ready to explore the world. You should get out and have fun this weekend. Interests should be light and perfect for Aquarians who need a break from recent stress. Some Aquas will want to get away for the weekend. Now, here’s the real astro-action for the next while. Money should be good and it should be arriving from all directions, but Mars is entering the game this weekend, putting big ticket items back on the table. I could warn you against impulse purchases, especially under a Libra full Moon, but that would be futile. Sonny says, seriously Aquarius, it’s a Libra, zippers optional full-frontal Moon. Unless shopping is foreplay, Sonny wants to know, W T F. Editor note. Shopping might actually be a form of foreplay for some signs. Sonny’s a Scorpio so he might not get it. But I’m sure he’ll have a lot of time to figure it out while he’s parking the car for us. Next, Sonny heard Uranus might cause unexpected events at home. Make sure you lock the door if the camera is rolling.  

Dearest Pisces. A dream-like façade fills the air with hope, inspiration, and all things Pisces. Go Pisces. For most Pisces, this is about as good as it gets, so get out and shake some love jam. Whatever that is Sonny. Next. Dearest Pisces, Ok. You are attracting like a super charged love magnet right now whether you like it or not. So, make sure you use it to your advantage. In other words, dearest Pisces, sell it baby, and not just to anyone. You are blessed with the gift of choice right now, so you know the action. Choose both. Ariel didn’t get all of that stuff under the sea by only letting one guy play with her shells. Before you jump into being everything to someone right now, make sure everything is already in it for you. Although it may sound like Sonny is advocating for an excessively interesting hay ride, he’s actually recommending that Pisces do the impossible this weekend, and follow their heads instead of their hearts. Whatever. The Moon in, ‘loose in the zipper’, Libra, will be transiting your 8th house of let’s get it on. Is that a little fishy fin I feel on my thigh? I kind of like it.  Finally, love appears to be extra strong for Pisces in Ohio, and Pisces drummers in Florida. Wink Wink. Sonny says good luck everyone. He wishes everyone finds what they are looking for in love.   

Remember to share the horoscopes everyone. And I’ll see you soon. 

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Weekend Horoscope April 8 – 10, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekend Horoscope April 8 – 10, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

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Hi Everyone. Welcome back to the SunnySide. These are the weekend horoscopes for the weekend of April 8 to April 10, 2022 for all zodiac signs. The horoscopes will begin with a general overview of some of the transits for the weekend and then we’ll have the individual signs. There are timestamps in the descriptions box, as well as a link to the SunnySide website, where you can find a written copy of this video. Quick note before we begin. Sonny and S L C are still in Michigan attending a family emergency but Sonny is still scheduling private readings over Zoom while he is away. So, if you’d like a private reading, then simply smash the PayPal link in the description box and set it up. Did you guys catch that? Sonny thought it would be funny to hear me say smash the PayPal link. Ok whatever. Next.   

This weekend, the Moon will be in nurturing, emotional, empathic, and caring, Cancer. On the plus side, we should all have a strong sense of family, and a desire to take care of each other. On the downside, everyone will be late for everything, so be prepared.  

Now, although the Moon energy will feel disconnected from the passionate outbursts which emanated from last weeks’ drama in Aquarius, it will form a beautiful and flowing trine to all of the healing that is shining from the romantic, artistic, and nursing energy of Pisces.  So, although there was a lot of bad in the last week, this weekend should be a doorway to a brighter future.   

Jupiter is now conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Although, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune every 13 years, it hasn’t happened in Pisces since 1856. In addition, Venus has also entered Pisces, and is beginning an applying conjunction. This is all adding to the Piscean themes of healing, dreams, mental health, and the subconscious. Remember, Sigmund Freud was born in 1856. Then again, 1856 was also the end of the Crimean war, so heads up. Ok. What does all of this mean? Sonny says, good deeds will flow from both the likely and unlikely sources.      

Now, keep in mind Mars is still in Aquarius, so there will be a strong push towards collective voices. But so what? Allowing the peeps a bit of time at the helm should go a long way to soothing ego clashes. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they could just keep their shoes tied while reaching for a piece of gum. But alas, if we could do that, then we probably would have all evolved onto the next stage by now. So whatever. But keep in mind, people heal at different speeds. Now although you might be cool for action, buddy jive is still wet in the sweater, so be cool and pack some extra Kleenex.  

What else Sonny?  

Ok. While all of this kumbaya group love is extending a collective reach-around, it is also giving a full frontal to the nodes who are happily standing by with their iPhones already out and ready to change your life. Water signs or people with a watery Venus can expect big gains in love and money. This includes the lottery, financial investments, and the lottery. Like Sonny said, it hasn’t happened like this since 1856. Just remember, when you win big, make sure you peace out a bit to the SunnySide.  

The Nodes are getting a bigger push than normal right now. This will cause a lot of endings, or transitions, that you will not be able to return to. On one side, this event may be inevitable, so do your best to be your best, and make the most of the moments while you have them. Some of you guys will find hidden sources of strength, perseverance, and abilities to navigate the narcissistic droppings of psychotic wandering monsters.   

Now, do your best to avoid drama, and try to stay focused. Mars and Saturn are adding a very hard and painful reality to this dark yet unavoidable change coming from the Nodes.   

So on one hand, there will be discipline, aggression, and a desire for the group to control the outcome. This energy is forcing the change. The overwhelming Piscean energy is adding a compassionate and healing component to the change. Just be careful that you don’t get fleeced by a grand illusion.   

Dear Aries. Some random internet JAFO is going to upset your virtual apple cart in such a way that you will wonder if they make love with their underwear still on. The simple answer is maybe. Check your internet connection. Ok. Aries. One of the hotties in your orbit has secretly peeled themselves from the group and is requesting permission to land somewhere in private. Before you take a trip to the hardware store, remember that karma is watching us all closely right now. Just because no one is watching doesn’t mean that you should do it. On the other hand, a dry spell or hitting slump is bad for everyone on the team. Just remember, although your love is out of the public eye, live ammunition is being used. Finally Aries, Sonny says you should watch your money. The North Node in Taurus is making you take your Debit card for granted.  

Dear Taurus. With the Moon in Cancer, this should be an errand filled weekend. Get out and get it done. Nonsense will continue behind closed doors so keep your nose clean. A public drama gives way for a more social time with the crew. This is actually the best time for you to work your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In other words, Sonny thinks you should really aim big right now. It’s time for rewards for jobs already well done. If you’re looking for love then the internet might shine a light on a potential playmate.  This is also a great cycle to begin an internet, or network-based business. Now. With the North Node super highlighted right now, you have to watch out for accidents to the head, and believe it or not, taking yourself for granted. None of this should be weird so be cool. Imagine, you’re going to win the award, so they are checking you out first. No big deal.   

Dear Gemini. So that’s what it feels like when the North Node blows up your twelfth house. It happens all around you, out of your control, and without you knowing, but it still has a direct effect on all of who you are. Yes. Life sucks sometimes but this particular transit has a silver lining. Make sure you count your blessings while you still have them. Next. Gemini. Sonny says you are going to attract more publicity and public attention this month than you have since 1856. Once again, that was 1856. So whether you feel like it or not, or if you’re ready or not, you have to get out and be seen. Love and money are both waiting outside in a very public way, and they are not going to wait. So. Grab your dice and let’s go.  

Dear Cancer. Everywhere you go, people notice your smile. They are also noticing that fresh wound. Try and be cool when prying eyes glance through fresh cracks in the shell. It’s only a temporary scratch job, and you’ve seen it before. As Venus enters Pisces, a big pull will arrive from a distance. Will you travel this month or will someone come to you? Joint finances become stressed as someone questions how much was spent on hair extensions. Yes, Sonny is that good. Next. Cancer, Sonny says to watch your health. Astrologically you should be ok but you are under a lot of stress protecting what is rightfully yours, and Sonny is just checking up on you. Imagine. Saturn is in your 8th house, taking away and restructuring your joint finances. Mars is also in your 8th house, putting an edge or fighting spirit towards breaking up a financial partnership. In other words, Cancer, someone might get really sick, and whether someone tries to take your money or not, bills will still be due. Bummer.  

Dear Leo o o. Well Leo. Goodbyes are painful but what are you going to do? On the plus side joint finances get a boost, so you’re either going to inherit some money or win a nice legal settlement. So some of you should come into some money but remember, an inheritance usually arrives after someone dies so keep your eyes open. Now. Leo isn’t really known as a sign that succumbs to the pressures of drugs and alcohol but you should be extra careful with your good time this weekend. And yes. Before you ask, Sonny says, your love life will suck but your sex life will take a pleasant journey to the land of tickles and tequila. Have fun but try to keep it out of the news.  A journey is on the horizon.  

Dear Virog.   Choose wisely dear Virog. Love will say hello with open arms and a change of address, but you have to sit down and take a hard look at the finances. Currently, the Sun in Aries is shining on your shared resources, and you would love to leap forward with your own arms outstretched, but there’s a fresh wound that has you a touch skittish.  In other words, they can stay the night but Sonny says they should keep it to the couch. Uptight much Sonny? Sheesh. Next. Dear Virog. A change is here. Your day-to-day life is filled with little dramas so be careful where you step. It’s a good weekend to pull together with brothers and sisters. So, if you haven’t spoken with them in a while, it might be a good weekend to reach out and heal old wounds. On the bonus side, with Venus entering Pisces, you’ll feel a strong pull towards partnering with others. Neptune and Jupiter are also conjunct in Pisces. This is a very rare transit that hasn’t occurred since 1856. So, Virog. It’s your move player. What’s the action?  

Dear Libra. Our most beautiful sign. You might be left wondering what happened in your love game. Sonny always says, there’s no such thing as a single Libra, but the romantic drama is so high right now, you might want to switch to the sidereal zodiac for a while, and wait things out as a Virog. Sonny also says there are a lot of Libra SunnySiders who have kids and you should double check that they are ok.  There is a lot of love in the air but a bit of danger still remains, so don’t cut corners. Next. Dear Libra, Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces allowing you to take a breather and finally cut some corners. Seriously Sonny. W T F. Ok Libra. Keep your sock on, here we go. Your 5th house of romance, creative projects, and making babies, all continue to be under attack. Accidental pregnancies and miscarriages mark this astrological time period. Imagine, Saturn is putting in the hard work, and grinding it out in your love or creative game, and Mars speeds everything up. This will cause a problem, that despite the doom and gloom, doesn’t have to be a problem. Unless of course, it is. So that’s the bad. On the plus side. This is a really good time to start a business, and love is waiting at the office or coffee shop, or Whole Foods if you’re a vegan in Arizona.  

Dear Scorpio. Sonny says he’s been dreading the arrival of this week for the last two months. If you’ve been following the SunnySide horoscopes, you should have been somewhat forewarned, but nothing can ever really prepare you for when serious and irreversible tragedy really strikes. Sonny does expect Scorpio to survive this storm. Next. Dear Scorpio. Remain on the alert for problems at home. It could be something simple like a rent increase, or it might involve a full-on move, or even a possible death in the family. So be cool and keep your eagle eyes open. On the very plus side. All of the healing and love energy is adding a romantic boost that will jazz Scorpio’s love and gambling game more than any other time since 1856. You are absolutely romantically on fire right now so remember; tan lines are considered underwear in some parts of the world. Next, all Scorpios should buy lottery tickets for the rest of the month, take chances in love, and have fun with the kids.   

Dear Sagittarius. Absolutely watch your driving this weekend. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin focusing on the good. The buildup of feel-good energy flowing from Pisces may be great news for some of the signs but for Sagittarius, it will square your natal Sun. This means, all of the dreamy, healing energy doesn’t actually jive with your straight shooting, get to the point kind of action. At the same time, it is a blessing we haven’t seen in a while so maybe you have to make the most of it while you can anyways. All of this energy is happening at home. This means you might make some money in real estate; you might take some time to upgrade the house, some of you will move, and others might have some people move in. In other words, your home base is currently blessed. Make the most of it by working from home and inviting friends over for some fun.  Sonny says, he knows, Sagittarius, it might be a boring at-home weekend for you but love is still hovering so keep your eyes on the prize. It’s still time for prep-work.  

Dear Capricorn. First, Sonny says, go Tiger Woods. Good luck at Augusta. Next. Dear Capricorn. It’s that time of the month again. Time to check in with your dearest supermodel action girl. Hey baby, what’s up? I just dropped in to pay some bills, and maybe get a little something something from my bunny love.  Ok. Dear Sonny. I asked both Alexis and Seri, and they both said, no one actually talks like that. Ok. Whatever. Dear Capricorn. Let’s focus on the good for the weekend. This weekend, you are entering a cycle where great things are happening to your brothers and sisters. Expect those close to you to get a sudden boost of well-deserved recognition. You should also be receiving a new car, motorcycle, computer, cell phone, or little brother.  Now, this should be a fun weekend of social activities, running around, maybe working the phones, but definitely reaching out and saying hello. Moving forward, you should be thinking sales and new business at the office. Your success is in your own hands. Just make sure you take a little time out for love.  

Dear Aquarius. If you survived this last week, congratulations. The astrological tension was hurting Aquarius more than most of the other signs. On the downside, not all of you are out of it yet, so keep cool and stay alert. Now for the weekend, the Cancer Moon will have everyone a little moody, slow, and inconsistent to say the least. You will be left standing there perplexed and waiting. With the Moon in the 6th house, you might find yourself overcome with a desire to walk the dog or clean the house. Wow, fun. Even Virog is having a good time. But you know Aquarius, the air signs are getting a bit of wind up the skirt this weekend so swing with the fences and relax. Ok, for the really good news. You have just entered one of your best money attracting cycles since 1856. Quan is oozing from everywhere for you right now so pick up a sponge and soak some of it up. And of course don’t forget to share because karma is watching.  

Dearest Pisces. Sonny wanted to make a joke about love waiting at the hospital for all of the Pisces SunnySiders who work in the health industry but alas, that’s not the Pisces love action for the weekend, and you should probably try to stay out of hospitals as a general rule anyways. Ok. The warnings are going to stop about that behind-the-scenes mo fo action that’s trying to jack you up the emergency exit, but for now you should keep cool, and if the tornado didn’t hit, count your blessings and move on. On the super duper very plus hey how are you doing kind of astrological transits, Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus, are all transiting your natal Sun, and this is blessing you with massive abundance and really good looks. If there is anything that you want, all you have to do is show your face and ask. It is a very lucky time for Pisces so for the next month you should be buying lottery tickets. This is a very good time for Pisces to launch a business, and to put themselves first for a change.  Love is obviously everywhere for Pisces right now, and you could easily steal a couple of boyfriends if you wanted, but be cool, karma is still watching from behind the veil. Sonny says you should take a rain check and wait until they break up. 

Weekly Horoscope April 4 – 8, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope April 4 – 8, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

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Hi Everyone. Welcome back to the SunnySide. These are the Weekly Horoscopes for the week of April 4 – 8, 2022. For those who would like to skip ahead to their individual sign, there are time stamps in the description box. In this video, we will discuss some of the important transits for the week, then the individual signs.  Note. Sonny had an emergency in Michigan. Sonny will be back online giving live stream personal natal and past life readings shortly. If everyone is ready, here we go.  

Weekly Horoscope April 4 – 8, 2022 

Weekly Astrology Transits: 

Sun separating conjunction from Chiron: Watching everyone go through this last week was a little funny, but we were all going through it so. It was still funny. (What Sonny?) Ok Sonny says. A wound, whether it was a deep and long held pain, or if it was a simple whatever, the Sun was shining on it so, that means we were all bringing a light to whatever was causing us pain. For better or worse, what can you do? So, we saw Will Smith freak his pain publicly, Bruce Willis shared his illness, and in general there was a light shing on pain throughout the world. Everyone handled this pain differently. Some people scumbled to their pain, and others dug deep and overcame and triumphed over their struggle. That is the lesson of Chiron. In some situations, you will have to take a knee and try again later. In other Chiron transits, you will dig deep emotionally and pull yourself out. The problem is, the Chiron wound doesn’t necessarily heal. You can just manage how you deal with it. (Not so sunny today are you Sonny?.. Sorry guys, Sonny is ripping the band-aid but he wanted to give you the warning). Moving forward the wound or trigger point might remain but the yearly moment in the spotlight and on full display should be past for most. 

Next. Astro Hell Week is Finally Here! 

Mars conjunct Saturn. This transit happens every two years so there’s no real need to freak out except, Mars conjunct Saturn is an indicator of a major stress leading to an irrational outburst. – Keep that in mind as we progress through the explanation. On the negative side, Saturn restricts, and takes away. In order to balance that energy, you have to apply hard work, dedication, and effort to that are of your life. Yes, hard will result in success wherever Saturn is placed or transiting your natal chart. So, wherever Saturn is in your astrology chart then you should always put a little daily effort to make it work. On the downside, Saturn is also where you happen to be tormented, so good luck. 

Now, imagine that Mars is aggressive, disruptive, argumentative, full of vinegar, and probably refused to get vaccinated. On the positive side, Mars energy gets a lot of sex. On the downside, Mars gets drunk, spends money, and smashes up the car.  

Ok. Let’s put it together. Saturn is sitting there doing its own thing, which is restricting, and causing a slow drain that requires attention. Mars comes along and not only pulls your finger out of the dyke; Mars might smash up the entire sea wall. Pressure will be intense for many. For others, it will trigger your two-year change cycle. So, wherever this falls in your chart, you can expect to begin a little shake up. Looking a little deeper, there are some of you who leave relationships every two years, and some of you move every two years, some people change schools, and some people will completely drop certain themes in their life for new horizons. And, it’s a major force for many so be cool when peeps start rocking the boat for change. 

On a final note, Saturn can be frustrating, and Mars is impatient. Many will lash out from the frustration and pressure. So, be careful. Now imagine what Putin is going to do this week as his frustration reaches a trigger point. 

Jupiter applying conjunction to Neptune. This transit is easy. Neptune causes everyone to look at things through rose coloured glasses. On the plus side, Neptune energy helps everyone gloss over faults, and inspires dreams. On the negative side, Neptune energy often clouds your judgement. Neptune also rules drugs and alcohol. Jupiter is spirituality, and expansion. When you put it together, there’s a chance for your biggest dreams to come true right now so wish big, and then go make it happen. On the down side, watch out for drug overdoses, and personal delusions to eventually peak, and then move on to your next adventure. 

Good Luck everyone. 

Dear Aries. There’s a shake-up coming to your social life. Sure, you’re an Aries who likes to shake things up anyways, so just do you and you’ll be fine. You might have a problem with your YouTube channel or Instagram page as well, so just keep your eyes open. Obviously, you should watch your words when addressing groups, but that’s probably not going to happen so good luck. You are way out in the public spotlight right now so once again, if you’re not going to watch where you leap, then make sure you jump extra high. In spite of the restrictions and frustrations, there is a lot of good happening around you right now, and you should also be filled with some really good ideas. Go forward with confidence. By the end of the week, a new love will be smiling at you from behind the curtains. The stars say you should join them for some fun. 

Dear Taurus. Whatever dirty little secret you’ve been trying to keep quiet, is about to be pried from loose lips. Keep your eyes open wherever you go, and make sure your closet is clean. Peeps will be checking your action, so you will want your game to be tight when unexpected visitors ask to use the washroom. This week will be crunch time at the office so put in the extra effort but also be prepared for frustrations to boil over into a full-fledged rage fight. By the end of the week, your love game shifts into dream mode. A smiling face from your online community will catch your eye with a little love action. Have fun, but always remember what Sonny says. Sell it baby, don’t give it away. 

Dear Gemini. You will have to get out in front of this latest drama but don’t worry, everyone understands and it will blow over quickly. The real drama is happening at a distance, and this week, it becomes a big deal. Stay focused as a desire to push things to a dramatic tipping point, conflicts with tried, tested, and true efforts. In other words, yes, it sucks ass, but you still have to keep going, so do your best to be cool when the impulses begin pushing you into action mode. By the end of the week, your love energy will shift to your public image. Trips to the gym, and a bright smile will pay humongous rewards.  

Dear Cancer. A loan will finally come due. Expect to pay the bills, and expect it to hurt. Whatever. You saw it coming so you should be ok. For other crabs, a legal situation is close to reaching a climax. Venus will move on to Pisces. This will inspire your worldly visions. Money will be arriving from a distance, and the opportunity to travel will become a reality. Be careful with your public image as a pain or emotional wound that you’ve been keeping inside, will suddenly become public knowledge. Keep the game tight, or expect the crowd to start sharing pictures of your underwear.  It’s a great time to expand your thoughts with new hobbies, and interests of study. Love is waiting in a different city. 

Dear Leoooo. The big news isn’t actually more B S from the relationship area of your life. No, the nonsense is coming from your social group at the beginning of the week. You’ll want to chill out and work some social media fun but something keeps cropping up and conversations will be dropped. Ok. Now. A joint adventure is about to pay off financially. For the next couple of weeks, if you need something, then all you have to do is ask. On the downside, expect a call from peeps in need. It’s a time for sharing. An inheritance or legal win is on the way. Make the most of the luck while it’s here. Shortly, Mars will enter Pisces. Remember that expense you had two years ago? It might be coming back. 

Dear Virog. Sonny says, he is super excited for you. Watch your health as nagging pains turn to all-out injuries. Wait. I read that in the wrong order. Dear Virog. Sonny says, he is super excited for you. A marriage is a very real possibility this month. Prepare your surprised and excited expressions, even though you watch the Sunnyside and you are obviously informed. A pain in your joint finances and shared resources are on display. Pay off that credit card if you can. Expenses are on the near distant horizon, so don’t spend what you don’t have, and ask you if need and help. The Moon transiting the top of your chart will make you want to get out and be seen. Just make sure you don’t blow the budget. 

Dear Libra. Sonny has been trying to put a good spin on the potential events that will try to trip you up during the beginning of the week but he says you should still watch for problems with the kids, a creative project, or your romantic life. Something is going to come along that will put a dent in your money game action so keep your eyes open for surprises expenses and an unexpected hit to your credit card. Shared resources should be there to lend a hand, so if the kids need a little extra help, then don’t hesitate to asking for help yourself. On the plus side, you and your partner might take that next step and start a business together. It should all be fun. Work now, but not too hard, then play a little later. 

Dear Scorpio. It’s time to move player. It’s beginning to look like your hand will be forced at home. It’s either time for a renovation, repair, or move. On the other hand, it could simply be a little rent increase. Any way you look at it, home is going to be a thing so be prepared.  The spotlight is on your health and people may be gossiping about you at the gym, so be true to yourself and all of your bumps, the peeps will love you for you. Just make sure you begin wiping down the equipment because eyes are looking. On the super plus side, later in the week, when Venus enters Pisces, Scorpio will become super-duper lucky, romantic, and ready for some nakedy, loose zipper, tickle fun. Go Scorpio! Make sure you pick up some warming body massage oil and batteries on the way home from the liquor store. Flowers wouldn’t hurt either. What’s wrong with you. 

Dear Sagittarius. If you make to Thursday, then you just might get away with it. Just in case things go sideways however, watch your driving, and try not to let road rage spill over into anything you’d regret later. On the plus side, good to great things are on the way at home. If you’re looking to sell your house, or if you have an Only Fans page, money should be arriving from the home. A romantic glitch may throw you for a loop but it’s nothing a big hug wouldn’t fix in a jiffy. It really is more if a stay close to home kind of week rather than hitting the boogie with bungie jumping peeps. Invite the crew over for some wine and cheese. Watch for an outburst of drama with the kids. 

Dear Capricorn. It looks like crunch time money wise this week but financial woes will have a farther-reaching effect than you might realize. If you had three eyes, then you could keep them all on your love life and the kids, but you only have two eyes, and you will need both of them for trouble at the bank. So be cool when the tax-man comes calling. Don’t worry Capricorn, there is good news, but first, Sonny says to watch for an outburst at home. Something at home is going to bring you down a bit but it’s only a short-term freak so be cool. Remarkably good fortunes are arriving through your brothers, sisters, and close friends. Keep your peeps close and cheer them on to victory.  

Dear Aquarius. Sonny says, the bad news that is affecting everyone right now will probably have the most impact on Aquarius. You have to watch out for the idea of Saturn and Mars fighting on top of your natal Sun. That means, your light will come under attack. Saturn is trying to restrict your light, and Mars is trying to disrupt and pressurize it. Watch your health. A big change is coming this week to how you present yourself to the world around you. On the plus side, Venus entering Pisces, then shortly applying to Jupiter in your 2nd house of comfort and security, makes this upcoming month, one of the best financial times for you in the next twelve years, so get out and make some money. 

Dearest Pisces. You’re another one of the signs that will be strongly affected by the Mars, Saturn conjunction. A very negative event is happening that you might not know about, and there’s a strong chance that you’re going to be blamed. On the other hand, Venus will be crossing your natal Sun shortly. Along with Jupiter and Neptune, that are also in Pisces right now, you will be very lucky, and looking good. Smile brightly and make sure you show your face where ever you go. Don’t pass off opportunities or work to others. On the funny side, you might be gaining a little weight as well. In all seriousness, this transit doesn’t happen that often in your lifetime, so roll with the bad, and get out there and be beautiful.  

Weekly Horoscopes | March 28 – April 1, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscopes | March 28 – April 1, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Schedule a Private Reading using Zoom ! Simply follow the PayPal link and Sonny will contact you to set up the Zoom meeting –

Hi YouTube. Welcome back to the SunnySide. These are the weekly horoscopes for the week of March 28 – April 1, 2022 for all zodiac signs. Remember, the horoscopes are for fun, but Sonny is a professional astrologer, so if you would like clarity on the horoscopes or a personal reading, then please subscribe to the channel, tune in to the livestream, and when you’re ready, click the paypal button to set up a private reading online. Sonny specializes in Natal Charts with transits, Compatibility Readings, Relocation Readings, and Past Life Readings.  

Dear Aries. Although secret activities will be blessed by Jupiter applying to a conjunction with Neptune in your 12th house, the real action is happening with your peeps online. What’s the action playa, are you causing social problems again, or have you been eyeing a hot crush muffin on your computer screen. Pop the question with confidence. Venus transiting through Aquarius could bring a promotional at the office or an award you have been working towards for a long time. You career has been in a flux for the last year. It’s finally time for some good news.  a big financial decision is waiting. You’ve come a long way and it’s time to decide if you’d like to keep going and hope that things will eventually get better, or, you can book the party bus and I’ll see you next spring break. The road will get easier and the payoff will be worth it. But for now, it’s all decision time. This week, it’ll be easy. Next week it’ll be very difficult. Love says to stop bragging to all of your friends. What is wrong with you? 

Dear Taurus. Welcome to the gossip train. Truthfully, on the channel, no is talking about you yet, but Sonny has a big mouth, we’ll see what happens this week. But, for now, be aware that both the Sun and Mercury are in your 12th house. This means people will be looking through your garbage, and they will also be talking about it. Normally, that might not be such a problem for think skinned bulls but, the Sun and Chiron and Mercury are both approaching Chiron, and this will expose and shine a light on a very personal wound that you’ve been holding onto in private. The real step on the Nikes is that this event or series of events will be beyond your control and may even happen behind your back without your knowledge. Just be cool. Love is still waiting at the office so, go that that cushy new job working with the cute smile from Bulge-aria. Love says it’ll be worth the extra calories, but Sonny says to keep going to the gym and, when you’re ready for a personal reading over Zoom, simply follow the PayPal link in the description box, and remember to please share the horoscope videos.  

Dear Gemini. Sonny wishes he could wave a magic wand and make all of the pain go away, but life doesn’t work like that. There is a lot of talk these days about the Nodes and the various planets aspecting them right now. We are collectively at a tipping point. The nodes bring a very permeant change to whatever they touch so you have to be careful right now. Yes, the luck will swing both ways and, destiny will favor people who kept their feet moving towards their goals through the adversity. Sometime the effort pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. And always remember, it’s not just you, but the people against you as well (even if you put some of them there). So what are you trying to say Sonny? Gemini is going to face some very deep and personal, mental challenges (think internal but triggered by the actions and unthoughtful behavior of others). It was a rough streak that needs to be processed. Yes, decisions have to made about possible schooling and trips overseas, and you should be pushing the publicity button, and super charging your career. Just watch that the pressure doesn’t get to you. 

Dear Cancer. Things are going to get tricky for our fun-loving crabs. The Sun in Aries will thrust you into the public spotlight. With Mercury also joining the Sun in your 10th house of public appearances, you can expect the peeps to not only see your every move, but they are going to be talking about you as well. Not great for private Crabs. So that’s the big push. It’s up to you to figure it out. Your identity is public so be careful. This energy will conjunct Chiron shortly causing a public embarrassment of sorts. Like Sonny said, you have to figure this out before it goes too far. Joint finances and shared recourses actually look good right now. You may actually have the money to pay your bills thins month. Be prepared for the 1st week of April however as you step both feet into the WTF. Your tipping point right now is social. Your support network is slowly dissolving away. Obviously, choose your new group of friends wisely. 

Dear Leooo. From the rubble, will spring forth, a new ray of love. Seriously. Yes. The old is definitely still dragging a bit of long-tooth ass, and possibly even burning a candle, but you’ve got possible dibbs on a new action-man and you can feel where the wind wants you to blow. Very romantic Sonny, so what? It’s a show all right, but this drama is cramping a totally different game that vitally requires your attention right now. That’s your picture on the wall that they’re taking down. WTF! Whatever self-indulgent, squeaky bedspring, Astro gliding Thumbelina, that you’ve been trying to find yourself in, will have to peace for a spell. You have to get your picture back on that wall. I get it though. What are you going to show everyone when buddy is slow ass-gaming just to be a dick. Sexy friends might be a distraction, so make sure you clear your browser history and delete all cookies. 

Dear Virog. You might get bitten by a small dog. Seriously. Sonny is rarely wrong, so even though spring is finally here, pull up your socks and watch your step as surprises lurk under melting snow, unless you are in California, then you might stub your toe jogging, or believe it or not, get an electrical shock from your cell phone. Take a moment this week and check your goals. You’re at the half way point and it’s time to assess your progress. If you’re a Virog with even a little bit of push in you, then you should have found a little spark in the wilderness, and you’re ready to turn it into a raging fire. Watch where you point your success. The big picture is changing for you and the future looks bright. Just make sure you ground those dreams so you can action-plan them into a beautiful reality. A long-awaited romantic fantasy is on the way in the next couple of weeks, just watch for rose colored glasses. It’s still a turd, even if it’s covered in snow and you don’t see it yet. (I knew you’d get the analogy. Thx Virog. Be cool and have a great week.) 

Dear Libra. Throw a couple of seeds into the market. Joint finances and speculative ventures are both highlighted right now. You could make a couple of bucks and you could easily lose it so be prepared to sell if things move south. And Libra yes. Sonny already knows that you usually like things that go down south, but in the world of investments, be prepared to cut your losses. Everyone cool? Ok. Same energy but now Sonny is going to slid the focus around a bit. Here we go. Libra, now take all of that energy and apply it to the kids or a close relationship or a creative project. You might have to cut bait to save a little bathwater. In other words. It’s decision time. And that is not exactly Libra’s go to finishing move. Wait. I think Sonny got distracted. Here’s a note on the side of the page. Dear Libra. Things could go either way with your finances and shared resources, but it’s time, so for better or worse now’s the time to do it. For Libra’s who run an air b and b, keep putting in the effort, and in spite of all setbacks, you will eventually come out way ahead. Good luck. 

Dear Scorpio. Love or a creative project gets a major shot in the arm with a dream like presence. Your creative message is being well received so keep going. There’s a strong indication that Scorpio’s are going to move shortly. Take the reigns with both hands and pedal down that gas. The ship is probably going to crash in the first week of April so whatever. Jupiter in the 5th house is turning your libido into vibranium, and that’s the strongest metal out there so, be careful where you point that thing. Love will really say hello next month, so hold onto that thought until it’s your roll again. The Sun and Mercury have both entered Aries, and that highlights your day-to-day life. It’s time to stop smoking and clean up your action. Take a cue from your Leo cousins and comb that hair. A little shine will go a long way to push past rapidly closing doors.  

Dear Sagittarius. How’s your health? I know it might seem pretty good right now and you’re probably asking why Sonny is even asking but you know how he gets so, you better keep your eyes open for anything unusual just in case things begin to slide a little. Remember, it’s going to be unexpected so just keep your cell phone or a first-aid box close by over the next couple of weeks. Now for the fun stuff! The Sun and Mercury will highlight your love life! Go Saggy. Yes, people are looking and talking about your romantic action so flaunt what your mamma gave you and shake it until you drop. (Sonny, why did you make me say that. OK) On the downside, a child will test your patience and a romantic partner might have you competing for their time. Obviously, keep watching out for restrictions in your daily life holding you back from something you’ve really wanted for a long time. There’s a note here about Venus and Mars and Saturn in the 3rd house, squaring the North Node in your 6th house of daily life and a picture of some pennies which I’m assuming Sonny means change is coming. I’m not sure what the drawing of a horse with the cape means, but I’m going with it. Love and money are both waiting at the end of a phone call or awesome text message. 

Dear Capricorn. That sure looks like a lot of money to spend on love. Do you really think something so expensive is the way to go? Sonny understands that they are worth it but this is the time of year for you to make money not spend it, unless of course it’s to pay the bills. Just be careful. The heart will flutter in an amazing dream sequence that while enchanting, it might blow up your bank account, and then in less than two weeks, blow up your game of love. If you don’t want to lose your place at the table, or even worse, find lady luck reaching for someone else’s dice, then you better sort the pros and cons of those moments. Remember Capricorn. Are they really benefits if you have to pay for them all the time. Finally, the kids, the kids, the kids. The North Node is in your 5th house casting a ‘take it for granted’ vibe in love, and with the kids. Things might not be as good as they appear on either of those fronts so dig a little deeper and make sure everyone is cool for the ride. 

Dear Aquarius. Money should be pretty good and it will get better in the next couple of weeks so keep showing up at the office and don’t worry about it. After a little confusion, a new project at the office will sort itself out. The confusion and the real questions, are at home. So, what’s the action aqua? Are you going to rock the casbar? Or are you Unicorn time in funky town. It’s not entirely up to you but you will be called up to help with the decision. Your love life might not be a picture perfect as you might imagine. That’s Lillith in your 5th house. So you might be more boner time than even Scorpio right now. It’s all cool. Just remember to pick the kids up from the babysitter’s house. On a very serious note, you have to figure out how you want to present yourself to the world. For some aqua’s out there, it’ll be something simple like buying a new jacket for the spring. For other Aquas, it’ll be a big change in residence, followed by a name, and in some cases even a sex change. Whatever, keep it spicy I say. Sonny is the one who’s uptight.   Finally. A big financial opportunity is coming your way. Be prepared to pounce. 

Dearest Pisces. Let’s focus on the good this week. You’re going to wish I talked about all of the bad but, for today, let’s do good. 1st. You look amazing. You really do Pisces. Smile brightly and let confidence be your guide through a successful week. People will be looking and talking about whether you’ll be able to pay for something. Resist the urge from old Pisces clepto tenancies. You don’t really need anything but old habits die hard. Here’s a little more from Sonny. Hey guys. The Sun has moved from Pisces to Aries. That means, instead of everyone looking at Pisces and checking in to see what they’re up to, everyone is looking at their money. Now, having just said all of that, the active energy of the week for Pisces is actually out of the spotlight as well. This all means behind the scenes stuff, and doing things in private, and probably reclusive, maybe sneaky. The big deal in all of this however is, behind the back activities will be sussed out. Keep things clean Pisces. Peeps are looking for scapegoats right now and you don’t have to be guilty to be burned as a witch so watch out. In good news. A check is being prepared with your name on it. 

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