Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning December 29, 2014

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Hi everyone – I’m in Vancouver for the holidays but I’ll be taking a short break for a week. The following two horoscopes are from the newspapers I’ve been horoscoping for in Kamloops. Here a link to their site.

And.. if you’re ever in Kamloops plz – pick up a copy of The Echo and say hi! – sending love around the world – S

Stargazer December 29 – January 4, 2014 Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries

The New Year begins on a lucky note so.. buy a lottery ticket and say hello to admiring glances. Work and time in the public spotlight fill the beginning of January. If things begin to unravel trust your natural leadership skills to help everyone through.

Dear Taurus

You’re looking for love, money, and security but you don’t want to be tied down. You’ve been through enough and you look great. Walk away moments will be replaced with walk toward moments. Love is waiting in foreign eyes.

Dear Gemini

Karma catches up as you enter a tough patch with your closest relationships. It’s a time you can really get ahead financially if only you could pull the team together. Look to the future for success

Dear Cancer

You begin the year attracting love and luck in your astro-sector of relationships. If single and someone winks.. go for it. If partnered up then grab your love and do something special.. like begin the year in each other’s arms.

Dear Leo

Although the general energy of love has changed and changed again, you’re still astro-lucky! A lottery ticket to begin the year might be just what you need to jumpstart 2015. Love, luck, and fun are your main themes for 2015. And.. watch the sweets.

Dear Virgo

Your New Year kicks off with a creative blast that borders on the frisky! If there’s a new love in your life then you’ll want to plan some fun and frolic. You’re a little aggressive with the chores and family is going to be a concern this astro-cycle. But this week love shines. Enjoy the new beginning.

Dear Libra

Fate surprises once again but this time you’re ready. Say yes and invite them home. You’ve been working hard and there’s a lot for you to give but you have to know if the feelings are real before you take that chance. Your 2015 theme is sharing.

Dear Scorpio

Keep pushing on that new business idea. Things may have been delayed and the usual monsters may have tried to get into the way but the new you is ready for a bigger slice of life. You’ve finally left the past behind and you’re ready for a fresh adventure. Go get ‘em!

Dear Sagittarius

Money arrives to begin the year and this sets you off on a bit of a spending spree. Careful planning ensures that your cents don’t disappear as quickly as they arrived.  The pace picks up but you’ll be ready. Love is waiting somewhere sensual and luxurious.

Dear Capricorn

As the year begins decisions need to be finalized about where to best place your energies for your biggest success. This week it looks like money is going to get the nod. Follow your heart and your dreams will take care of themselves.

Dear Aquarius

Problems at work clear up in time for a fresh New Year beginning. And just in time! as your love life finally gets the boost you’ve been waiting for. Be aggressive not pushy and you’ll win the heart you’ve been wanting.

Dearest Pisces

As the year begins focus on what’s good and what you can accomplish in 2015. Work is going to be a problem and the past is looking for a fight but love is very strong and people are here to help. This week look for a “friend” to change the stakes.


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